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  1. Freedom Series Predictor - 2nd Test - Day 5 Updated !!!

    Pujara Bhuvi Rahane (Kohli if he doesn't play)
  2. Freedom Series Predictor - 2nd Test - Day 5 Updated !!!

    Pujara Bhuvi Rahane (Kohli if he doesn't play)
  3. Freedom Series Predictor - 1st Test - Day 5 Updated !!!

    Well I had selected rahane in the first game but forgot to change it.. I am sure he will come back into the team. So I can have him back right?
  4. England's 0-8

    Teams outside asia lol Everyone's home stats are included except IND,SL,PAK and BANG. Bangladesh has played only 5 games...and India has played more than twice the number of games that SL and PAK played.
  5. Why is nobody talking about the pitch?

    Well it was a good test wicket.
  6. Fan boys and fan girls.

    I'm definately a big fanboy of Legend Kumar. GB has a huge crush on Dhawal Kulkarni.
  7. How long is the rope for Kohli?

    Very very long ....
  8. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    Ashes final standings.
  9. Everyone take a Chill Pill... We performed decently well.

    This is performing well. Winning would have been performing exceptionally. This is all well and good. At least we gave a fight.
  10. Match ka Mujrim Kaun?

    Lol you haven't seen him keeping in the IPL. Name sake keeper. Plus Saha made keeping look easy. It's never easy to keep to 4 fast bowlers on fast bouncy pitches. Ball comes at a height you are never used to in the SC.
  11. Kohlis faith in his fast bowlers looks to be paying off

    When will his faith and hope in Dhawan/Rohit pay off in tests?
  12. Match ka Mujrim Kaun?

    Why is Shami even in the list lol...
  13. Match ka Mujrim Kaun?

    Hell no. Saha took 10 catches in the match. Dropped nothing.You think Rahul will take even 5?
  14. Match ka Mujrim Kaun?

    All 5 batsmen. Kohli for picking Dhawan and Rohit.
  15. ICC U19 WORLD CUP IN NZ : Jan 13- Feb 3 , 2018

    We take on Australia,PNG and Zimbabwe...two guaranteed wins in the group stages. Qualify as first/second. We won't meet Aus untill the finals again. Only team we should'nt meet till finals should be the hosts NZ.
  16. ICC U19 WORLD CUP IN NZ : Jan 13- Feb 3 , 2018

    Backing our boys to win this.. Someone please update the info on the matches being telecast-ed.
  17. England's 0-8

    Dig out Australia's record overseas and you will find similar numbers.
  18. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    Probably way too old for me to know. I'm a newbie actually. Anyways! @Tridibans_16 you are welcome on board the FL express. The last bogie is reserved for @zakk. You can take any other seat.
  19. Target India would get to chase in Second innings ?

    SA : 300/10 India chasing 370+ and will end up with max 220
  20. Averages of Current Indian players in RSA

    well at least he wasn't the worst of them. his resistance made sure pandya to get some runs in later. Din't give away his wicket like Dhawan.
  21. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    Not Anymore! Not Anymore!
  22. Worst Indian Cricket Stadium?

    Which is the worst Indian Cricket Stadium to have hosted a decent amount of International games? Take into consideration : >Quality of games played across formats. >Design of the stadium. >Facilities at the stadium for players and spectators. >Capacity of the stadium. >Drainage system of the ground. >Size of the ground. >Attendence/Turnup (+crowd behavior) >Proximity of the Stadium.
  23. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    New entries please update your team names here... Who is Joe hardy Mohan Swamy Tridib Chakravorty?
  24. If rohit scores a century tomorrow !!!

    Just has to sell his Bitcoins about Which he hasn't told anyone of us
  25. If rohit scores a century tomorrow !!!

    Ab toh century chahiye..free ki party kaun miss karega.

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