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  1. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    After all the hype..if Rohit doesn't get a minimum 75+ score..it will be a disappointment
  2. Evin Lewis !!!

  3. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    Highly unlikely that it will be a full game. Won't be surprised if it's a washout.
  4. Evin Lewis !!!

    See there are two types of MI players.. 1) MI players 2) MI bench Lewis will join the 2nd one.
  5. Which cricketers have you met in real life?

    I have played tennis ball cricket with kumble,Syed kirmani and Javagal Srinath when I was in Grade 10. All three had come down to my school as part of an inspection of the ground that KSCA was funding inside our school(kumble was KSCA president back then). They saw us playing in the corner with tennis ball and then they joined us. Most of it was Javagal v Kumble(Javagal batting) but we all got to face kumble at least once. Syed kirmani wasn't that sportive and he just kept,even that was after kumble and Srinath forced him to come along. Great memories those.
  6. England name Test squad for Ashes tour

    That's what I meant. Whitewash coming England's way soon
  7. England name Test squad for Ashes tour

    What happened to Hamid Hassan?
  8. England name Test squad for Ashes tour

    Whitewash humiliation on the way...
  9. He's back. Road to domination begins now.

    Good news for Zimbabwe..more so given they are on the rise. Will propel their ship. Afghanistan and Zimbabwe are the two associates that have a real chance of being competitive against the big boys.
  10. ICC New rules from Sep 28th

    DRS in T20Is from now on. Reviews will.jot be reinstated after the 80th over in tests. 2 reviews for the entire innings.
  11. ICC New rules from Sep 28th

    Good that now the teams don't loose a review in case of umpire's call
  12. Then why even ask others if it doesn't matter? Ask yourself.
  13. Australia's last 12 ODIs away from home (latest to the right) L L L L L L L NR NR L L L
  14. This team is moving towards world domination... The other streak was between Nov 2008 & Feb 2009. Special credits to the captain VK Aus on the other hand now have their 17th winless game on the road. It's going from worse to hopeless for the world champions.
  15. They haven't been suspended..just that they cannot make it to the game as they had to stay back in Bristol for all the legal works.
  16. Program Whitewash loading - 60%

    3 out of 5 done. The series is sealed. No overboard celebration by India even after the victory. Shows that this team is hungry and determined for another whitewash and in the process break the record for the longest winning streak for India in ODIs. Bowling looks to be our strength and the Aussie middle order and lower middle order is very weak. We already have the chicken by the neck. Only thing left is the slaughter. Can VK lead India to a historic whitewash win again? Only time will tell... Bengaluru and nagpur up next.
  17. Program Whitewash loading - 60%

    STFU and stay in your empty world. Don't login to ICF and that would do all of us some good.
  18. Oh how sweet it is, the taste of Kangaroo despair.

    yes. Not as much as we do...but I'm sure they do. They certainly expecting their team to do well given the performance of Australian players in IPL but look like a whitewash/4-1 is round the corner.
  19. and it will remain just you. He is still a kid. Has a long way to go before he can replace Dhawan. Definitely a talent to watch out for along with Priyank panchal
  20. Your playing 11 changes for ODI-4 at B'lore

    Dhawan in for Rahane(if available) Axar in for Jadhav Rahul in for Pandey Pandya is ready for #6 MS at 5 Axar at 7 That way we have an extra full time bowling option in the 11.
  21. We need to have a bowler who can bowl 5-6 overs if required. That's why Jadhav is in the team. Maybe move Pandya at 6 and get in Axar in place of Jadhav. That way Kohli will have a good additional 10 overs of option.
  22. There is SL before that.. Whitewashing NZ should be relatively easy but the next two against AUS will be tough.
  23. Hardik Pandya-The Murderer of Spin Bowling

    Yeah... thought that the CT finals was a one-off innings but the 1st ODI and today's Innings both have changed the way I (and most others) look at him. Kudos to the management for sending him at 4. Always thought that he was a finisher but he has shown that he can play a long innings and built the knock in a perfect way.
  24. Dropping Rahane From ODI Side: Prayers and Duas Thread

    The duas are working just fine

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