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  1. 18 minutes ago, DHONI_FANN said:

    Dhoni at no. 4 is a must if India has to have any chance of winning the WC. Has both attacking and defensive game according to demand of the situation. 




  2. Agree SENA is overused at times...but it deserves the importance it gets when talking about Asian players.


    I don't think Asian performance isn't discussed for SENA players. It's often mentioned when discussing about their greatness. We will of course hear more about SENA since our discussion revolves around India . Go to an Australian forum and you might find the same thing about Asia.



  3. Okay, might sound very very cliche but I definitely feel this is the year when RCB finally lift the trophy


    Here is this year's record of Bengaluru franchise this year


    Pro Kabbadi : Bengaluru Bulls win for the first time (Lost in finals before)


    Primier Badminton League : Bengaluru Raptors win for the first time (Lost in finals before)


    Indian Super League (Football) : Bengaluru FC on the verge of winning for the first time in the ongoing season(Lost in finals before)



    Only fitting that RCB complete the sequence and snatch all the top 4 sports leagues of the country


  4. On 1/12/2019 at 8:32 PM, Number said:

    No chromecast support is a big problem. Dont know why Amazon and Google cant sort this thing.

    Amazon have their own cast device, the firestick.

    Probably the reason why they don't support Chromecast

  5. 31 minutes ago, OpeningBatsman said:

    Well when some of the Mods themselves resort to name calling and insulting the cricketers, what would you expect? Even though the forum rules says others wise, we have seen people making fun of players by calling them - convicts, hahane, dhongi, alia, coolie, pappu... and sometimes even abuses... 

    Report it. Rules apply to everyone.



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