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  1. It's not the batting.

    RCB has had...








    ...In the past and they proved that batting isn't enough.


    It's something with RCB and bowlers..no matter whom they pick...there always seems to be a hole left.


    Strac kept getting injured.

    Mills proved useless

    NCN injured.

    They could never expoilt Badree.

    Watson was useless with the ball.

    They tried wiese,shamsi etc but all were mediocre at best.

    Every team has that one good Indian bowler and RCB didn't.


    The pivot around which RCB centered their bowling always came loose.





  2. 9 hours ago, Gollum said:

    Washington has already debuted in T20s and very soon we will see him in ODIs, this kid is special. But I don't see him breaking into the test XI any time soon. Shaw may not break into white ball cricket till the Shikhar-Rohit-Kohli axis is there, but in the only format that counts in 2 years time I see a big opening in the top 3 which he should look to fill. Rahul-Shaw opening the batting in our 2020 home cycle looks a possibility unless Kohli starts feeling insecure watching these talented youngsters in action. 

    His game is not for tests.

    Doesn't spin the ball much. Just perfect line and length.

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