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  1. Hello ICFers,


    Starting this IND-ENG ODI series, we shall have one match-report published for every Indian game as an article on our home page. This will be assigned to one volunteer who is willing to give a brief 300-600 words analysis/report of the game. He can discuss any particular point/observation in detail, a performance of any individual payer or just the overall report of the game.


    The top 4-5 contributors will become part of the new team of writers/editors. Your articles will be posted on facebook and twitter and will be awarded a new badge to show-off on the site(like the ones that mods have).


    Please note that the entire article must be original and not copied from any other source.


    I shall set the ball rolling and give the match-report for the ongoing 2nd ODI between India and England. The 3rd ODI has been allocated to our chief @G_B_. All the 5 test matches are up for grabs.


    Interested members, please post below and get the game allocated to your name.

  2. 21 hours ago, rtmohanlal said:

    Kuldeep yes....Chahal no, because Ashwin can assist Kuldeep and he can bat too.Jadeja too can play.Won't be a bad idea at all to play 5-1-5  with Ashwin at 5th spot so that Pandya,Jadeja,Kuldeep,Bhuvi ,Bumrah forms the other 5 bowlers. The runs contributed by  5 all rounders( even Kuldeep can bat atleast a bit)  can at the least exceed by a little bit that those scored by a hack like Pujara.That would provide various bowling options too.

    Ash at 5 lmao

  3. 8 minutes ago, Rightarmfast said:

    Still better than the padosi gang of commentators, by a country mile.

    Why even compare with them lol...plus their TV speakers(if not the entire set) probably doesnt work given the amount of damage their TV sets go through during the regular annual trashing by India. So they don't really have anything to compalin about.


    And plus they don't understand English anyways. They have all bases covered.


  4. 44 minutes ago, UnknownGenius said:

    Pant is not even a fixture for India A 4 day team and you want him here?


    I can't stand the ignorance and lack of cricket kknowledge around here by OP and his brigade like laloo. And then mods aban me for pointing out stupidity


    There should be an IQ test before you gain ICF membership or else low IQ like laloo will multiply and pollute the forum with garbage threads

    We actually had plans to have an IQ test...but decided against it since we didn't want to miss out on 10th fail clowns like you.

    Free ka entertainment kaun nahi chahega.

  5. 10 hours ago, vishalvirsingh said:

    I had declared the Series result on 9th June itself...See I said INDIA will win t20 series 2-1 and we have won 2-1. I said 2-0 against Ireland and we won that way... 


    NOw see the ODI result- we will win 2-1 and Test Series will be 1-1 DRAW((:aha: I want india to win but cant change the result, I am sorry)


    1-1 in tests?

    It's a 5 match series dude. I am expecting results in all 5 if it doesn't rain.


  6. Errr....I don't think we have ever had any 6 series wins on the trot under Dhoni. 


    Maybe Dhoni never listened to his seniors. Kohli atleast acknowledge the fact that dhoni is better and more experienced than him at this and cares to listen.

    Kohli is a great leader in the making.

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