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  1. Bumped :bump:


    Here are some more : 


    Below are some amazing records of Rahul Dravid :

    • Has faced more deliveries (31258) and spent more time in the middle (44152 mins) while batting than any other batsman in the history of Test cricket.
    • The only international cricketer to have registered a hundred in all ten Test playing nations
    • Has been involved in more partnerships (738) and more partnership runs (32,039) than any other batsman in Test cricket history
    • Has more hundred run partnerships and more fifty run partnerships than any other batsman - 88 and 126 respectively.
    • Holds the world record for taking most number of catches as a non-wicket keeper fielder in Test Cricket. He retired with a record haul of 210 catches from 164 matches


  2. 39 minutes ago, maniac said:

    I think MCA and KSCA are the only 2 professionaly run boards out there...hopefully Bengal is improving with Ganguly handling things but like from what we saw with the way  WT20 Ind-Pak game was organized with the stupid ceremony eating away the actual game time and atleast 1 occasion in recent past when a similar outfield problem occurred not sure if it has improved. probably Tamil Nadu,Delhi are the next best.


    Hyderabad cricket has had issues for a while now...starting from the whole Rayudu-Yadav fiasco to the whole politicizing of naming the stadium after Rajiv Gandhi to total chaos and mismanagement..


    but again as I mentioned above apart from 2 or 3 boards rest all are in a mess and this is why BCCI as a central body need to step in.

    KSCA and professional :cantstop:


  3. It's been raining since weeks in Hyderabad. Why couldn't BCCI  just shift it to another venue? This time you had time on your hand. Rajiv Gandhi has terrible terrible drainage. They should have shown a bit more awareness and shifted this series decider. Just swap some venue of the NZ or SL series with Hyderabad. One week should be more than enough for any of the metropolitan cities to arrange for a game.


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