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  1. sourab10forever

    ICF Write-A-Thon : Be a part of our team of editors

    Match Report: 1st ODI Author: Trichromatic Match Report: 2nd ODI Author: Sourab10forever
  2. In contrast to the recent flow of things for this mighty Indian LOI team, they faced a decent-sized defeat at the hands of the three lions. Not only did this result spill life into the series and saved the 3rd ODI from becoming a dead contest, It was a vital speed-breaker that was necessary for India when looking at the larger picture i.e the upcoming WC. Morgan, to the joy of his counterpart, decided to bat first after winning the coin toss. The stats and team form showed that batting second was the key and the factors that led England to decide otherwise remain unclear. Perhaps, as Gambhir pointed out, it might have something to do with negating the effectiveness of the Indian spin-duo under the lights. The 1st Innings The first 15 overs or so went as per the script. The English openers got them off to a great start, like they always do. Kuldeep came in and picked up his customary set of wickets. What changed, to the relief of the English fans, was the sight of their main ace Root back to what he does best. A well compiled century while not only making sure that he held the fort against the Indian spinners but also scoring at a decent pace. Buttler fell early and Moeen wasn't any good either. the Indian bowlers were keeping things nice and clean until David Willy decided to go bonkers and gave England what they required to get to 320, which was just about at par given the conditions. The 2nd Innings Dhawan gave the innings a great start unleashing a set of exquisite cover drives. The Hitman, on the other end, took his own sweet time. Rahul fell cheap and India's innings was already in trouble. Kohli-Raina stitched together decent partnership but the RRR was always climbing and their pace would only mean one thing-pressure on the weakest part of this Indian team, the lower middle order. Dhoni again gave a masterclass on why he is a misfit at no.6 but Kohli easily brushed away this fact in the post-match press conference with an often used brush called 'off-day'. Once Raina was out in the 32nd Over, there was but little hope. India succumbed to a 86 run defeat. Not a lot of takeaways from this game for Team India. Only a couple of questions that Kohli and Shastri will have to find answers to. The series is now up for grabs and hopefully, India can pull it off and take a load of confidence going into the all-important test series. Sourab10Forever
  3. sourab10forever

    2019 World Cup: Challenges ahead for Captain Kohli

    Great article @GolGappe That's the first one under our write-a-thon challenge.
  4. Sab milke ek dusre ki chatenge
  5. sourab10forever

    ICF Write-A-Thon : Be a part of our team of editors

    @coffee_rules @Austin 3:!6 @SK_IH @gakgupta
  6. sourab10forever

    ICF Write-A-Thon : Be a part of our team of editors

    From posts seen on ICF, I think these members would make great writers : @sandeep @Ankit_sharma03 @Switchblade @LORD_analyst @GolGappe @cowboysfan @lamellavig @mishra @Mosher @express bowling @Nikhil_cric @gattaca
  7. Hello ICFers, Starting this IND-ENG ODI series, we shall have one match-report published for every Indian game as an article on our home page. This will be assigned to one volunteer who is willing to give a brief 300-600 words analysis/report of the game. He can discuss any particular point/observation in detail, a performance of any individual payer or just the overall report of the game. The top 4-5 contributors will become part of the new team of writers/editors. Your articles will be posted on facebook and twitter and will be awarded a new badge to show-off on the site(like the ones that mods have). Please note that the entire article must be original and not copied from any other source. I shall set the ball rolling and give the match-report for the ongoing 2nd ODI between India and England. The 3rd ODI has been allocated to our chief @G_B_. All the 5 test matches are up for grabs. Interested members, please post below and get the game allocated to your name.
  8. sourab10forever

    South Africa vs Sri lanka 1st test

    73 lol
  9. sourab10forever

    South Africa vs Sri lanka 1st test

    If SL win/draw this match(or the next test)then India shall remain #1 in the test ranking atleast untill Dec 10th regardless of their series against England.
  10. Thank god...sense finally prevails
  11. I would have said no...but with this Management,kuch bhi ho sakta he.
  12. sourab10forever

    Sanjay Manjrekar does his commentry for free.

    Currently manju... We have to listen to Manju a lot more often then LSK
  13. sourab10forever

    Will these entire tour be decided by who chases?

    India will always start virtually atleast 30 runs ahead of them given the difference in spinners...and then it's all about if the ENG gun Batting lineup can face our spinners and not only be on par but make up those 30 virtual Runs...and how well they can do it will decide the margin of victory.

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