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  1. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    1000 runs in 4 matches(7 Innings) 5 centuries and a 90. 304*, 176, 23, 90, 133*, 173 and 134. Avg : 133 350 runs away from breaking VVSs' record of 1415 runs in a single season. Can he do it? Definate chance if Karnataka manage to qualify for Finals or atleast SF.
  2. Indian and Pakistani Fans in UK

    Indian and Pakistani in UK are just scared of getting deported if they get into a brawl
  3. Foriegn players who should not playing this IPL edition

    Ben Laughlin Dan Cristian Pollard Cory Anderson More Ali (shouldn't be in any the squad)
  4. Hey MI, Thanks for playing!

    So the defending champs are more or less out of the comp. Probably the most unlucky team by far...every single game they lost was a close call. Regardless they are out. Now I hope they cause a few results that are in favour of RCB.
  5. Farmers are dieing here with no water and you guys are demanding water despite having enough of it. #Shame
  6. MI aren't cheaters (not guilty untill proven)
  7. @velu stealing our water wasn't enough ? That now you have started stealing our match threads too... #spark&run
  8. Give these cheaters a whacking.
  9. Race to 5000 runs in IPL : Raina or Kohli

    Raina is 9 runs ahead of VK. Both need around 450 runs to get there... Who will get there first?
  10. Please don't bench yourself for the next match...you are in my FL team
  11. Hey MI, Thanks for playing!

    7 off the last 8 is a long shot. Everyday is not a sunday.
  12. IPL thread allocation

    Make a Thread for today's game
  13. India's best chance to win a test series in Australia

    You,my friend, are living on a different planet.
  14. India's best chance to win a test series in Australia

    England first..then worry about Australia.
  15. One of the two tests will be Day-night. More details to follow. Your thoughts?
  16. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

  17. KKR Wasting Shubman Gill

    Send him first along with Narine and ask them to whack it. Lynn Rana Ruslle DK
  18. Hey DD, Thanks for playing!

    You guys just can't. Accept it and move on.
  19. This is the best IPL season so far!

    I think the auction was a great equilizer this time. All Teams are on par on paper. It's all about that one performance that shifts the game in your basket.
  20. This is the best IPL season so far!

    True. Best season in the last 3-4 atleast. Every match is turing out to be a triller.
  21. Only BCCI knows how to bring the superstar out of a has-been Gayle. Kudos to BCCI. No wonder IPL is a millions times larger than their petty league.
  22. ICF - IPL Fantasy League 2018

    The official site isn't updated yet. We are waiting for it. Fandromeda has some weird rules this time.So we can't use it. The official comp is usually updated only a couple of days before the IPL starts(Like last year). All those who are interested please make your teams on iplt20.com/fantasy as soon as it is updated. We can create the group even after the tournament has begun.
  23. Kohli's captaincy is the reason for RCB's poor show every IPL

    Pant was taking him to the cleaners. Which is why he was given a over in the death.
  24. Halla Bol Thread 2018!! - RR Fans, Idhar Aavjo

    Unadkat and Stokes Pocket me hole kar diya pur kiya kuch nahi

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