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  1. Author : @Ian Pont ,Former English fast bowler and current International Coach. Hey guys, In our bid to serve cricket and produce better fast bowlers,we are now launching a new site for every fast bowler who wants to get more pace & control. We are backed by Irfan Pathan and about 3 weeks away from launch. There is currently a holding page on the our site so that people can REGISTER for FREE and get the free videos and stuff. But the MAIN site is a subscription, which will likely be around £6 a month (Rs550 or so) and has everything on it being added each month! This follows on from the Ultimate Pace Foundation I have been running in Bangalore, Delhi, Baroda and Hyderabad. We wanted to deliver an online website that can almost do the same, plus offer coaching help and advice to people bowling fast. Hope that most ICFans can relate to our mission and the interested ones can join us! Everyone who registers now for the free site will get a FREE gift from us Yours, Ian Pont Link to the Site : UPFcricket
  2. Caps or not doesn't matter. @Ian Pont will have to help you with this..
  3. Kohli only second Indian batsmen to 900 ranking points

    Most underrated player on ICF
  4. Team for 3rd test

    Rohit Dhawan Rohit Kohli(c) Rohit Rohit Rohit Rohit ki biwi(w) Rohit Rohit Rohit
  5. There were always going to be troubles touring SA. There are a million things to complain about but the fact is its an away tour and this was always on the cards. We came back brilliantly into the game not once but twice. Look at the positives and relax....
  6. *Good set of players with every position having a good back up and all players getting in some good match practice. *Settled side. *No major injury concerns..atleast for now. *Confidence is high. *Captain is aggressive. *Players have geled well as a team. This is India's best chance of winning in SA with SA not being the best that they can be. They are vulnerable and a 3 match series is also in our favour. Series victory is definitely on.
  7. Parthiv Patel should open

    Not possible. He will keep for atleast 130 overs and then to come out and bat is asking too much from him.
  8. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Justice For LOKESH RAHUL Campaign What is the Justice For Rahul Campaign? The Justice For Rahul Campaign is a campaign dedicated towards seeking the answers to him being sidelined for India-first in the LOIs and now in tests as well. The RCBengaluru mega star in recent years, has been the most consistent opener for India at the test level. But has become a constant victim of Intra-team politics and has lost his place to team clowns like Dhawan. In particular, the most disheartening aspect of all has been the fact that his buddy V.Kohli seems to be behind his fencing. This callous attitude towards one of Indian Cricket's to-be modern batting legends has forced me, Virat's huge fan, S10F, to start this campaign. The campaign's main objective is to constantly remind Indian cricket fans of the talent and importance of Rahul, as one of India's future batting giants, towards helping India become the best team in the world and to ensure that he receives the adulation and credit that he richly deserves. Advocates of this campaign will be relentless in their pursuit of insaaf for Rahul. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of Rahul's Major Achievements: One of two Indians to have scored centuries in every format. World record of most consecutive half-centuries in Test cricket. One of the hundreds of players who were/are victims of Team politics. Has been a joint-holder of the 'Indian player with worst hairstyle' award along with Pandya. One of the very few players to have the balls to defend ex-coach Kumble. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JUSTICE FOR RAHUL CAMPAIGN SLOGAN : "Bohat Ho chuka ye April Fool...All we want is justice for Rahool." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Participate In The Campaign? Step 1: Read the OP. Step 2: After reading the OP, contemplate on whether you agree or disagree with the campaign's objectives. Step 3: Add 'Advocate of Justice For Rahul Campaign' to your signature/rank. Step 4: Defend Rahul from destructive criticism at every possible opportunity. Please Feel Free To Ask Me Questions About The Campaign
  9. SA request fast and bouncy pitch for 2nd test

    Yes. I always make sense. Time to unleash Ishant and he will bounce the opposition out like he did in Lord.
  10. SA request fast and bouncy pitch for 2nd test

    Time to unleash Ishant
  11. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Our efforts are paying off. Rahul is likely to be back in the P11 for 2nd Test. Hopes he doesn't become the Bali ka bakara after this series. As a backup,we need to prepare a course of action if Rahul isn't played even in the 2nd test.
  12. Freedom Series Predictor - 2nd Test - Day 5 Updated !!!

    Pujara Bhuvi Rahane (Kohli if he doesn't play)
  13. Freedom Series Predictor - 2nd Test - Day 5 Updated !!!

    Pujara Bhuvi Rahane (Kohli if he doesn't play)
  14. Freedom Series Predictor - 1st Test - Day 5 Updated !!!

    Well I had selected rahane in the first game but forgot to change it.. I am sure he will come back into the team. So I can have him back right?
  15. England's 0-8

    Teams outside asia lol Everyone's home stats are included except IND,SL,PAK and BANG. Bangladesh has played only 5 games...and India has played more than twice the number of games that SL and PAK played.
  16. Why is nobody talking about the pitch?

    Well it was a good test wicket.
  17. ICF FANTASY HUB 2018 ! OFFICIAL THREAD ICF FANTASY HUB is back for the year 2018 after two successful years. Our aim is to deliver a better playing experience to a hopefully larger participants. With the help of our old super-selectors, we hope to attract more and more players . Fantasy Cricket holds a special place in ICF and we certainly hope to continue this tradition. CHANGES FOR 2018 : >IPL will not be considered while scoring points. The points will be limited to Bilaterals/Tri-series. >Points will only be scored by top 7 instead of top 10. THE RULES : ATTRACTIVE GIFT HAMPERS FOR WINNERS : > Final winners will be awarded with Hampers sponsored by ICF site/members. >1st and 2nd place Winners of IPL will earn separate gifts. The prizes will be updated as soon as we get the details. We shall start of this year with the SA-IND tests. Details be posted below soon. Join the ICF fantasy club to receive updates on regarding the same :
  18. Fan boys and fan girls.

    I'm definately a big fanboy of Legend Kumar. GB has a huge crush on Dhawal Kulkarni.
  19. How long is the rope for Kohli?

    Very very long ....
  20. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    Ashes final standings.

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