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  1. Why is it that so many mediocre unproven Aussie players get selected yet many other more talented players such as Joe Root , Hashim Amla, Guptill get ignored. Even coaching and support staff has significant australian representation
  2. That sledging seems nothing exceptional, neither in wittiness nor in terms of abusiveness. I bet sledging on that level happen all the time on a field. I mean it is rather tame compared to Michael Clarke telling Johnson to break Anderson's ****ing arm lol. Whats really strange is Pakistani fans gloating over such average sledge, makes you pakistani fans look pathetic.
  3. Virender Sehwag Funny Tweets/Posts

    Sehwag comes across as illiterate and obnoxious; but worse are those who somehow find his failed attempt at humour to be funny.
  4. y'all such kids lmao. Why cant you guys accept good players for their talents and who they are. Not everything and every player needs to be judged through lens of nationality. Tbh, Akhtar was very entertaining to watch as a kid, it was fun watching him bowl with pace and swagger.
  5. What year's team or bunch of player was the strongest in Indian cricket history? In other words, the time when the select 11 or 15 were the best ever to be fielded by Indian cricket team. was it during 2011 WC victory?
  6. Afghanistan cricket Cancels T20I matches against Pakistan

    kabul attack still very surprising move
  7. Rabada vs Amir

    whos better of the two? Who would you place your bet on being a great fast bowler in future.

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