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  1. Ofcourse there's passion. But it's not like millions of Indians in Bengal, Assam, Kerala etc don't have passion and have not been playing for generations by genetically I don't mean being huge buff guys. It's natural talent in football, running etc On a similar note. I have had this argument verbatim with friends of mine. And when I brought this passion argument and how there is abundance of that among Indians. My friends argued that it's about facilities and that India doesn't have same facilities otherwise our kids from Goa and Bengal etc would be as good as the top footballers. But even that argument is flawed when you see kids from dirt poor African countries and Brazilian favelas go on to become among the best footballers of that generation. Facilities wise the African kids have it even worse than in India finally - Let's tackle this from one other aspect. Let's assume that the lack of facilities argument is valid and that is why Indians don't make it. Then Let's Take example of Albanians. A very poor European country which doesn't have much of a sporting culture and history. And their football team is middling at best. However many Albanians whose parents went as immigrants to other European countries see their kids going to the top of the sport. Mustafi, Granit Xhaka, Shaqiri, Adnan Januzaj etc are all players of European extraction who went to the top of football once they got the facilities. Why don't Indian origin people in European countries (who number in dozens of millions) not succeed in football? The best we have had is bloody Michael Chopra. And it's not like Indian origin folks are not going into football. The lower leagues and non-league level football have many Indians plain their trade but as the levels move up they begin to disappear
  2. That validates the point. Asians are genetically less gifted with desis bottom of the lot
  3. I can guarantee that there are more active and aspiring footballers in India than whole population of Australi in many northeastern and eastern states football is the PRIME sport and cricket is a distant second
  4. Lmao this is the funniest thing I've read all week Infosys, Wipro is filled with tech nerds who couldn't probably last in intramural soccer let alone a professional sport of any kind lmao at '11 world class footballers are most likely working for TCS or Infosys' bus kuch bhi. Have to give props for creativity in excuses haha
  5. Stupid post a large section of the Chinese population isnt wanting to play cricket however a large number of Indians DO play football and exclusively football
  6. AmreekanDesi

    Manjrekar: Pujara , a proven failure in overseas.

    Well Manjrekar has always been a failure in commentating but he keeps on with jt
  7. Wish he had shown the same tactical awareness during his failed captaincies
  8. AmreekanDesi

    Why is Jinnah portrayed in bad light in Indian history?

    India would have been right mess and virtual hell-hole (some would say it is right now too but nothing comparable imo) if we had a country of 1.6bn people where 600-700 million people were Muslims not happy to live under 'Hindu rule' weve seen riots but let's be honest about one thing. The only and only reason why there hasn't been a full scale civil war is that Muslims in India are not concentrated in one region or state in modern India (well they are in one state and we know what's happening there). imagine if we had whole of modern Pakistan and Bangladesh (which were 90% plus Muslim in 1947 even) as part of India. There would have been bloodbaths one thing about Muslims is that once they are not the majority or in power they all lump together forgetting their differences.
  9. On the contrary it is actually YOU who is playing into the Indian stereotype of being subservient, weak and letting everyone else trample over you by being unwilling to take a stand on issues which potray you in a negative manner
  10. AmreekanDesi

    Am I a creep?

    whats the point of finding her on social media then? Do a Shikhar Dhawan and send an unsolicited PM and hope it plays on from there?
  11. AmreekanDesi

    Cricketer Hardik Pandya Dating Esha Gupta

    Hardik would have been sweeping the streets of Mumbai today if he had been born 15 years earlier. Got his India chance due to couple of IPL cameos.
  12. your Willie the janitor example is flawed because while a figure of fun, he was not the only mainstream Scottish representation in American TV or cinema at the time. There were many movies and TV shows where Scots were potrayed as heroic and brave,. Braveheart is one example. However for Indians - Apu was one of the ONLY representations of Indians in American pop culture
  13. clearly not appreciating the issue at hand A CIA officer going rogue is not unique story and to counter that there are dozens of movies with CIA officers being heroid. So there is no negative steretoype or popular image associated with them due to those shows or movies However here we have a mainstream show which is the only one to touch on this topic so naturally, references will be brought from here since this is ONLY one. Same reason why there has been such a belated uproar over Apu from Simpsons. He was the only Indian representation and was a figure of fun.. In Simpsons and other shows, other groups such as Irish people were also figures of fun but there were also positive representations of them elsewhere to counter that. But wasnt in case of Apu and why so many Indians in 90s had such a tough time. There were whole gangs in the New Jersey which would bully Indians on the basis of the Simpsons stereotype. And now this Quantico episode takes us back further. Even now there isnt enough representation of 'Hindus' and even when there is they are mostly secular with no reference to Hindu scriptures or representations. But this show has those and now it will be associated with a negative thing
  14. thats not the issue if no one in India cares about the show the problem is that this is a mainstream show in America. And Chopra is probably among the top 2 or 3 most recognisable Indian faces in American pop culture... So if she is giving out this message then its ridiculous Very Bad PR. She literally has American media and celebrities eating out of her hands in last couple of years and THIS is the light she chooses to potray her country and faith in? SHAME on her!
  15. AmreekanDesi

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    Dhawans girl looks like a man certainly has broader shoulders

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