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  1. AmreekanDesi

    Ganguly dismissal at '99 Chennai Test..

    Kohlis Adelaide innings was as good imo lot of similarities - Against a world class attack and got close but lost
  2. AmreekanDesi

    Is Siddhu a prisoner of his own image?

    I am impressed by his command of English Punjabi and Hindi
  3. Again a dig at Ashwin as if bhajji used to roll over England and Australia in away Tests
  4. Chuckji has always been jealous of Ashwin
  5. AmreekanDesi

    Why is no body blaming the BCCI?

    What exactly is bcci’s fault? They even strong armed ECB to hold one days and t20s first which has rarely happened before and gave most of the Indian boys the opportunity to be in the country more than a month in advice and be fully acclimitised and settled in also... Coach and captain have strong power and there is no interference
  6. AmreekanDesi

    Does Kohli enjoy being a one-man band?

    im a bit more cynical he celebrates wickets more than the bowler and goes crazy on the balcony whch results in the cameras and the attention going away from people who got that achievement to Kohli
  7. I wanna grab both ends of his mooch and pull them to make him cry
  8. AmreekanDesi

    Lets laugh at ourselves

    Throughout the series freakinf Chris woakes scores a century
  9. I think people are being harsh here. this is not ideal or good obviously but much better than 2011 and 2014 in this series we have been almost equal or better than England for 3 of the four matches. We have been very competitive and it’s been fine margins in 2011 and 2014 the gulf between us and England was so vast that it was embarassing. We weren’t ever in the game
  10. when did SA win a series in India lol? if it was prior to apartheid ban it doesnt count
  11. they played 4 tests i think in 2016 as well anyways i dont really care. just pointing out factual inaccuracy
  12. thats a poor argument lol pak has drawn their last two series in england

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