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  1. I watched the last five overs today and it seemed like it after being played in front of empty crowds most of it they need these final matches to be exciting and get crowd in so maybe this is what they did?
  2. Was Viv Richards only 2nd to Bradman at his best?

    Lmao who says they didn't achally they say Viv revolutionised batting
  3. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    I'm feeling bad for Keyboard warrior that I might just watch a match to give him company here lmao
  4. Which commentators should visit India more frequently?

    And obv the cricketing genius that is atom moody
  5. Which commentators should visit India more frequently?

    I really enjoy Michael slathers analysts
  6. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Is @KeyboardWarrior a bot? Serious question
  7. So pissed... we we got our team right in the ODIs and t20a and absolutely smashed them and Aus are making SA look like absolute mugs right now
  8. Long term ONLY India will dominate cricket

    Yes but we have reached semi final or final of EVERY ICC tournament since 2011 (barring 2012 WT20 I think)
  9. Lots of Rain in June in England (2019 WC)

    Yes it doesn't make sense at all for example our tour this summer won't have much rain as matches are in late July, August and September
  10. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    How come OPPO is sponsoring this? They sponsor the Indian team!!!
  11. Padosis started appreciating our team !!!

    Phateechar? Isn't that a Pakistani spelling of the word I'm guessing?
  12. Aadhi awaam English boli but British had no impact
  13. I was always under the impression that Marathas were a greater empire than Mughals but we're just unlucky that their rise coincided with rise of European superpowers trying to colonise India whereas Mughals were lucky to have their peak at a time when India was still protected from European intrigues
  14. I always wonder what the difference would be in language, culture, religion, overall attitude if Maratha empire had lasted for a significant period. For example the Mughals had a solid rule over India for a good 4-5 generations (200+ years) where they had influence and power in majority of India (asides from south where they did get influence if not total power like In north) And because of this a lot of India does have parts of their culture whether it be language (Hindi has too muchPersian influences), culture or food. Maratha empire didn't have same influence on the culture and psyche. as some may know that for most of its existence it was strong in the region which is Maharashtra today. But it is true that they did defeat Mughals and gain influence and power over most of India at one point. But it was not long enough (really in historical context it's negligible almost). The British came and the rest is history. And then obviously they impacted the culture whether it be language again (English is commonly spoken and there are many indianized English words in our languages now) or culture and obviouslt sport. so the British too were here long enough to leave an imprint on the culture If you see there aren't many influences on indiannculture outside Maharashtra that the Maratha empire had simply because it didn't rule long enough in the region as a whole. my question is what would have been the impact if their reign was as strong and long as the Mughals or the British
  15. Nice finally won a series in every country

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