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  1. He was a dibbly dobbly bowler who owes his career to McGrath and warne
  2. Ok even if you make Cummins 8 the current attack is better Also... Gillespie is prolly 6.5 if we’re being totally fair
  3. Ok so people are unhappy about the direct comparison. Let’s do a points based comparison Current Attack: Starc = 8.5 Cummins = 8.5 Hazelwood = 8 Total Point = 25 2000s Attack: McGrath = 9.5 Lee = 7.5 Gillespie = 7 (I’m being generous here) Total Points = 24 So even on a whole attack to attack comparison the current pace line up is better
  4. I genuinely think there is a case. Lets compare like to like. McGrath > Hazelwood. Ok no questions here. McGrath bests him hands down even though Hazelwood is great in his own right. Starc > Lee. This is definitely close in Odis but in tests, Lee was never the same threat and didn’t play a lot either. Starc is streets ahead of Lee here imo Cummins >> Gillespie. This is a clincher. No competition here. Genuinely the current Aussie pace attack has claims to be better than the early 2000s one.
  5. Doubt it but we wouldn’t have been rolled over either
  6. Lol what the hexk kind of sledge is this was he drunk?
  7. Hindu growth would have led us to being a first world country
  8. Thankfully Warner isn’t here. paines a nice guy and bit of a pussy
  9. If this was in India we would never hear the end of it
  10. wait theres lot of reasons to criticise Modi but somehow promoting Hindi as a national language and having it develop as a unifying force in this huge country is what people are miffed at? Clearly wrong priorities. if Hindi can have its rightful place across Hindustan then it is only a good thing
  11. From being called the worst in one of the threads here to most likely this
  12. If we can’t win this time I don’t know whether we ever will in our lifetime
  13. AmreekanDesi

    Imran Khan on Jesus

    That just isn’t true. Byzantine and Persian histories as well as East African history has accounts of Muhammad and his followers
  14. It’s somehow worse for me than when people use random animal names with cities because here it seems they actually thought it through

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