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  1. cricketfan28

    Art of resurrecting back to back collapses on a tough pitch

    Played very well in the match vs SL in 2007 wc.
  2. cricketfan28

    Ashwin 's Bizzare bowling action .

    video not visible
  3. cricketfan28

    The Witcher official teaser (Netflix)

    Looks interesting.
  4. cricketfan28

    India’s best chokers

    I am confused , who is no1 is it kohli or hitman ?
  5. cricketfan28

    MSK Prasad

    except for gill, the selection looks good .
  6. cricketfan28

    Subhmann Gill needs to play for CSK or MI

    I am afraid he will never get a chance.
  7. trying to be optimistic ..hasn't done anything yet.
  8. kahleel is lacking something don't know what it is .
  9. cricketfan28

    Tribute to the process

    Finsihed the top twice .. this is he best we can do. Don't think the so call hyped youngsters can do any better.
  10. I think the big man got tired. So went for big shots.
  11. cricketfan28

    India’s best chokers

    our 96 wc team has lots of chokers in it.

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