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  1. cricketfan28

    West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    karthik played well.
  2. cricketfan28

    Rabada ban

    he should careful.
  3. we should send india A.
  4. India Population, Virat Zindabad
  5. cricketfan28

    Takeaways and lessons from India West Indies series

    give lord holder the respect he deserves.
  6. cricketfan28

    Project Duminy

    he is not that bad.
  7. we should send team full of youthstars
  8. cricketfan28

    Is this sign of mentality ?

    make hay while ... Nothing wrong with it.
  9. cricketfan28

    Can Kedar Jadav be our Best Allrounder

    Not sure about this , need more time. Fielding is not impressive .
  10. cricketfan28

    Happy Birthday MS Dhoni

    HBD MS. Please Stay until 2019 WC.
  11. cricketfan28

    Kohli overtakes Sachin for most 100s when Chasing

    Sachin will be proud.
  12. He should be fine as long as Dhoni is in the team.
  13. cricketfan28

    Man of the series trolling all of us

    lord holder.

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