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  1. Chahar has steynesque outswinger albeit 10-15 ks slower. Would love to watch him bowl in a test match in english conditions.
  2. Dinesh Mongia was not that bad. Had scores like 153 against zimbawe in those days.
  3. 152.8 perhaps the fastest ever by any Indian in IPL History.
  4. Kuldeep yadav going to be biggest headache for us in world cup.
  5. Over exposure of kuldeep yadav. We are doomed in world cup.
  6. Did Rayudu given you Biriyani for supporting him? His average shows why stats without context can be useless
  7. Insidious

    Why has Bumrah become so bad?

  8. 15 years back, we used to have challengers trophy in our domestic callender, where all the senior used to participate. Sachin, sourav , Rahul, yuvraj, Raina all used to participate in that series. Why that concept was discarded? Pathetic!
  9. Insidious

    Team is sabotaged by bad selections.

    True. Rayudu has to be one of the worst player ever to get selected in the last 10 years or so. Pathetic fielder, pathetic batsman and even a chucker with ball. Even I stopped eating biriyani, as it reminds me about him. Also I feel Shankar is a proper no.4 and should not pushed to no.6 or no.7
  10. Insidious

    Team is sabotaged by bad selections.

    Dinesh kartik might solve the problem. He is one batsman who can dominate pacers from the ball one, on flat surface. To me at this point, he is better than pant.
  11. Should be included in Indian team ASAP
  12. Insidious

    Umesh takes wickets, Bhuvi only saves runs

    Posters here don't understand the simple thing, that Bumrah is a light years ahead than any other fast bowler in India atm. If Umesh Yadav, is brainless, then he is among the 99.9% of Indian fast bowlers, who are brainless too. And tell me one Indian fast bowler, who could have made any difference. Khaleel Ahmed? Sid kaul? Shardul Thanks? Or Deepak chahar? May be shami but even he is not a good T20 bowler. So how selectors are culprit?
  13. Insidious

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Should not be playing any form of cricket
  14. Insidious

    Who is fastest bowler in the world?

    Starc by a country mile. As per cricbuzz his average pace against srilanka in the 2nd test was 151.34 km/h. That is serious pace.
  15. Insidious

    Obscure and random cricket matches you remember.

    Glad you mentioned that 330 vs zimbawe. I think Dinesh mongia scored 159. The way mongia and yuvi smashed zimbawe was a treat to watch. Also in that match grant flower played a gem of a innings. The way he was sweeping and reverse-sweeping harbhajan was pure master-class to watch. Both Andy and Grant flower were masters in the art of sweeping and reverse-sweeping.

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