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  1. Had there been green pitches....

    The pitches in 2011 ODI series in SouthAfrica were quite lively. The pitches in 2014 ODI series in Southafrica were quick but not that lively, we simply crumbled under Scoreboard pressure
  2. need to take this miller ASAP
  3. kuldeep is bowling just too full here
  4. That is what happens when you get easy money from ipl too early in your career. pathetic from iyer
  5. According to saffa commentors, pitch will became better under the lights. Trouble for our bowlers.
  6. how to fix batting in last 10 overs

    Wanted Raina because there are no other player ready at the moment. Rahul and pant has pontential. Doesn't matter if they failed initially, they will eventually do well. It is important to back right players. I have nothing against iyer, but he is not good enough for international.
  7. how to fix batting in last 10 overs

    kick out Rahane, iyer , Dhoni, first. Bring Rahul, Raina, pant
  8. Kohli the batsman is let down by Kohli the captain.
  9. Agent Dhoni doing what he does best.
  10. How many balls can Rohit survive today? I don't think he can survive against Rabada for a single over.
  11. Heinrich Klassen : Poor man's MS Dhoni

    Need to change this thread title. Klassen is rich man's M.s.Dhoni
  12. Rohit Sharma Becomes Kagiso Rabada's 'Bunny'

    He is also bunny of Amir, Boult etc. Any bowler who could swing the ball can make his life miserable.
  13. Now Miller going to do a simmons/fakhar against us.

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