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  1. Insidious

    Aus vs SA - 3rd ODI

    However the only match we won in that series, is when bumrah was included in th Xi
  2. You also forgot to add there were lot of 'day only' matches were played in 90s and early 00's in India, where the moisture on the pitch made batting difficult for the team batting first. I have seen Pollock and even mediocre bowler like rana naved ul Hassan greatly benefitted from that, whenever they played in India. We don't have this today with Day n night matches.
  3. Only Shivam mavi can. Swing at 145+ pace. But too raw atm
  4. India chose to chase , only considering the dew factor, which unfortunately for india, didn't had any effect on this match
  5. we conceded a lot of runs today. It was not a surface where one can chase 280+. There was no effect of dew today. And it is almost impossible to chase anything above 280+ in subcontinental wickets, if there is no dew in the second innings. The pitch just got slower and slower. Kohli was struggling to time the ball, the whole innings, despite being well set and in form of his life, just shows how slow the surface was.
  6. Bhuvi was never a dependable batsman in ODIs He is only handy in tests as he has a good defensive technique. Even harbhajan is a better batsman than bhuvi in ODIs.. Him coming at no.7, reminds me about our horrible lower order during the 90s.
  7. we officially have the worst lower order in the world. Even Afghanistan have better lower order batsman than us.
  8. surya kumar yadav is the only reliable one atm
  9. Insidious

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Rajneesh gurbani is the one.
  10. Umesh yadav is cranking it up to 143 ks
  11. Insidious

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    pitch is still very good for batting
  12. Insidious

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    bumrah is a horrible batsman, even by tailender standard.
  13. Insidious

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Our lower order is the worst in the world. Shami gadha kahinka
  14. just like our loss in home tests against england in 2012.

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