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  1. Russel is also bowling at pace.
  2. Varun Aaron clocked 153.4 ks in a Domestic competition at the age of 21. Avesh is already 21. I don't think any one can rival the past records of umesh and Aaron (only the Speed gun record) from the current young fast bowlers in the future. Only Nagarkotti can, only if he remains fit.
  3. Though i am impressed by performances of indian young quicks, they are still no where as quick as Umesh yadav and Varun Aaron used to be 3-4 years ago in IPL matches. In fact 25 deliveries of Umesh Yadav were in 'top 100 fastest balls' list in 2012. All in between 151 ks to 148 ks. Doubt any Indian young fast bowlers can replicate that feat. May be NagarKotti in future.
  4. Gurbani, should be immediately drafted into indian test team. If he can move the ball on this flat pitch in nagpur, he can definitely move it around in england.
  5. Insidious

    Sensational Ross Taylor’s epic chase

    Exactly! Dhoni has never played any crucial innings in his entire career in India's 300+ chases.
  6. Insidious

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    i am not a bowling expert, but it seems khalil bowling action is similar to starc.
  7. Insidious

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    yeah i know. Good to see him cranking it up in these cold conditions
  8. Insidious

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    khalil clocked 141ks now, and is regularly bowling 138-141 ks now
  9. our Problem was our two mainstream fast bowlers who were instrumental to our rise to No.1 Test ranking, suddenly lost their rhythm and form. Umesh, who was totally world-class against Australia, suddenly lost his pace (at least 5 ks) and rhythm in srilanka. Shami, after being recovered from his injury, is not the same force, he used to be. It is very difficult to recover as a team, when two of your best fast bowlers, suddenly became so in-effective, before the start of a big series. We are lucky that we had Bumrah , otherwise it would have been shambolic.
  10. I think Shami got the reverse swing going in the third test at wanderers.
  11. What conditions are you talking about? The conditions are almost sub-continental in this match. We had a brilliant chance to win a series in SA , especially when their star players are out of form, and yet we couldn't thanks to some reckless batting, harakiri in running between the wickets, poor team selection etc.
  12. Just show how pathetic our performance was, when we lost test series to 'this' southAfrican side.
  13. Nathan lyon is the best off spinner at the moment. It is pity that Ashwin is not same bowler after the england series, where he was suffering from sports hernia

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