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  1. Bhuvi bowling is only good on sluggish surface. On true surface he will get smashed. Shami can take wicket on any surface. Shami is a must in Odi XI
  2. To say we only get 320-330 runs to chase is a ridiculous assumption. I don't think we will only get belter of surface in England. There were lot of instances in CT 2013 and CT 2017, where small totals were made and defended. So Dhoni at 4 is not that bad. He can be useful in chasing small but tricky total on a difficult surface, just like what he did in MCG.
  3. Insidious

    We need to talk about SENA

    We don't play pakistan. And quality wise srilanka and Bangladesh are much inferior to us. So we are obsessed with SENA. Simple.
  4. Why shami was sidelined in the odis is beyond me. He was one of the highest wicket takers in 2014. He was our best fast bowler in WC 15. He got injured after that and then he was discarded from Odis. Shami can be expensive but he can get you wicket even on super flat/patta pitches. Still remember that 2013 odi final against Australia on a super flat chinnaswamy pitch, where he was knocking the stumps, and every one else were getting smashed.
  5. Khaleel is a trundler now, not the same bowler who clocked 148 ks in domestic. Whoever responsible for changing his action should be punished. Be it Zaheer Khan or Bharat Arun.
  6. Kab Mera khaleel 140 marega.
  7. True. The same khawaja , Shaun Marsh and Mitchel marsh scored centuries for fun in the last ashes .
  8. Well in those days, there were no speed guns. So no proof. But waqar of 1989-1993 look visibly quicker than waqar of 1998-2003.
  9. I don't think Wasim was express. More like fast medium, but waqar was fast. I have videos of 1999 of him bowling at 135-143 ks, so in early 90s he must be 140-150 ks bowler
  10. Bumrah was bowling 131-138, then suddenly started bowling yorker/full deliveries @145 - 149 ks in that over to Hazlewood. just show he can crank it up when ever required.
  11. which is good too. Googly should be a surprise delivery.
  12. It is because of the rain and overcast conditions, which is not allowing the pitch to break.
  13. Lol ,Reminds me how bumrah hit elgar on the helmet, and umpires thought it was because of the pitch.

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