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  1. Insidious

    What a boring World Cup

    As of now this wc is much better than 2015 and 2007 wc.
  2. No. Jasprit bumrah is.
  3. Kohli is comfortably inferior to all of them when it comes to world cup.
  4. Insidious

    Kohli's form - A concern?

    Hopeless gone
  5. Lazy Motu Sharma. Why is he in slip.
  6. Bhuvi has pathetic records against south African batsman. They just love his trundling.
  7. I wish Dekock smash this trundler Kumar so much, that he would never play again. Does not matter if we lose the match because of this.
  8. Watching Archer's bowling, I just wonder why the hell we don't have saini in the team, who was even quicker than Archer in Ipl!? But instead we have Bhuvi Kumar, world worst Frontline bowler ever.
  9. Jofra Archer's action is just as effortless as Michael Holding's.
  10. Martin Crowe was incredible. Strike rate of 90+ and average of 114 way back in 1992. Incredible even by today's standards.
  11. Which would be a tragedy since with an inferior line up we reached semifinals last time.

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