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  1. urnotserious

    Last 2 tests will be in true English conditions

    Why wont we bring in Bhuvi in place of Pandya?
  2. You should stick to your own advice and band Pakistan based on it.
  3. You're right, Pakistani aren't our competition in anything. Be it cricket or life in general. Just for good measure, combined market caps of top 5 Indian companies alone is larger than the ENTIRE GDP of Pakistan. That's every single paisa earned by every single person in Paktown. LOL. Now, you nikal.
  4. Well we have, Pakistanis however still cheating, spot fixing, taking drugs and bottle capping. LOL.
  5. Chepauk 1999. Nothing will ever come this close. Virat's 100 in the second innings in Australia recently is a distant second.
  6. Why not just have a list instead of a video filled with just pictures? This impacts negatively towards Youtube user experience. Probably not as much as clickbait titles but it still does. This feels like a powerpoint presentation without having the ability to click through it quickly.
  7. urnotserious

    Smith will not appeal against the ban

    Well at least he apologized, look at all the other killers and how we have forgiven them. Remember our soldiers kill enemies so essentially they're killers too. Smith is a soldier, my heart goes out to them. Boo hoo hoo. - gollum et al.
  8. Just shows you the unity of over a billion people. You don't want none of this Pakistani.
  9. urnotserious

    Lets get it straight - Ball tampering is NOT a big crime

    This is why ICC needs to be the governing body and ban these cheaters for a whole year. No actions from their particular boards needed. Whether you(or I) think this will curb future behavior is merely an opinion. But one thing is for sure that it WILL curb this behavior for Smith and Bancroft...at least for a year. LOL. Problem solved. You still havent responded to this:
  10. urnotserious

    Lets get it straight - Ball tampering is NOT a big crime

    So you agree that they did lie. And they should've banned Afridi then, Faf later just like they did Smith now. You're clamoring for leniency while I'm saying the opposite. This will help in the future.
  11. urnotserious

    Lets get it straight - Ball tampering is NOT a big crime

    They accepted it AFTER they were caught AND they tried to lie. Remember that black piece of cloth that Bancroft pulled out to avoid pulling out the sand paper? That is NOT accepting. You are living in alternate reality. That is the problem with your chain of thoughts.
  12. urnotserious

    Lets get it straight - Ball tampering is NOT a big crime

    1. They didn't "accept" their crime. We saw it, they lied, hid it, lied some more and we told them nuh uh, you *ing liar. Then they cried about how they were lying. None of your other drivel matters until you answer MY question now. Are you in the future, going to be OK with a captain taking this(ball tampering) as a calculated risk knowing that the penalty is just a slap on the wrist? Using a low level, about to be left off the team player(such as Bancroft/Unadkat) to alter the ball significantly in a world cup knockout stage? Then gain reverse swing, win the game, get caught and then still progress on to the next level when the only player banned is someone like a Bancroft/Unadkat?
  13. urnotserious

    Lets get it straight - Ball tampering is NOT a big crime

    1. Dont have any guarantees, we never do. Just probabilities, if the penalties are harsh the probability of someone cheating is lower. 2. Don't know why you included this point, I am very much against this point where they only get a match ban and demerit points. 3. Pak were tampering(if they were) because they knew the penalty for it is a match. Let's ban any player caught for a year and that should help if not take care of the problem entirely.
  14. urnotserious

    Lets get it straight - Ball tampering is NOT a big crime

    The reasoning is simple, I don't want players to use tampering as some sort of a calculated risk in high profile games knowing that the penalty for doing so is only a slap on the wrist. Dont want a scenario where Australia scores 240 odd in a World cup semi finals and then takes a chance by tampering the ball to gain some unfair edge because they know that at worst they'll only get a slap on the wrist. DGAF about what happened prior to this, only care about what happens from now on. Simple enough for you to understand as to why I support cricket Australia's stance in this?
  15. urnotserious

    Lets get it straight - Ball tampering is NOT a big crime

    Fixing the ball to win a match is akin to fixing a match. Neither guarantee you a win in the game, one just gives you a better chance. Slightly. And you're completely ignoring the problem AFTER the penalty where if its just a slap on the wrist then illegal tampering will be used as a calculated risk in games that matter given that if caught all they'll get is a 3 or 5 match ban. Totally worth the ban.

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