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  1. urnotserious

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Give up? This is international cricket and not county or domestic. If you aren't ready with pace, line, length and fitness you aren't worthy of a spot. Get out and make room for someone that can do at least one of those things better than you. If not for line and length we at least bowlers who can bowl at a better pace. They should get a spot over him. This isn't the 70s, dibbly dobbly bowlers aren't welcome.
  2. urnotserious

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    And Starc and Steyn and any bowler these days. At least finish your thought!
  3. urnotserious

    taken to the cleaners

    This is international cricket, the highest level. Come prepared to bowl, bowl well or go home and we'll find someone else. That simple really.
  4. Tino Best? More like Tino not so good, amirite? He just feeds off of anything racial. Even fake stories like these.
  5. urnotserious

    Ishant sharma bowls shyte

    People that are over 6 ft 3 inches are 0.00001% of the population how come they always seem to end up on our team? Srinath, Prasad, Kuruvila, Ishant, Ashwin(?) I know, tall people priority pass lobby!!!
  6. urnotserious

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Khaleel clocking in fast at 117K last ball of his second over. Quickly dispatched over cover for four, he looks confused.
  7. Why the make up? At least choose a filter that does not make you look like a transexual. My lord guys, success is like handing a monkey a gun.
  8. Yeah, he can use that role model somewhere in the Ranjis. We have enough trundlers in the international line up in Bhuvi. Khaleel isn't needed, hopefully they pack up his bags and show him the door.
  9. urnotserious

    Australia vs India 2018: 2nd T20I, Melbourne

    WTF are you talking about? He went for 40 in four overs at trundling pace on a very helpful pitch. On a flat pitch he is sure to go for 50 to 60, if they allow him to bowl all four overs. He is barely a Ranji class bowler much less international class. He needs to be put back on a plane to India ASAP unless he finds another 15K to add to his pace.
  10. That's what we need. 5 Bhuvis dibbly dobblying at 120Ks. GTFO Khaleel. We have Shami, Umesh, Mavi, Porel, Nagarkotti etc. etc. etc. to play and try out instead of your bullshit flighted spinners. I'm starting to hate this guy.
  11. urnotserious

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Alright time to end this stupid Khaleel experiment and back to one trundler in Bhuvi per game.
  12. urnotserious

    Australia vs India 2018: 2nd T20I, Melbourne

    Khaleel bowls at 125K an hour, why should he be given any more chances? At that pace even if he bowls the best line and length any cricketer has EVER bowled, he is going to go for runs because batsman are going to line him up and hit in Twenty20. Especially if its a wicket without any bite. If he is ready for international cricket, then bowl like an international cricketer and not the dobblies that he kept hurling last match. We have other options, we should choose them instead. Now that Indian team has chosen him, here's to hoping he goes for 50 or 60 or 80 in 4 overs so they get their collective heads out of the sand and realize that this is a fast bowler's game. Stop experimenting with these trundlers that you cannot even depend to bowl their quota of 4 overs like we couldn't with Bhuvi and Khaleel in the last match.
  13. urnotserious

    Australia vs India 2018: 2nd T20I, Melbourne

    Hope we replace spinners Bhuvi and Khaleel with actual fast bowlers.
  14. urnotserious

    We need Aaron and Bumrah together in all formats

    Sorry, we dont have time for "teething problems" at this level. In India they get enough exposure to pressure and talent to get rid of those. If his way of experimenting is bowling 125K then we don't want that. On top of that its boring to watch. Cricket is a sport and all its supposed to be is entertainment, Khaleel and Bhuvi bore the crap out of me. There is absolutely nothing exciting about watching them trundle in. Absolutely nothing. Shastri and others are doing a disservice to cricket by keeping these super boring bowlers with a low ceiling into the line up. I wish India would take a page out of American sports, even at university level they want players ready to compete. If they aren't good enough they are replaced immediately. We try to fit the team to the player when it should be the other way around. There should be a bare minimum expectation of a fast bowler to bowl around mid 140Ks if you can't do that then maybe cricket isn't your sport. At least at the international level. Beard growing maybe a better sport for Khaleel?

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