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  1. LOL. I get your sarcasm but Saini is different than any and all fast bowlers that we've had. He is about 10 km/h faster than any you've mentioned. Consistently. If there was ever a case for a bowler to be fast tracked in India, this is it.
  2. I don't think anyone disagrees that there are bad guys everywhere. But would you say that Germany has lost their ground on morality if Hitler was on their currency? Winston Churchill, the same guy who was responsible for straight up murdering millions of Indians appears on English currency. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/currency/10020432/Sir-Winston-Churchill-to-appear-on-new-5-banknote.html This debunks your myth of how Churchill isn't popular or at least reviled in the UK. And a country that praises the murderer of millions of Indians is not a country that I or any other self respecting Indian should like. Not sure why you cannot parse the difference in "there are bad guys everywhere" vs this country praises Hitler. Or we could just forget about it like you suggest. Don't think so, * Churchill and * the racist colonial two faced we didn't do anything but will have Churchill our currency Brits.
  3. Not all English consider him to be a hero but an overwhelming majority do. Churchill was the reason behind the deaths of millions of Indians. So it makes sense why someone from India would hate him. And before you say "some" people find him to be great, stop. You are wrong. There are monuments built in his name all over the UK. Here's a BBC article claiming or asking if he was the GREATEST BRIT: https://www.bbc.com/timelines/z363gk7 Your racist Indian analogy is nowhere close to this. Racist Indians did not cause the death of millions of English. So its OK to dislike those racist assholes, hating them does not make sense. An analogy here would be if you had a certain sect of Germany finding Hitler popular. Do you think the Jews would find those people to be hateful? You're trying too hard here. Take the loss and move on.
  4. OK. A couple questions: So what are your views on the English considering Churchill a hero? How would you feel about a certain sect of Germans if they considered Hitler a hero?
  5. So if my grandfather stole a picture frame from your grandfather, we both know it occurred. You ask for it back as its just a picture frame and I decline to give it back. Does that not make me an asshole?
  6. Emotional about how they still have our artifacts? Emotional about how they still deny atrocities committed by Churchill the asshole and consider him a hero? This isn't their ancestors doing it. Its the current generation. I don't dislike them because they ruled India, I dislike them because in one instance they claim to be fervent supporters and beacon of light when it comes to freedom and free will while at the same time quite hypocritically claim colonization is/was great and Churchill is a hero. I'm assuming that you live in England, which would explain your let's forget about it K? Routine.
  7. Its obvious that you have a very limited view and knowledge of history, economics and impact of policies that were inflicted upon the subcontinent which has claimed millions of lives even after their departure. Not to mention there are hundreds of thousands, maybe more british assholes who think that colonialism was a positive for India. You can move on because you live in a fantasy world made up of ignorance, while the rest of us will try and hold the ones responsible accountable for their actions OR the ones who are enjoying the fruits of those said actions and now claiming as if everything was in the past and now it should be forgotten.
  8. Did Nazis steal your ancient artifacts and today's Germans are holding it today claiming them to be rightfully theirs? Brits TODAY, as in this day of July 15th 2019 are doing so. So no, it isn't wrong to call those thieves, thieves. And hating thieves isn't wrong. We won't even talk about the wealth transfer which has allowed Britain of the past to flourish and today's generation to enjoy the fruits of that wealth.
  9. Today, everyone gets hit by power hitters. Rabada was a flop in the WC, Archer got tonked for 15 yesterday and Starc went for 73 against us. Just because they may get hit is no reason to call them average or below average when even the very best are leaking runs. No more testing Saini. If he is bowling 150+, he should be in the team over Bhuvi or Shami. Period. There are maybe 8-10 bowlers in the world ATM bowling at that pace, why should we waste him on these "A" matches. But guess what, that's exactly what we'll do and then bring him in when he is hurt or post injury, bowling in low 140s and claim he was never any good. Stupid Indian selectors.
  10. Its not silly, you tend to hate people that wronged you over others. US is totally fine with England while despised the Germans. English were Nazis for India, why would it be wrong to hate them? * the Brits!
  11. urnotserious

    Reports of violence by Afghanistan fans

    Its not biased its the truth. You are allowed to voice this opinion on this board, I was banned on the Pakistani boards for saying Virat is a better captain than Imran. Pakistanis are intolerant in general.
  12. urnotserious

    Hardik and his short balls

    LOL. Ambrose didn't bowl any faster than 140s. Same as Hardik. Bounce =/= pace.
  13. urnotserious

    Pakistan team is in tatters

    Here's the problem guys, Pakistan looks for two things: Jazba A player must have one of these words in their names: Ahmed, Ali, Akhtar, Akmal, Riaz, Imran, Musthaq, Mohammed, Aamir, Mahmood, Haq, Malik and Khan.(Bonus if you have two: you get to come back to the team if even if you are a convicted felon). If you don't qualify for the two things above, you will not be selected. Which leaves out a lot of tailunt in the gully cricket. Oh and they must be able to recite Dil dil Pakistan!
  14. urnotserious

    Pakistan team is in tatters

    Yes, just like dangerious. No englis speak you?
  15. urnotserious

    Time to accept that Cummins is better than Bumrah

    His team still beat your team, Pakistani.

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