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  1. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Thanks for compiling these and putting them in with some context. Appreciate it!
  2. Michael Holding talking about cricket and T20

    The interviewer is so giddy, its cringeworthy.
  3. What next for India?

    Meh...college football is so so so much better. Especially if you can go to those games.
  4. Yadav's average is faster than Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Ambrose, Walsh, Donald, even Waqar and many others that were known to be out and out fast bowlers. Not sure what you mean when you say that his classification of a fast bowler is inaccurate.
  5. Virat Kohli is Donald Trump of world sport: Ben Horne

    And Ben Horne is Alex Jones of the "journalist" world. In case ICF fans you didn't know who this was, here's a nugget from Alex Jones the idiot:
  6. Wade Asks Jadeja What Does M****Ch** means?

    If only Siva/Manju would stop talking at these poignant moments. Let the game do the talking, of course not.
  7. Umesh Yadav the best India pacer: Rodney Hogg

    Anyone who hates on Umesh needs to watch him bowl right now. His reverse swing is making batting look difficult on a docile pitch for fast bowlers.
  8. Aniket Chaudhary ,Left arm fast bowler

    Why does he look like my uncle already? And I'm 37.
  9. Already ahead of Imran Khan. In half the number of matches. Let that sink in for a moment.
  10. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    But they're not muscular guys. I'm talking about something like Yadav. Athletes that graduate from high school in the US come in under weight like we have in the Ranji. They then spend the summer or what they call a "red shirt" year learning the position they play and simultaneously strength train. If they're a running back they go from 6' 180 lbs to 210 lbs pure muscle within a year. I'm not sure why this isn't incorporated in cricket. Why is it that still the likes of Amit Mishra, Raina, Ashwin and other unfit "athletes" considered to be part of a national team. Strength training needs to be a part and parcel whether you're a fast bowler, batsman(especially power hitters) or spinners.
  11. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Can we have a strength and conditioning coach involved with Indian cricket? Every Ranji team should have one like they do in college (American) football. These players would add 15-20 lbs of muscle in 3 months and his 140 kph deliveries would at the very least be 145 kph due to addition of that muscle. I am just amazed that cricket as a sport do not have that concept.
  12. 8 overs 56 for nothing. Doesn't matter how anyone spins it, its terrible. If Yadav had the same numbers, you'd be touting how Bhuvi would've done better. Well, Bhuvi sucks too, at least with Umesh we have an option to hit the opposition back.
  13. You clearly aren't a better bowler based on your topic. You need another 15 years. See ya!
  14. Umesh Yadav : An enigma

    Lol. Let's talk about these bowlers on pitches like Australia against batsmen who know how to play pace. Amir in Australia, 7 matches 24 wickets at 36.50 and 66 strike rate Wahab in Australia 3 matches 11 wickets at 36.36 and 54 strike rate Yadav in Australia 7 matches 25 wickets at 43.96 and 56.7 strike rate Wahab and Amir are "better" a fallacy. They're average bowlers who just like your Ws, Imran and Akthar have not helped you win a game in Australia in 35 years. Or let you draw against them. India on the other hand drew 2 games the last time they were there.
  15. I think the OP should quit ICF for a while. And by while, I mean forever.

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