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  1. Will they not be playing longer version of the game in Ranji? Bowling on dustbowls without help is better than playing in SA/AUS/Eng with the Indian team? Come on man.
  2. Wasn't the case for Imran Khan, Akram, Nazir etc etc. Bowling fast stays with bowlers for a short amount of time, if you wait too long they might lose it. If they're bowling fast and are even slightly polished, we should use them right away before they burn out.
  3. Too young? 18 isn't too young to play test cricket when you're talented. With these guys on South African or Australian pitches as second attack bowlers to Shami/BK/Bumrah/Yadav/Sharma they wouldn't always be bowling 20 overs. Also given that they're(at least Kotti) out and out fast, we'll probably have Ashwin and Pandya/part timer taking most of the load.
  4. They should both be drafted in to the national squad for tests and be a part of rotation. Immediately. Before the coaches have the time to "coach" them up and ruin them. They're about as polished as they come.
  5. Do you mean like when you add up the speeds of ALL his deliveries in an over?
  6. You were the one who claimed that the speed guns are over reporting. Why don't you prove it if thats the case instead of repeating "do some reading". How about you show us how you are arriving at your half assed result claiming to be gospel.
  7. People are asking the wrong questions. Who's the one interviewing him? That's what I'm interested in.
  8. Jasprit Bumrah becomes 2nd fastest Indian to 50 ODI wickets

    LOL. He's faster and can actually swing the ball without corkery. 148K > Waqar trundlers.
  9. Jasprit Bumrah becomes 2nd fastest Indian to 50 ODI wickets

    I hope he isn't India's Waqar, Waqar used to get whooped in important matches and did well against the minnows in inconsequential ones.
  10. On Indian pitches, probably any 3rd seamer is a struggle but so is the first seamer like Bhuvi. Elsewhere? He's fine.
  11. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    He's definitely beating a lot of them with his pace.
  12. Indian team for T20 series against Australia . Pura KLPD ho gaya

    Nehra? Why not just pick Subash Gupte and Kapil Dev?
  13. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    Is PCB still using blackberry to record games? Maybe they should try iPhone 5s now.
  14. Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Thanks for compiling these and putting them in with some context. Appreciate it!
  15. Michael Holding talking about cricket and T20

    The interviewer is so giddy, its cringeworthy.

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