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  1. A lot of cricketers cheat on their wives. So many times, they would have lost count. Not saying its ok but its what it is.
  2. Karthik vs Saha

    Very very uncharacteristic of vvvs. Asking for Karthik as wk in tests is like asking for Rohit the batsman in tests.
  3. Karthik vs Saha

    Cos he sucks. Seen him drop catches.
  4. Karthik vs Saha

    Karthik is an awful keeper.
  5. Most memorable was Kanitkar's 4 because of the amazing game it was. Most impressive was Karthik's 6 (amazing cameo filled with proper shots). Most intelligent was Dhoni's 6. His calculations and strategic thinking in that game was OUT OF THE WORLD. I am going to go with Dhoni's 6 (because of how he planned it all out).
  6. KKD hatsoff

    DK always had the talent but kept underachieving. Also had a choker tag on him. What a way to comeback into the Indian team. One of the best ever T20 knocks. That too in finals. Don't think he will last long in Indian team due to his inconsistency but i don't mind him in place of Dhoni.
  7. Kohli's besties rewarded with category A+ pay deals

    The lack of critical thinking by our thick tank is mind boggling. Just mindless application of rules. The only reason Rohit and Dhawan got A+ contract is because they are in the test squad which itself is a questionable decision. Dhawan as backup opener is ok but Rohit is an awful pretender of a test batsman. Chances are high that these two may not have a test career in a year or two and will be downgraded. Ashwin and Jaddu are far more all format players than those two. Don't mind them getting A category but giving A+ for these two bats looks bad. It's not about the money but status. Not sure Bumrah and Bhuvi have proven themselves to be given A+ but I can understand them getting being all format players.
  8. Time to get Jadeja back in the ODI mix

    Best approach. Ashwin and Jaddu were allowed to get comfortable. Hence their cowardly bowling in CT 2017 where they darted hopelessly.
  9. Guess if this is a batsman or a bowler?

    I opened a thread to discuss this exact issue before the SA series. Pandya needs to be a pure bat or bowler to have a test career. His domestic first class batting stats ain't flattering. Average of 30 right? Also Bhuvi Bumrah Pandya is not a ODI pace attack that can win tourneys. Chokes can happen anytime. Bumrah is solid. Bhuvi can be hit or miss in Odis. Pandya is just there to fill up overs
  10. Ashwin most likely to lead Kings X1

    Haha. I never understood that logic. Before that Manan Vohra.
  11. Ashwin most likely to lead Kings X1

    I thought kings xi has a really decent team. You don't think so?
  12. Ashwin most likely to lead Kings X1

    Has led TN to Vijay hazard trophy victory before he was selected to play for India. Could have led TN to another victory 2 years back if not for his wannabe Bmac style field placing to gift a winnable game to Gujarat in semis.
  13. K11P Playing 11

    Andrew Tye is a must. If he flops, it will hurt Kings xi chances a lot.
  14. K11P Playing 11

    Mayank in form is a solid solid T20 bat. I rate him a lot. May not be consistent but an awesome bat in zone. I would back him more than Nair in T20s. Let's see: Finch KL Rahul (wk) Mayank Nair/Miller Yuvi Stonis Axar Ashwin Tye Rajpoot/Sran/Afghan spinner Mohit Batting is solid. Pace bowling section is weak. Even with 3 foreigners, a good team is built. Then you have Miller and the Afghan spinner who can be added anywhere depending on the pitch.

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