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  1. Comedy flows (fellows).
  2. Oh just shut up Langer.
  3. Too many condition based bullies in our team. That's the problem. Playing home tests in one cycle and overseas tests in another is the main reason why we are in this state. This type of chewtiyapa scheduling allows our players to solidify their spots, influence public perception and lure our management into thinking that they will go on to deliver in all conditions.
  4. sensible-indian

    Does India need Pandya for England test series?

    Not a fan.
  5. sensible-indian

    Virat Kohli vs Lokesh Rahul - which camp are you in?

    Talent wise Rahul looks mesmerising. Watching him bat is far more fun. That's for sure. Let's hope he does justice to his ability.
  6. sensible-indian

    Rohit vs Rahul as opener

    I don't feel confident with that lineup. Rohit and Karthik are chokers. Pandya is hit or miss. Pant is explosive. Will blast opposition or get out. Pant needs some reliable middle order controllers. Sadly we are going to 2019 wc very ill prepared.
  7. sensible-indian

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Hopefully will become the best batsman in the world in all 3 formats.
  8. sensible-indian

    Is coaching an IPL team more lucrative than a national side?

    The real question is how does Vettori keep getting coaching contracts in various leagues inspite of massively underperforming? He is the true legend.
  9. sensible-indian

    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    What's wrong with this psycho?
  10. sensible-indian

    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    3 ipl titles inspite of playing 2 years lesser than MI. Most consistent team gotta say.
  11. sensible-indian

    Is Shane Watson the greatest overseas match winner in IPL history

    Lends incredible balance to any team. How did RCB manage to screw him up is something i wont understand.
  12. sensible-indian

    We are the champions [ 2018 ] !!!

    Unbelievable. I thought csk wont even qualify. They ended up winning the cup. Damn.
  13. sensible-indian

    Indian spinners 2018 IPL

    Markhande stats post first few games arent great. Chahal was impactful. Kuldeep started off poor but made it up in the end with great performances. Chahal and Kuldeep are rightfully our 2 best LOI spinners these days.
  14. sensible-indian

    How much more it has to be clearer for Indian selectors?

    Yet our selectors selected him for T20I. Geniuses.
  15. sensible-indian

    Rahane has learnt nothing from 2016 t20WC SF?

    Rahane sucks. Pathetic joke of a batsman. Hated him when he played for RPS. Its not Rahane who has learnt nothing, its our bootlicking incompetent selectors who didn't. Glad IPL exposed those scam artists.

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