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  1. sensible-indian

    Is MSD currently worst ODI batsman among top 9 countries?

    Weren't people posting stats about him averaging 50+ in ODIs in the last year or two, just a few months back? How did the stats get so bad so fast?
  2. Only if the youngsters like to toss salads.
  3. sensible-indian

    This team won't even draw a SENA series for next 10 years

    No. Play 2 match test series and draw all overseas series. But our ill luck is that we win only the 3rd match so 2 match series will result in whitewashes everywhere. So u r right. 3 test match series. Win last test. Chest thump. Fly off to play next overseas series.
  4. sensible-indian

    Let rahul open in Asia cup as well

    Who the fug cares about Asia Cup?
  5. sensible-indian

    Post Mortem of Pataudi Trophy

    Only summary that is needed: We looked like we could screw England. But they somehow weaved out of it and managed to sodomize us. Hard. We fly back to India with a bruised ego and an even more bruised "you know what". Meanwhile Shastri was heard telling the world: "This team has managed to experience what Indian teams of the last 15 years couldn't even imagine to do. This shows character and willpower."
  6. As someone in his infinite wisdom once said: Eternal chewt.
  7. sensible-indian

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    He tossed some salads.
  8. sensible-indian

    Overloaded scheduling affecting performances?

    Stop following Indian cricket.
  9. sensible-indian

    Why is no body blaming the BCCI?

    Some ppl after seeing some success started posting that cricketers at this level dont need coaching but motivation and Shastri is a good coach cos he is producing results.
  10. sensible-indian

    Why Axar is always picked in ODIs ahead of Sir Jadeja?

    Jaddu will outbowl Axar anytime in ODIs.
  11. Bhajji is 100% right. If anything he is being measured cos he doesn't want to appear jealous. Plus when you hav won the battle (no one is going to rate Ashwin ahead of Bhajji until he does something overseas), you dont hav to go overboard. Bhajji is actually being pretty kind to Ashwin, whatever be the motive.

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