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  1. So if umpire wrongly gives Pujara out, he can stay on the field? Lol Only fans were chewtiya. Not Pujara.
  2. sensible-indian

    Should ICF arm chair pundits say sorry to Shastri?

    Yes. 130-6 before Kallis and Boucher got the total up to 300 if I remember correctly.
  3. sensible-indian

    Should ICF arm chair pundits say sorry to Shastri?

    Being at the right place at the right time does wonders. But then history is written by winners and Shastri will go down as the coach who helped us win a series in Aus. Back in 2010 end, Dhoni seemed like an invincible captain in tests. Number 1 ranking and an ALMOST win in SA series (only because of a screw up by our inept bowlers). People used call Dhoni a brilliant tactician even in tests and used to cite the home game where he populated the offside with fielders to induce an Aussie collapse. What happened next is there for everyone to see. Not saying same will happen to Shastri as this is a young team with the greatest bowling attack in its history. Truth can be a mysterious thing. If people think Shastri is the reason why we won the series in Aus, more power to them. Ironically, this guy almost ended the career of the VERY GUY who has helped us win this iconic series. Still at the end of the day, results talk and BS walks. I suppose. So congrats to fans and Shastri.
  4. sensible-indian

    Pant 2 , MSD 0 - num of test centuries outside Asia

    @mancalledsting @Laaloo So stating facts about Dhoni results in downvotes?
  5. sensible-indian

    Pant 2 , MSD 0 - num of test centuries outside Asia

    Dhoni was good in England. Even in 2014 tour. Missed out on a century because no one stuck with him.
  6. You raise a valid point Adi but there's also another factor which we may have to consider, which I will talk about in a sec. 2004 Adelaide, 2010 SL, 387 vs Eng were all quality. High quality stuff. The 250 which was chased against NZ in 2012 was done due to Kohli, Dhoni with Pujara chipping in. Not Fab 4. The 270 vs WI was due to utterly shambolic performance against a weak team. We shouldn't have been chasing that much at all. Even the 2008 England match pitch was flat as hell and it was really poor performance to even get to the stage where we needed 387 to win the game. Now coming back to the factor, the current team barely has chased anything in Asia because they would pound oppositions so much that there would be little or no target left to chase. In Asia, the only time we got a decent target to chase was against SL on a Galle turner and our bats had no clue how to chase it down. Apart from that, I can't remember a time when we got any sizable total to chase in Asia. Outside Asia, yes we have been CHOKING real bad and that's got to do with horrible selections where we handicap ourselves . Plus our bats as a lineup aren't as good as the Fab 4 outside Asia. For all the prowess of Fab 4, they couldn't chase down 120 runs in WI in 1994 to win a historic series against a bloody strong team. On a tough pitch, even the Fab 4 has its issues. And modern day outside Asia pitches were very tough on the 4th innings the last year or so.
  7. I think it will come down to who scores more in the first innings. Fab 4 once crumbled against Afridi on a Day 5 pitch. Saqlain picked 4 5fers on a trot against that lineup and the test we won in that series was due to an amazing knock by Sadagopan Ramesh. Fab 4 are incredibly skilled and will humiliate the modern spinners on flatties but they aren't that clutch as a lineup to do great in Day 4/5 (talking as a whole tho Laxman was clutch). On a Day 4/5 track where its turning, Ashwin/Jaddu/Kuldeep will end up ripping through that lineup. The one player whom they won't be able to do anything will be Sehwag but then they will just hope for Sehwag to throw his wicket away which he invariably will do..especially in 3rd and 4th innings. --- One thing is for sure.....it will be a great battle. Anything can happen.
  8. The 2017 Aus 2-1 win came when our team was tired and drained as hell after a long home season and one of our spinners injured. Kuldeep played only 1 test in that test. Opposition had spent a month in Dubai preparing to play spin and they tackled us well. Plus O Keefe happened. The stuff this team did in Bangalore 2017 was crazy amazing. It was a win powered through SHEER WILL POWER where even Rahane fought tooth and nail against great spin bowling on a tough pitch. Of course that was NOTHING compared to Kolkata 2001 heroics (nothing ever will be) but this team will never get to a situation where its 8 down against Aus at home and it needs a VVS heroics to save them. If THAT bunch of Aussie bowlers can get us 8 down in India and almost win the test, imagine what our 5 bowler attack could do to them on a good day.
  9. Whats the final tally? Can someone post the pic?
  10. On paper, the 2000 Indian team must thrash the current team in India. But in a real fight, I think our current team will win or atleast the run that team close. Current Indian spinners know how to use the SG ball. So there won't be a Murali situation. Plus the whole team is clutch as hell in India. 2000 Indian team were never this dominating at home in the last decade. Bumrah-Shami-Ashwin-Jaddu-Kuldeep is an insanely relentless attack to face at home. It won't be easy even for the Fab 4 as there won't be any weaklings to target.
  11. sensible-indian

    Indian First Class Cricket thanks you Agarwal

    Yes. Hit his century shot with a skip down the track. Pujara may not hav the most range but his credentials against spin on toughest tracks will make ATGs pale in comparison. Pujara is a bloody good player of spin.
  12. sensible-indian

    Tim Paine To Rishab Pant on the Stump Mic

    This is some high level quality trolling by Tim Paine.

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