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  1. sensible-indian

    Ranvir Singh is annoying and obnoxious

    I cant agree more. Beyond irritating.
  2. sensible-indian

    Msd Odi average watch

    I think he is talking about tests. From 56.7 or so in tests, it dropped to 53.xx Should have ideally retired after 2011 Aus tour. Or at worst 2012 NZ home tour.
  3. Cricket ain't linear or straightforward or whatever you want to call it. Sachin conquered Steyn while he floundered against Anderson. Indian team if it plays Ranji or Vijay Hazare may not necessarily win the trophy. I have seen Vinay Kumar dismantle peak Vijay with ease.
  4. sensible-indian

    India team new culture

    Joke of a team really.
  5. sensible-indian

    IND v WI | 3rd ODI | Pune | 27th October 1.30 PM |

    5 down? Lol. 3 down. Top 3 down. Game over.
  6. sensible-indian

    Is Kohli closest to Don Bradman in terms of dominance?

    Ghanta his career was short. Career spanned 20 years. War snatched a few prime years but he still came back and scored great.
  7. sensible-indian

    India Test squad for #AUSvIND -

    Selectors have raped fans so many times that it doesn't even hurt anymore.
  8. Wheres the recording?
  9. How to influence sheeps? Put atrocious click baity headlines and they will swallow them hook, line and sinker. lol.
  10. So Trump is saying they should have killed and disposed him off in a more efficient way?
  11. sensible-indian

    Ravi Ashwin disappointed at being left out of the ODI squad

    Title is bad. People not even reading the article and commenting are worse. lmao.
  12. Kohli is a good leader. Awful captain. In LOI, Kohli is atrocious.
  13. sensible-indian

    Important to ensure Rahul's mind is not clouded - Sanjay Bangar

    Rahul has to take personal responsibility.
  14. Shastri is that kind of guy who will even chest thump for the achievements of Sharmaji ka beta and take credit for being their neighbour.

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