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  1. sensible-indian

    How do you describe this inning - 37 (59) when RRR is over 15?

    Obviously Dhoni. Finished the match for England.
  2. sensible-indian

    How do you describe this inning - 37 (59) when RRR is over 15?

    Wat nonsense u tolking. It's THAILAAAAAAAAAAAA special. Singam da.
  3. Kuldeep bowling well but both dismissed batsmen have been very unlucky.
  4. Dont think we hav a front view replay yet. Check hotstar for tnpl highlights.
  5. Yes. Seemed to bowl like a proper offie last test. Time will tell what he does in England.
  6. Check at 8.38 Interestingly cricinfo commentary missed it but cricbuzz picked it up. For more wickets, check TNPL replays. All his 5 wickets (right handers) were from carrom I think.
  7. Chewtiya Gavi. Tired of these idiots.
  8. Not sure if you guys are following this but Ashwin's new delivery is a killer. It's a carrom ball bowled with an offspinner's action. He did pick up a wicket using that in the Afghanistan test. I think being out of the team and a lacklustre IPL has knocked sense into him as far as LOI bowling is concerned. He has gone back to the old action using as much body into his delivery as he can. Needs to be out of the LOI team for a while longer and perform his way back into the side. With this new delivery that aligns with his core action, he has a chance to become the 3rd spinner for India in LOIs sometime in the future. Got a good start in TNPL picking up 5 wickets in 2 games. Needs to focus on accuracy and practice flighting more in LOI. I think his carroms will confuse English bats this summer.
  9. So much disrespect to Jaddu. He has outperformed Ashwin in the last 1.5 years. Performed on super flat tracks. Ideally we should make all 3 spinners play warm ups and picked based on performance. My ideal choice is 5 bowlers with both Ash and Jaddu for first 2 tests. Then you take a call based on performance. If Kuldeep is unplayable in warm ups, then pick your best 2 spinners.
  10. sensible-indian

    Should we groom Mayank Markande as surprise weapon for WC19!

    Why dont they show rev stats in matches? I saw it during Ashes 2013 in England.
  11. How good is Kuldeep in first class? I saw him in a day night game where he was amazing. Gave away runs but just ran through the batting order. In another day night game, he was carted around ruthlessly while Jaddu picked a 10fer.
  12. Haha. Max Chahal. Rohit is done.
  13. He will be there i suppose. Jaddu getting axed will be most unfair.
  14. http://www.newindianexpress.com/sport/cricket/2018/jul/07/ravindra-jadeja-unlikely-will-ravichandran-ashwin-board-flight-to-england-1839490.html

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