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  1. sensible-indian

    Today's Analysis

    Shouldn't that be we don't give two hoots?
  2. That's why India is losing. Damn.
  3. Kohli is more hated for selecting Pandya and playing with just 2 pacers.
  4. You first tell me why you hate him so much? Lol
  5. Pack up and leave guys. Its ocer. Need a Broadesque spell to even hav a 5% chance.
  6. Just saw another one created.
  7. sensible-indian

    When will we get rid of Ishant Sharma?

    Last 3 years averages 27 or something. So never. Lol.
  8. sensible-indian

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    You misunderstood. He will explain.
  9. sensible-indian

    If not Kohli , who should be test captain?

    And for god's sake, give freedom to commies. I don't even listen to our commies analysis cos it will be mostly praise with mild criticism. When you are not honest or made to act diplomatic, your praise means nothing.
  10. sensible-indian

    If not Kohli , who should be test captain?

    Ashwin. But Ashwin can't become one cos that would seal a single spinner slot. So all in all... YOU ARE SCREWED MUTHAF.... First remove Shastri. Clip legendary kaptan's power. Then we can discuss rest. This team management is unprofessional as heck.
  11. sensible-indian

    India currently has best bowling line up in world

    Didn't laugh at you, my friend. If it came out that way, I apologize. Just find moods wildly fluctuating in forum. Post 2015, we have mostly played in Asia and WI, barring 1 series in SA. In almost every series, 2 bowlers have done most of the damage with the rest having to chip in. When you just have to chip in, you can get stats in 2-40 and end with an average of 20. But when you have to lead, that does not necessarily mean you will get 5-100. Moreover, we are YET to play on a flat overseas track with a tinge of life since 2015. SA rolled out some of the most bowler friendly pitches and so the stats there can't be used to make any sweeping calls. Is our attack well rounded? With 3 full time pacers and 2 spinners, I would say yes. But we have to select the right pacers and they have to be consistent. Look at what is happening in the current game. Ashwin isn't able to breakthrough and things look dire on an overcast day in England. Every team in the world has gaping holes in their bowling. No one is perfect. On paper, for all conditions, it might seem India has the least holes (maybe after SA) but when we have gigantic issues of our own, I don't see how academic rating matters here. When we get 3 consistent pacers and play Ash-Jaddu every game....then I think what you are concluding may end up being true.
  12. Batsmen having 1000s of excuses of late. Philander Rabada Ngidi Curran Anderson Woakes lol.
  13. sensible-indian

    Lords Test - Day 3 predictions...

    I suppose this answer is the winner. Ominous signs.

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