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  1. YCCC

    England took 19 Wickets @ Day - Yesterday

    I'm going down to Barbados for the first Test. Love the Windies and have always wanted to go, but fear I wouldn't get many more chances to watch England play Test cricket over there the way WI cricket is going. It's now or never.
  2. Yes Warne the ICC have sanctioned the four day Test against Ireland at Lord's. Now check your facts before opening your gob and * off.
  3. Harsh was almost crying there when Warne was taking the piss
  4. Welcome to the "Countries Who Have Beaten The Convicts In Their Own Backyard" Club. Enjoy
  5. Yep and when you call them up on it they call you a snowflake. No time for Aussies, racists or for his baby boomer generation so happy to stick the boot in wherever
  6. YCCC

    Sir Alastair Cook

    Sports people should not get honours like this but nice to see someone I actually give a crap about getting one rather than some random cyclist or runner or rugby player or whatever. Will be interesting when they announce him coming in to bat at Headingley for Essex next year anyway. Will they call him Sir or not? I say not in protest over "Sir" Geoffrey of Fitzwilliam never getting one!
  7. Nicholas explaining why they didn't run (Azam keeping the strike) like we're *ing stupid and never watched cricket before Condescending twat.
  8. YCCC

    Bang vs WI 3rd T20s - umpire farce lol

    Next time he gives the Bangers a dodgy decision (and it won't be long with this useless/bent/biased twat) Windies should go full Michael Holding in NZ
  9. YCCC

    Aussie fans ready to troll Virat at MCG

    What's a "flog" in non convict language?
  10. YCCC

    Which cricketers hate each other?

    Prior and Warner
  11. Of course I mean the old Surrey before they developed this homegrown team from the many private schools in the area. We're more like Notts now
  12. Shameful and embarrassing as an English fan. We're like an international version of Surrey
  13. It's always just their average spinners though. It's a graveyard for everyone elses
  14. Another "Anderson is ****" thread. Get over yourselves and change the record. Someone actually took the time to look all this up and post it on here. What a fun life they must have.

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