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  1. Pretty well summed up to be fair. The cricketing world struggled with understanding that game so I don't expect Americans to, but that was a pretty good attempt
  2. I get that but why bother smiling, saying good morning as most did to me anyway. I dislike a few people at work and if I see them around the office I ignore them. I dare say a few dislike me back and they too just blank me. I went to 4 India games and not once did I feel anything but warmth and a welcoming atmosphere for the love of cricket. I guess when I hopefully visit India in winter 2020/21 I will have to see what Indians are like at home... Pretty much every Indian I observed was happy and seemed incapable of hating anyone. That is why the Indian social media persona is such a shock to me as it goes against what I have experienced with Indians in all walks of life in the real world
  3. Yes only time I really got angry was with a Sri Lankan fan with a stupid south east England or London accent. Got to my seat at Headingley and he was next to me with a few empty seats the other side of me. He told me to move to one of the spare seats as he wanted some space ("Yeah you get what ahm sayin bruv"). Anyone who knows southerners and Londoners will know they cannot bare the presence of other humans near them, well strangers anyway! I refused, said this is my seat, the others will be taken soon as the match is sold out and that if he's in the north of England he has to learn to deal with contact with strangers. Southern twat! Anyway I went to that game not much caring about the result but ended up cheering every SL wicket and Indian boundary just to piss him off!
  4. They could just ignore us or be rude if they really hate us, no law against that, but they didn't, they chatted and were courteous and polite throughout. Well maybe not the Pakistanis but that's just the way they are. The internet just gives a platform for nutters of all nationalities to speak out. Fortunately true match attending fans are not like that
  5. It won't. Best day of my and every other English cricket fan's life. * football and especially the PL
  6. Thing is I've seen a lot of hatred on social media but been to a lot of games involving asian teams including India and none of them have given off any indication that they hate us. They're either two faced bastards themselves and hide their hatred well, too scared to show it in front of people rather than behind a screen, or they don't hate us at all
  7. Me neither I love Germany and the Germans. Lots of people do hate them though
  8. This India side need to stop choking in semis and finals. Hate to say it as I genuinely have a lot of time for them and most of their fans
  9. When the dust settles you have to feel sorry for NZ but when your team is the one that benefits from some luck you have to be happy. Especially as they've worked so hard for four years
  10. England are world champions and the usual bitter bastards are moaning. Good. * them.
  11. I think I'm still alive. Just.....
  12. Would have had to leave before the super over to catch the train!
  13. Just turned down a late ticket offer from the Barmy Army as my sensible head took over. Would have had to rush to get the last train from Leeds to London at 8pm, then find somewhere to stay, then got back late tomorrow night before a long and busy week at work. Already starting to regret it though
  14. Joking right? Focus for every team after the World Cup should be the new Test Championship thing
  15. YCCC

    Reports of split in Team India

    Every team. Every sport. Usually it's a load of rubbish

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