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  1. YCCC

    Australia vs SA, 1st ODI, Perth

    Commentary is horrific. Constant talking without saying anything insightful. It's not just on the field that the Aussies' standards are slipping. A country that has given us such great cricket commentators has been reduced to this
  2. YCCC

    WC19: Trends and Innovations

    Despite cheerleader Vaughan's best cheerleading skills most English fans expect England to crash when it matters. Don't see any new innovations coming along. What you have now is what you'll get.
  3. Wonder if the Aussies will "crumble" against spin again
  4. Wtf That there is T20 cricket my friends. There's the ashes, The Border Gavaskar, the Wisden Trophy. Then there's this.
  5. YCCC

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    There's a lot to moan about the ECB for but credit where it's due the way they organise selling tickets is excellent. Even if the tickets themselves are expensive. Tickets for all England matches (ex CWC) next sumner are on sale now and sent via email or post. Ashes is through a ballot system. Haven't entered as I already have tickets through Yorkshire membership and having bought tickets for Edgbaston and OT this summer, but haven't heard any complaints about it. Unlike for the WC run by the ICC which has been a disaster I hear. I've been quite lucky compared to others but only England match I managed to get was Afghanistan
  6. Some people say the key to saving cricket is getting China involved. Guess the game is dead. Incidentally my boss is Chinese and he used to play club cricket in Leeds before he had to give up with knee problems. Perhaps I should encourage him to play again. He might get in the China side
  7. YCCC

    Where in UK is this test being shown?

    Shame that. I never trust my internet connection for streaming. Not too fussed about the one sided WI series but would be a shame to miss some bigger series in the future. Maybe they'll introduce a way to watch on TV. Maybe put it on one of the Star channels on Sky. Pak V Aus is on Star Gold tomorrow which is weird as it's an Indian station.
  8. YCCC

    Where in UK is this test being shown?

    Very disappointed with Sky. Seems they're showing hardly any cricket this winter. Just the England matches that I have any interest in. Not interested in SA pumelling zim and certainly not interested in the women's world T20
  9. YCCC

    Favorites of the 2019 WC?? (Poll)

    Aussies are always strong at world cups. The Germany of cricket (yeah I know it could be their Russia 2018 ) And they'll have the cheats back
  10. Doesn't even look like Sky are showing this. When it's the English off season and the only other cricket is SA v Zimbabwe which they are showing.
  11. Wow. Yorkshire attract three times that number for a day of county cricket. Americans don't care for the rest of the world's favourite sports. Just their own which the rest of the world don't care for.
  12. Quota system? Never heard of this in India. Is that an unofficial system rather than the official one passed down by the SA government which I currently making SA teams much less competitive than they should be.
  13. Throw Rishabh Pant and Shaw into the mix and the aforementioned teams might be a little more nervous but not by much. Bowling still looks weak

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