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  1. YCCC

    Foreign players in England squad

    He also leads the national team with dignity and pride. One of the nicest most genuine guys in international cricket
  2. YCCC

    Foreign players in England squad

    Fully agree
  3. YCCC

    Foreign players in England squad

    Boring. Change the record. We may have invented the game but we don't have 1 billion lovers of the game who dream of playing cricket for the national team
  4. Amazing insight. Two of the top three batsmen in the world and one of the most destructive, and the best ODI bowler will have a great tournament. Thanks Nass. Sucking Kohli's cock again as well
  5. Didn't know Tommy Robinson posted on here . Btw we let all our commonwealth "friends" in. It's just European immigrants we don't like (would be the other way round for me but there you go) On another note, I hope "thousands more" (without tickets) do not "flock to the city". Will be bad enough trying to get there as it is without them exacerbating things.
  6. YCCC

    WC2019 Official Theme Song

    Not saying this is any good but seriously what is all the hype about the 2015 one? it was awful! Seen loads of comments mainly from asian folk saying how good it was compared to this. Lyrics were complete nonsense.
  7. I fully expect them to beat us next time we meet at Trent Bridge in the world cup. It would be the most Pakistan and England thing ever.
  8. YCCC

    England vs Pak 3rd ODI

    Actually a block would be more exciting than a six in one day cricket these days. It's such a rare occurrence.
  9. YCCC

    England vs Pak 3rd ODI

    Much rather that than Danny Morrison screaming IT'S A MAXIMUM. THAT'S OUTTA HERE BABY!!!!! in my earhole
  10. You clearly haven't spent much time at Headingley and or watched football at the Kcom Stadium have you Mr Stumped? ;)
  11. Don't know if you are aware but they plan to drop first team 50 over county cricket from next year to fit in their new money making scheme. After four years of transforming their 50 over cricket they are going to drop it just like that. Where they think the next generation will learn the 50 over game I don't know. I suspect the other forms of countycricket will follow in favour of franchises like the SA system. And trust me. They will not win the World Cup. Years of watching English national teams failing in bilateral tournaments teaches you what to expect
  12. I can assure you no true English cricket lover will ever "sing the praises" of that hundred ball abomination. Also most are realistic enough to know that they will * up in the world cup as well (despite what the cheerleaders on Sky and BBC are saying). As for me I am just going to enjoy the spectacle. If England win great, if not it will still be a fantastic 6 weeks (weather permitting). Got tickets for some great games including India v Pak, and no I am not accepting offers
  13. YCCC

    England vs Pakistan series

    Was there today (supporting England obviously. I know some on here think I'm from Bradford but I can assure you I am not) Pakistan looked poor against an England B team. Need more than just their usual "tournament specialists" persona to make an impact at the world cup. Germany were a poor side last year in the football but everyone expected them to "turn up for the tournament itself" but we all know what happened
  14. YCCC

    Easter bomb blasts in Sri Lanka

    Yes. We love heading abroad for good weather as long as we don't have to play sport in it! But lounging around in the heat, we can't get enough of it
  15. YCCC

    Easter bomb blasts in Sri Lanka

    Lots of in depth political debate which is great, and very interesting to read, but I have no in depth knowledge of politics in the cricketing region known as the "subcontinent." As this is a cricket forum I just want to say that I hope we don't see another cricketing country become out of bounds, especially one so popular with English touring fans.

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