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  1. Lol at everyone taking this seriously. Sunny is having a bit of fun, which is what T20 commentary is all about as Well as calling the action. BBL comms and T20 coverage on Sky UK (Flintoff singing, Lloyd doing impressions etc) get it just right.
  2. Lol. Wasn't even watching and that was still hilarious. Please say India just nonchalantly shook hands at the end and walked off. Send the coach or captain to collect the "trophy" and give it to some kid in the crowd, like footballers when they get a runners up medal in a final.
  3. Mother of all Cobra dances incoming...
  4. All that for such a pointless tournament. I like T20. It's a game of excitement, innovation and skill. But it does seem to bring out the worst in players. Warne v Samuels in the BBL, Stokes v Samuels in the WT20, this. Sure there are more examples.
  5. Warner vs De Kock - Verbal Exchange

    Abusive sledging should be banned. No tolerance approach. All this rubbish about "oh it's what the crowd wants to see". No. If I wanted to see a bunch of alpha males going at each other I'd go to bars and clubs in Leeds city centre on a Friday or Saturday night. I want to see good competitive cricket without the childishness. NZ prove it can be done.
  6. While not bothered about the commentating in India angle (for obvious reasons) I can still recommend commentators I like. Nasser, Bumble are the best by far in England. From abroad I really like Shaun Pollock, Ian Smith and Adam Gilchrist.
  7. Thanks to you too for your forecast for mid-late summer. Why aren't the Met Office recruiting their staff from this forum.? Very glad I bought a lot of tickets for the series now and look forward to a lot of dry days at the cricket. By the way the county season starts in 7 weeks but we're still stuck in sub zero temperatures and spring is nowhere in sight. Can anyone tell me if spring will arrive by April 13th?.
  8. Wow thanks for the very early forecast. I won't bother buying any tickets. Truth is we don't have a time of year that is always wet and one that is always dry. Anything can happen at any time of year. It all depends where the jet stream is placed, and that can change every week.
  9. "Playing Division 1 has its advantages. I will be playing against Middlesex (Lord's), Warwickshire (Birmingham) and Surrey (Oval) in away games, where India will play Test matches. So I will get a fair idea about the pitches and conditions," said Pujara. Erm sorry Che. You won't be playing at Lord's (unless we reach the 50 over cup final) or Edgbaston. Middlesex and Warwickshire were both relegated to division 2 last season.
  10. From a Yorkshire perspective lets hope so. He'll be playing most of our 50 over campaign this season.
  11. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    Kohli is the key to the series. If he does well India win. If not then England will. I just can't see him not doing well though unless he seriously loses form. He's too good to fail again, and I honestly can't imagine him being "out of nick". He's just too good. Also think that like Smith, and Williamson to come next month, he'll show Root up as a poor captain and leader.
  12. And again a nick and nothing from Dala. Does he know the rules?
  13. Why didn't the bowler appeal? Think Miller was telling him so too with that strange jumping routine.
  14. OK thanks As SA won the toss and elected to bowl I'll have Rohit.

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