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  1. Truly awful against spin. England's turn in SL this autumn
  2. What have Middlesex actually done for English cricket? Can only think of Strauss. Gatting, Fraser, Tufnell all stink of the horrific decade that was the 90s. Before that I haven't a clue. Admittedly cricket history isn't a strength of mine. Don't forget your roots Sachin...
  3. I like Ganguly. Was excellent on Sky in 2014. Nothing against Harbhajan, he's been ok, but you can tell he hasn't done much commentary before. Ganguly's insights were very good and he showed his sense of humour, particularly over an incident in Manchester, which they somehow caught on camera, where he was refused entry to a train as it was too full
  4. No shame on losing to this is England ODI team. They are very good. Still they'll waste their opportunity next year though. They'll remember they're English and don't do winning world cups!
  5. I don't get involved in the hype, not my style, so I can't explain why it happens. I keep myself grounded and rarely get emotional when playing or watching sport but If England ever won a world cup in cricket or football I would probably explode, go mental, cry etc like when Hull were promoted to the premier league for the first time back in 2008 and beat Arsenal away the following season. Strangely I was more reserved when Yorkshire won the back to back Championships in 2014 and 2015, probably because it looked certain to happen for most of the season.
  6. Tbf finishing 4th is seen as a trophy in north London. Both football clubs are obsessed with it. Only thing I know about Southgate is that Middlesex play the odd game there occasionally when Lord's is being used for other things.
  7. Must be a flat pitch and toothless bowling if Cook is "going big"
  8. Not keen on Vince but he's a better white ball player than red ball. Even if It's not swinging you need a slip for him. Nicking off after a few nice drives is his trademark. Think Sam Hain of Warwickshire deserves a go personally but Vince is one of Bayliss's favourites
  9. YCCC

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    Of course England = England. We're the only country that plays cricket and football to a decent standard When a cricketing country insults us we can throw back "how did you do at the footba world cup" and the opposite if a footballing country insults us. Win win
  10. YCCC

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    Yorkshire= Man Utd The most successful club in the country hated by everyone else because of it. Actually I'd rather not say we're like a Lancashire football club. We can be Bayern, Real Madrid or Juventus Or alternatively... Liverpool. Used to be dominant but nowadays tend to live on past glories. A few successful years in recent history but few and far between
  11. YCCC

    Lords ODI should be investigated

    India are clearly a much better team than England but have twice thrown chances to win series before the last game with weird or under par performances after dominating the first match. Why? Have the broadcasters asked for deciders? No doubt India will return to their formidable best at Headingley. Noticed this trend in other series as well. The NZ ODI and T20 series in India last year. The SA T20s this year. Anyone explain why India seem to switch off after easily winning a series opener? Only happens in white ball cricket mind, up to now
  12. Pleased England won and I will see a decider at the Real Home of Cricket on Tuesday but jeez that crap from India took the gloss off it for me. What the * was it all about? Why? I want to see England win after the opposition gave given their all for the whole match
  13. It's just a shame it has to end. The way the whole country was taken over by something I'm actually interested in, unlike crap like Royal Weddings and the Olympics. Cricket unfortunately will never have that effect.
  14. Oh. This is on tomorrow. Really Can't be arsed with any sport right now. Even cancelled plans to go to Durham to watch Yorkshire on Friday night as I don't feel up to it. A low key county T20 just doesn't cut it after tonight's disappointment and neither does yet another bilateral ODI series. The power of the football world cup. Enjoy anyway. Might check the score, might not. Won't feel much emotion whatever happens.
  15. YCCC

    Weather in England

    No idea. Word on the street (well from the met office anyway) is cooling down after tomorrow then a gradual decent into typical English weather. Cooler with intermittent rain and sun for the rest of July. No idea about August yet

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