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  1. YCCC

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    If I was a racist right wing extremist I could say things like "that's funny coming from an Indian"... Heard the bizarre Aussie stereotype that we don't wash but never the bad teeth one tbh
  2. YCCC

    How do you picture your fellow ICFers?

    Absolutely pal. And every two hours throughout the rest of the day That van, by the way, is present at every Test match here serving FREE cups of tea before play, at lunch and at tea. I make sure I go to it on all three occasions.
  3. The whole ticketing farce as well. I just hope raining every day is as bad as it gets and not anything more sinsister
  4. Just have a horrible feeling the world cup is on course for cancellation and something will happen here. Memories still fresh of the attacks before and during the CT in the UK, tension between India and Pak, cricketers getting caught up in attacks in NZ. Quite unsettling really Brexit and possible tension over that once we leave or not as the case may be. IRA becoming active again (explosives left by them were found at airports and train stations earlier this week)
  5. YCCC

    SCROLL DOWN for " Making of R.Pant"

    SC and WI expats in the US v SC expats in the UAE
  6. YCCC

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    Well we all know someone is going to knock those arrogant out. Only cheerleaders like Vaughan believe the hype. Just hope it's not the Convicts!
  7. YCCC

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    They're going to win the bloody World Cup again aren't they. The bastards
  8. YCCC

    West Indies vs England, 2d T20I, Bassettere

    What an entertaining tour this has been. Totally unpredictable.
  9. So this saffer team proved why it is the greatest that ever lived once again after two unlucky defeats in the Tests. According to the saffer commentators anyway.
  10. Batsmen that can only bat on flat tracks. Bowlers that can't bowl on flat tracks. World Cup favourites We've sacrificed 4 years of Test cricket for this?
  11. Flat track bullies going berserk on a flat track under no pressure again...
  12. "England" had better not try to poach him. He's come to play for Yorkshire not the ECB. We've had enough of the ECB poaching our players and dictating when they can play for us (hardly ever). Time to take a stand. Well done to everyone involved, Gale, Moxon and Denison. We've played the moral good guys long enough for little reward while other counties have taken the piss.
  13. YCCC

    1st T20. Ind vs Aus at Vizag

    Of course they were favourites at home to one of the worst Australia sides ever. It's a massive shock although in T20 anything can happen. The ODIs will be very different
  14. YCCC

    1st T20. Ind vs Aus at Vizag

    What a shocking weekend this has been for the bookies. Windies, SL and Aus all winning against the odds.
  15. Ntini talking absolute biased nationalist crap again. "They took SL lightly and failed to show we're a more powerful country than them" So apparently a country's standing in the world has a direct bearing on how good it's cricket team is.

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