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  1. YCCC

    What's the highest level you've played?

    Not sure where Bradford League 2nd xi club cricket would rank on that list. Don't know about India but in the UK if you are a cricket fan you usually play organised cricket quite regularly for a club in a local league or if you're old you will have done in your younger days. Some leagues amd clubs take it more seriously than others but in the North most clubs take things seriously and It's quite hard to find a club that accepts less than It's not 100% commitment every week. Initially I just wanted something casual like a Sunday league but ended up playing league cricket every week as I still do. It's definitely not really a sport for armchair fans (like football) in this country. Which is why most English fans are very appreciative and knowledgeable
  2. Really good game of cricket (saw most of the chase). Afghanistan really have something building here and while they're unlikely to beat the top 5 ODI teams at this stage they will be fascinating to watch at the WC next year. Will definitely try to get a ticket for Afghanistan v Pakistan at Headingley now. ODIs where 250 is a good score, yet still chasable with good batting, are the best kind Imo
  3. What a **** place to play cricket. Even for India v Pakistan there's no atmosphere inside those soulless bowls
  4. YCCC

    How Shameful is this??

    Not as shameful as losing to Scotland. Also nowhere near as shameful as losing to Ireland and the Netherlands in major tournaments!
  5. Wow my Sunday is actually going to be ruined isn't it? Hope the weather is nice so I can have a walk in the park or something
  6. Star should refund all it's subscribers if India go out before the last 4. I only subscribed to watch India v Pak this Sunday FFS
  7. Subscribed to that Hotstar thing to watch this tournament and to watch the match today rather than the Lancashire scum in T20 finals day. Crashed already. What an absolute sack of shite.
  8. Spinners are always happy to help their brethren whatever country they're from and whoever they play for. Warne and Mulralitharan are always doing it. They see their art as some sort of gospel that must be passed on
  9. Very true. Wouldn't be the same for the Aussies or Lankies though, I'd enjoy seeing them beaten and would be lapping it up, so the fact that Kohli can provoke such positive feelings, however they come about, says a lot about him
  10. Some of you may remember after the first day of the first Test at Edgbaston I had a few rants about Kohli and his conduct. Namely the send offs of Root and Bairstow. I just wanted to say how he's won me over. Such a fascinating character. He may be intense and fiery on the field but his honesty and grace off the field has been exemplary. Always seems to have time for people. After day 1 at Edgbaston I wanted to wait outside the entrance on day 2 to abuse him. Now I want to meet him tomorrow at the Oval and give him a pat on the back and say what I really think of him. Virat in the unlikely event you are reading this. Thank you. Thank you for your passion for the game and especially Test cricket. Thank you for entertaining us this summer and showing us your skills. Thank you for leading your side so well to play hard but fair. On behalf of the English cricket community I thank you again and wish you every success against the Aussies.
  11. It's not. Not even close. Bayliss is just trying to big himself up becausehe knows he is a poor Test coach and he knows England have gone backwards in Tests under his leadership. Most teams win at home but England are the least dominant at home out of everyone except WI and Bangladesh. No one else would have lost a Test at home to WI, SL or Pak

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