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  1. This bowling "attack" will not win any world cups. Even, I'm sorry to say as I love the guy as a person and a county bowler, Adil is nowhere near a top level spin bowler. That wicket of Kohli at The Real Home Of Cricket looks destined to be his international career highlight. When everyone else has been knocking them over for- 200, not bowling them out and giving them their highest WC score is poor imo
  2. Firstly I'm not old. Yes I do have a radio. Never dozed off at any cricket match. I had my India flag coloured turban on anyway to look the part
  3. It was £75. I just got lucky in the ballot. England games are less than that. £30-50 usually. It"s the Ashes matches which cost more. Only going to day 1 at Edgbaston and day 3 at Headingley but cheapest tickets were £60. As for Lancashire. I smelt something but it wasn't roses! Tbf OT is a very good ground. It's just the usual miserable inhabitants i dislike. Made a chance to see people smiling there for a change.
  4. No happy with the way we watch and enjoy our cricket. If everyone was the same the world would be dull. The English flag has certain "connotations" relating to football hooligans and racists so I think normal people tend to avoid it
  5. Disappointing game but my word WHAT an atmosphere. Good thing I went for the experience more than the game. Still got imaginary horns blasting in my brain! Got an orange white and green turban to bring out at parties
  6. Said this for a long time now after nearly 20 years of being a cricket fan in England. Seen numerous county and international matches start as if a full game would be played but everyone knows rain will intervene later. So frustrating. Would also be happy to see games start at 8am to get a game before afternoon rain
  7. YCCC

    Potentially interesting games (WC19)

    I mean the problem is that there are too many dead rubbers. Would be the same anywhere
  8. YCCC


    I had no doubt you'd all be chuntering. Was bad enough in the last two CTs. Think British broadcasters just accept our weather is a problem and it's not worth discussing, whether ECB censorship exists on this topic (as it certainly does for the Hundred shite) or not. As I say the best and easiest solution would be to play most games, including all the "big" games in London and Southampton where dry weather is most likely to occur as high pressure drifts up from mainland Europe. This week was exceptional even by our standards. Usually the South escapes the worst of it and if it hits them it is usually only a couple of days. If you are interested in meteorology there are a few articles about why it's been so bad. I have a slight interest in weather and meteorology but only in summer to see if I can watch/play cricket or not
  9. YCCC


    According to the long range forecast the weather in July will be **** in the North but better in the South, especially the South East (a normal summer pattern). The ICC has to move the semis from Old Trafford and Edgbaston (the two wettest grounds in the country) to the Oval or Lord's. They have to do it NOW!!! I love the North and am proud to be from here but to hold a semi successful cricket tournament you have to have most games in the South, so the two London grounds and Southampton have to have priority. You would have northerners complaining but it is just common sense
  10. YCCC

    Potentially interesting games (WC19)

    No more interesting games until the semis (which according to the long range forecast have a high chance of being washed out). This is the problem with the 10 team round robin format.
  11. They've been very pessimistic about the weather in Manc tomorrow for a few days now so I have tried not to look at them!
  12. Hopefully the rain will stop and the match will be held up by a wet ground and poor drainage. Would be a huge embarrassment for Wankershire
  13. YCCC


    Definitely. As I say I hate the ECB and they can never do anything right in my eyes. I think it's too much. This season should have been about the world cup only. Maybe a minor Test series against SL or Ban in May, then ODIs in june then WC from mid July to end of August which would also tie in with school holidays. Players could then have Sept off at least before a ridiculously busy winter (Tests in NZ, SA and SL)

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