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  1. YCCC

    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    Fair enough. Wasn't sure about any of them really. More of a C team then. Anyway my point was mainly that it was originally intended for Yorkshire to play this fixture but we now have a much more important one today.
  2. YCCC

    Best ODI match of all time

    Best one I've seen. NZ v Aus 2015. Love a low scoring thriller. Remarkable though it was, 400+ plays 400+ with bowlers being of no use whatsoever just does not interest me.
  3. YCCC

    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    This match was supposed to be against Yorkshire. But we play a 50 over cup semi final tomorrow so it was changed to an "ECB XI" made up of mainly u19s
  4. Cricinfo are doing my head in. "Can we start again? This isn't how it was supposed to go" Sorry this is Test cricket. It's harsh. You have to step up, any team does whether it's Australia or Afghanistan, or you WILL be punished.
  5. YCCC

    Eng Vs Aus 1st ODI - 13 June

    So Scotland are better than the Aussies now right?
  6. YCCC

    Predict India in Eng series results

    T20s 2-1 India ODIs 2-1 England Tests 2-2 (Although if you'd asked me last week I'd have said 3-1 India.) This England Test side really messes with your head. They're not very good BUT rarely lose home series.
  7. Not sure tbh but Indians, Lankans, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are all just "asians" I'm afraid. Obviously as an outward looking cricket fan I know the differences and use their country origin. I'm afraid I can't narrow it down to Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil...etc though
  8. Personally I was just backing the underdogs (Pak) No agenda against Indians or even the BCCI.
  9. Loads of big names. Many of whom are established in the Test side. Surely if you didn't care you'd be picking a team of youngsters or lesser known players. Surely you have the depth of talent to do this being the biggest cricketing nation on earth?
  10. Really? Your squad for the upcoming series in England suggests otherwise. The grounds will be full of Indian fans for those games more so than for the Tests or even the ODIs and I fully expect to be outnumbered as an England fan at OT and Bristol. Don't they care?
  11. Vaughanie for England coach
  12. No. He won't. He's very decisive here. You love him or hate him. You either rate him or you don't. Guess which side I'm on! Funny he should mention Christchurch. That was also a much improved performance from the last Test after scathing criticism. Seems they only perform when criticised. Bunker mentality. They didn't even win in Christchurch and they won't win here either.
  13. YCCC

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    Well they have thrown away some good positions at Headingley in the recent past. Wouldn't be a case of rain saving England though as a draw would be useless
  14. YCCC

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    Rain will save them

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