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  1. YCCC

    Which cricketers hate each other?

    Prior and Warner
  2. Of course I mean the old Surrey before they developed this homegrown team from the many private schools in the area. We're more like Notts now
  3. Shameful and embarrassing as an English fan. We're like an international version of Surrey
  4. It's always just their average spinners though. It's a graveyard for everyone elses
  5. Another "Anderson is ****" thread. Get over yourselves and change the record. Someone actually took the time to look all this up and post it on here. What a fun life they must have.
  6. YCCC

    What crap is this?

    The original by Imagine Dragons (an American rock band if you don't know) is a good song. One of my favourite bands at the moment. What it doesn't need is this Muppet murdering it. He thinks he can sing and is going through a phase of being absolutely everywhere doing showbiz badly 2015 song was dreadful btw. "You say I've got the power. I say oooooooooooo" I mean wtf?
  7. YCCC

    Your fav top-5 Aussie cricketers?

    Watson Hilfenhaus Beer (Because they remind me of 10/11 Ashes) Gillespie a nice Aussie and fantastic coach for Yorkshire. Managed to be a great Australian player without being a cunt like most of them Hughes Another nice Aussie. Tragically lost
  8. YCCC

    Only T20 Australia vs South Africa

    Warne calling for the batting coach to be sacked on live TV. Out of order for me that
  9. YCCC

    Only T20 Australia vs South Africa

    Never let T10 become a regular thing. A wicket to me is the most exciting thing in cricket but it just means the same as a regular dot ball in these games
  10. YCCC

    Only T20 Australia vs South Africa

    This Fox commentary is even worse than Channel 9. So so biased. Lots of "we"s going on and groans when the ball falls safe. But would expect nothing less from Fox if they're as nationalistic in Oz as they are in the US
  11. YCCC

    Mzansi Super League

    Sounds alright to me. I detest the Kolpak rule and it's demise is the only thing about Brexit that I approve of. They've made their decision to make themselves unavailable for their country to chase £££ in the UK. Very little coverage here unfortunately. Sky Sports "Cricket" is a joke. With the money they make and live cricket pretty much 24/7 around the world there is no excuse for not having at LEAST one live game every day from somewhere in the world
  12. A handy first innings lead and England's flaky top order, as we've just seen this morning. Lower order won't save them every time. Shocking frantic batting this morning. No need to rush, they're 1-0 up, three days to go in the match, no demons in the pitch yet they're playing as if they need to score as many as possible before a ball comes with their name on it.

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