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  1. SA and AUS conquered,ENG is next.

    Kohli is the key to the series. If he does well India win. If not then England will. I just can't see him not doing well though unless he seriously loses form. He's too good to fail again, and I honestly can't imagine him being "out of nick". He's just too good. Also think that like Smith, and Williamson to come next month, he'll show Root up as a poor captain and leader.
  2. And again a nick and nothing from Dala. Does he know the rules?
  3. Why didn't the bowler appeal? Think Miller was telling him so too with that strange jumping routine.
  4. OK thanks As SA won the toss and elected to bowl I'll have Rohit.
  5. Can I have Kohli if India bat second and Rohit if they bat first, or is that cheating a bit? Lol. If it's against the rules or "spirit of the game" I'll have Kohli either way. Kuldeep Dhoni
  6. What is South Africa's T20 Squad like?

    Yes worrying times, unless you're Indian. Afghanistan might be ahead of SA, England as Australia in future. The quota rubbish is starting to hit SA hard now at all levels. This article is interesting https://citizen.co.za/sport/south-africa-sport/sa-cricket-sport/1822793/the-warning-lights-flashing-for-embattled-south-african-cricket/
  7. Except England aren't a strong Test team. India will have to drop to our level to make that a competitive series.
  8. Rohit Rabada Pandya Feel I'm running out of credible options now and I've had a poor series overall. Still I did alright in the Tests and that's all that matters. Who cares about bilateral ODIs anyway
  9. Heinrich Klassen : Poor man's MS Dhoni

    How did I forget Strauss?!!!!
  10. For his irritating over the top celebrations? I know I wanted to abuse him when he kept doing it while playing for Derbyshire against Yorkshire last season.
  11. Heinrich Klassen : Poor man's MS Dhoni

    Klaasen name is definitely dutch. David Wiese (ex SA now playing as a Kolpak for Sussex) is the most German sounding cricketer I've heard of. Plus lots of Aussies Behrendorff, Klinger, Langer, Lehmann must have German ancestry. While I'm rambling about names Kevin de Bruyne the Belgian Manchester city footballer would make a great South African cricketer with his name.
  12. Lol how is that "Hey Baby song still big in Safferland?!!!! Cheesy Euro pop at it's "best"
  13. Seriously Holding get a life. Fine you don't like T20 but do you have to mention it every time it is briefly brought up in conversation. Bitter old man. Not the only one by any means but certainly the worst.

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