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  1. YCCC

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    Of course England = England. We're the only country that plays cricket and football to a decent standard When a cricketing country insults us we can throw back "how did you do at the footba world cup" and the opposite if a footballing country insults us. Win win
  2. YCCC

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    Yorkshire= Man Utd The most successful club in the country hated by everyone else because of it. Actually I'd rather not say we're like a Lancashire football club. We can be Bayern, Real Madrid or Juventus Or alternatively... Liverpool. Used to be dominant but nowadays tend to live on past glories. A few successful years in recent history but few and far between
  3. YCCC

    Lords ODI should be investigated

    India are clearly a much better team than England but have twice thrown chances to win series before the last game with weird or under par performances after dominating the first match. Why? Have the broadcasters asked for deciders? No doubt India will return to their formidable best at Headingley. Noticed this trend in other series as well. The NZ ODI and T20 series in India last year. The SA T20s this year. Anyone explain why India seem to switch off after easily winning a series opener? Only happens in white ball cricket mind, up to now
  4. Pleased England won and I will see a decider at the Real Home of Cricket on Tuesday but jeez that crap from India took the gloss off it for me. What the * was it all about? Why? I want to see England win after the opposition gave given their all for the whole match
  5. It's just a shame it has to end. The way the whole country was taken over by something I'm actually interested in, unlike crap like Royal Weddings and the Olympics. Cricket unfortunately will never have that effect.
  6. Oh. This is on tomorrow. Really Can't be arsed with any sport right now. Even cancelled plans to go to Durham to watch Yorkshire on Friday night as I don't feel up to it. A low key county T20 just doesn't cut it after tonight's disappointment and neither does yet another bilateral ODI series. The power of the football world cup. Enjoy anyway. Might check the score, might not. Won't feel much emotion whatever happens.
  7. YCCC

    Weather in England

    No idea. Word on the street (well from the met office anyway) is cooling down after tomorrow then a gradual decent into typical English weather. Cooler with intermittent rain and sun for the rest of July. No idea about August yet
  8. Pleased I won't be watching a dead game on Sunday, stopping off in Bristol on my way to Cornwall for holiday
  9. Come on Belgium btw. Do it for Europe (that continent that a small majority of England doesn't see itself as part of)
  10. Ball and Jordan FFS Reckon that's worth 170 with this Indian attack. My guess is England will fall short by 10-20 and regret that last over
  11. He's ****. That's all you need to know. Btw not having a go at anyone on here but some Indian fans, mainly onsocial media, need to take a chill pill. ECB social media accounts and those of pretty much any well known English cricket expert are being taken over by vitriolic Indian fans. Seriously no one likes bad winners
  12. Tbh it did piss me off a bit but it would have whoever was doing it. India, England. Yorkshire. Morley CC 3rds, my team. Get on with the game! Obviously the whole idea was to piss England off and get under their skin Looks like it worked!
  13. Willey is one of the last I expected to whinge tbh. Anyway shut up all of you and play cricket! Anyway I reckon India only did it to delay the game and stop England watching too much of the football!
  14. Pitches are the popular answer. Usually more rewarding to medium pacers although I Don't subscribe to that theory. If you can bowl fast you can bowl fast on any surface. Personally I think coaching is the problem at a young age. Youngsters are encouraged to substitute pace for using "the conditions" to find lateral movement.
  15. Perfect display of why we won't win the big one next summer. Our batters can't play anything other than medium pace shite. Our bowlers ARE medium pace shite plus a couple of average spinners. As a Yorkie I love Rash but sadly he's not good enough against good players of spin
  16. Was there a cricket match tonight?
  17. And that is the worst position an England team can possibly be in! And it's one of the reasons we won't win the World Cup next year
  18. Firstly why on earth do we need 3 T20s? Don't answer that. I know why with the two greediest cricket boards in the world involved. Secondly, with the football and cricket due to finish around the same time, which England team will be the first to lose?
  19. Will the ECB listen? No. It's like the government with Brexit. Ploughing on without a thought for the irreparable damage it will cause and refusing to listen to those that matter and have the most knowledge of the situation and damage it will cause
  20. YCCC

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Although it has made things much easier for Yorkshire in this match I would love to have seen Kohli in this match. What would he have made of it? Scarborough, the English seaside, fish and chips, candy floss, the cold mist off the sea making it 20 degrees cooler while the rest of the country basks in freakishly hot temperatures. Pujara says it was like winter in northern India except it lasted all day
  21. YCCC

    What Has Happened to Mighty Australia?

    Erm have you been living on the moon since March?
  22. Btw there's your blueprint guys from today's match. Get early wickets against this England side!
  23. No I'm calling England flat track bullies and India a quality attack!
  24. YCCC

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Bresnan is still going but who will he be playing for after this year? Rumours he hasn't been offered a new deal which is madness from the club. Absolute madness. An experienced county player who we're not going to lose to England. A rarity in our current squad. Coad and Fisher next to be picked by England I would say especially if the Test side continue to struggle.
  25. YCCC

    Pujara's county performance thread

    Aye one of two overseas players along with Lehmann who made an impact for us!

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