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  1. Can't believe no one's pointed out the obvious pun in the title yet... Probably because no one is "rooting" for England. Except their captain.
  2. Well I hope you're right. I am really looking forward to that series and hope it will be close. I agree that SA, having watched them in England recently, are nothing special. The series could rest on the fitness and form of Steyn imo. If he's fit and found his mojo by then SA are favourites. If not I fancy India.
  3. I was looking forward to your SA series before this game. For some reason I expected you to suddenly be competent in swinging conditions! Reckon Pujara will be out on his own in that series. Then you'll probably have worked it out by the England tour!
  4. This was a non-story the first time. Why would a Russian know who any cricketer was? There are enough people even in countries where cricket is played that have no interest in the game and wouldn't recognise a cricketer. Like the two gay guys who Stokes was allegedly defending who only realised who he was a month after the incident.
  5. Will Pak v Ind tests ever match the Ashes?

    Yorkshire first, England second ;)
  6. Will Pak v Ind tests ever match the Ashes?

    Well how can we possibly find out if you never play each other? I've never watched an Ind-Pak Test match, the last one was before I discovered the joy of watching neutral matches. I would love to watch and India-Pakistan Test match.
  7. We're all resigned to the inevitable thrashing here, well most of us are anyway. The Brexiteers are still confident, telling us realists to "stop talking the country down", just like they do when anyone questions them on the car crash of leaving the EU. Not looking forward to waking up on the cold, dark winter mornings to tales of woe from down under. Fortunately I can't watch as I don't subscribe to the BT Sports channel who will be showing the games. Looking forward to the NZ tour later in the winter which ideally would be a closer series, but I expect our little flowers will be mentally shot by then. Shame we can't just sack off the Ashes, hand the Convicts the urn without having to go through the pain, and have a full winter in NZ.
  8. Shastri wearing a full playing uniform. Seriously?
  9. Am I right in thinking this venue is like India's Cardiff? It rains all the time and cricket isn't that popular in the area.
  10. I want some decent neutral cricket to take my attention away from the upcoming Ashes disaster. This isn't it.
  11. FIFA U-17 WC : India 2017

    An England team in a world tournament final in Kolkata. Sounds familiar. Prediction: England to be leading in the 85th minute, then Spain to score four late goals to win with the same Spain player scoring all four. And we'll "remember the name" of whoever scores the four goals
  12. Biggest Shocks of 2017 in Cricket

    Essex winning the County Championship is up there.
  13. ICC approves Test Championship, ODI league

    I'll believe it when I see it.
  14. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Yep that needs to go as well. No sign of the ECB seeing sense on that one though. IMO it's part of their plan to permanently damage county cricket (in all formats) in favour of city based teams, which will eventually compete on all forms. Call me paranoid but...
  15. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Just came to see if the ridiculous neutral ground thing had been scrapped and pleased to see that it has. To an extent at least.
  16. It depends how long he is under investigation and what the outcome is. People with better understandings of these processes than me seem pretty sure the investigation will take a while though.
  17. Actually I'm generally quite pessimistic about sport and real life tbh. Before the Stokes incident I wasn't confident but did at least have hope. Now I think we should just not bother going and send the urn via express delivery to Sydney. Or possibly send it by sailing ship Captain Cook style so they don't get it until January.
  18. I'm going to pretend this series isn't happening. Bring on the NZ series in the new year and some tasty looking "neutral" series SA v India followed by Oz. Apart from that I'm already counting down the weeks to next April. Only 26 weeks to go (half a year :( )
  19. WTF? Hales's stilettos or the beaten up guy's? Haven't seen that bit anywhere mind but hope it's true just for the lol value since Hales isn't going to the Ashes anyway.
  20. Think this ODI series could surprise us like the Tests and be quite interesting. Obviously there's Gayle, Lewis, Hope, Samuels. Mohammed impressed me in that short series over there last spring. Perhaps someone else will step up and make a name for themselves. The bowling also appears to be better than the sum of its parts based on last night. Obviously no Narine but Taylor, Williams and Nurse still there, and Holder is back. I'm looking forward to seeing how Joseph does too. He's supposed to be quick.
  21. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    Tendulkar Jayasuriya Kohli Sanga Jayawardene Dhoni Waqar Wasim Malinga Akhtar Murali Wouldn't mind a second front line spinner but I can't think of any I would have over the four fast bowlers I've chosen. Sanath's filth will have to do if needed.
  22. Ashes promo

    It's not on Sky this year. BT Sports have the rights. Not bothered personally, I doubt I'll miss much by not having that service. Looking forward to the NZ v England series and the other nations' matches this English winter, especially SA v India and Oz, more than yet another pasting down under.
  23. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    Interesting post. This is why non believers (those who don't "get" cricket) think we're mad. So many bizarre theories about the ball and how it behaves in certain conditions. I'm not a bowler but I agree there have been times in club cricket when we've won (or lost) the toss after a heavy downpour and expected massive swing, but nothing happened. I find the theory with the artificial light interesting as well; that the red ball swings more when they are switched on.
  24. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    Not a lot to add really. He's been well past his best for years but England still need him to shore up a flaky batting line up (but this is often a bit like putting a few sandbags down to stop Irma's storm surges). On another note, his availability has done wonders for Essex. Not just with his runs, but inspiring the rest of their team.
  25. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    ECB are good at scheduling England matches. Shame the same can't be said for county matches. Most first class matches played early and late in the season, a "blocked" T20 competition with a random break for one FC match before the final round of T20 group matches, weeks without a single home match then up to four in various formats in the space of a fortnight. And some people think we're mad for suggesting the ECB want to kill county cricket.

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