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  1. End of an Era - Channel 9 loses TV rights

    Good they're current coverage is truly awful and their commentary style is embarrassing. We were subjected to it here over the winter for the ODI series when cheapskate BT Sport recalled their team after the tests to cut costs and just piggybacked onto Channel 9 commentary with Swann, Vaughan and the host guy (who usually does football) in a studio in London.
  2. Morne Morkel retires from international cricket

    Lost all respect for him. Quitting to be a mercenary at some **** county that can't produce their own. Probably Surrey. I hate most things about Brexit but the sooner we leave, closing this loophole allowing overseas players from countries with "special agreements" with the EU, mainly SA, Zimbabwe and WI countries, to play as home grown players the better. Don't mind proper overseas players, signed as overseas, but some counties take the piss.
  3. DD Playing 11

    Gwon Liam lad! First yorkshireman to play IPL. DD definitely my team now. Hope he plays regularly.
  4. Hope it's a close tournament. Can't be any worse than last year when the top 4 was virtually decided by halfway through.
  5. Sums up the sad state of WI cricket. Players saying they're playing for the team again as an April fool.
  6. WI vs Pak 1st T20

    Joke of a match on April Fools Day
  7. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    It's not just that. And it's not an over reaction. It's from my perspective as a county cricket supporter. There has been a steady decline in the quality of batting and bowling in the County Championship for I would say a couple of years. Since the ECB started prioritising one day cricket around 2015. Probably longer ago than that even but I'm not going to say that Yorkshire won a weak competition in 2014! That year was the strongest season in terms of quality since the 60s
  8. Alaistair Cook Watch - Has the End begun?

    Yep. First class cricket in England is in a very bad place at the moment. No one has the technique and mentality required for Test cricket as they chase the limited overs money. We even have young (ish) players with test caps in Hales and Rashid turning their backs on the longer form completely. The ECB have encouraged this by moving the majority of County Championship matches to April, May and September with T20 during high summer. It will only get worse when the new competition starts in 2020.
  9. Steve Smith Press Conference

    Terrible acting. A role in one of the Australian soap operas awaits. Neighbours or Home and Away. Which will it be?
  10. SRH Playing 11

    Is Williamson recognised practising christian? Must admit he does seem like a do-gooder religious type. Brathwaite is definitely practising like most West Indians.
  11. There will in time be new players to take up the mantle. The team most likely to do a SL or Windies is England.
  12. Ban for Life - Smith, Warner

    As much as I despise them for everything not just this, agree a lifetime ban would be harsh. Their real punishment of course will be no longer being able to pull the wool over people's eyes with the "hard but fair" guardians of "The Line" ****.
  13. Lol love how everyone has a story, or a few stories, like this to throw back at the Aussies and that rat faced cheat Smith. We have the false tampering allegations during the Melbourne Test, Lehmann telling the Aussie crowd to sledge Broad until he's had enough and goes home, and the Bairstow incident after which Bancroft and Smith were again sat side by side in a press conference giggling like schoolboys. Sweet sweet karma.
  14. Oops ... Bancroft did a pakistan

    Can we call it "doing an Australia" from now on please. We certainly will here in England!
  15. Still more than enough time to beat those useless tossers. Should declare overnight and have it won by tea tomorrow.
  16. Kohli v Pujara at the Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough in June? Would be brilliant for the Scarborough Cricket Club especially if they got an even bigger crowd than the usual 6000 (the Scarborough matches are a Yorkshire tradition and gets bigger crowds than CC matches at Headingley). Unfortunately we can rule out any chance of a win from that match. No way will we bowl out a team with Kohli in it twice. Unless it coincides with your Test against Afghanistan. Not sure when that is. Just looked and the Test is 14th-18th June so both could return to England in time to play at Scarborough on 25th.
  17. WC Qualifiers

    It's just going to be an extended Champions Trophy. Same 8 teams plus 2. Shame on the ICC
  18. Your u19s could beat this absolutely shite England Test team.
  19. Wrong. England's new obsession with 50 over cricket and "aggression" is ruining it's batting.
  20. Lol at everyone taking this seriously. Sunny is having a bit of fun, which is what T20 commentary is all about as Well as calling the action. BBL comms and T20 coverage on Sky UK (Flintoff singing, Lloyd doing impressions etc) get it just right.
  21. Lol. Wasn't even watching and that was still hilarious. Please say India just nonchalantly shook hands at the end and walked off. Send the coach or captain to collect the "trophy" and give it to some kid in the crowd, like footballers when they get a runners up medal in a final.
  22. Mother of all Cobra dances incoming...
  23. All that for such a pointless tournament. I like T20. It's a game of excitement, innovation and skill. But it does seem to bring out the worst in players. Warne v Samuels in the BBL, Stokes v Samuels in the WT20, this. Sure there are more examples.
  24. Warner vs De Kock - Verbal Exchange

    Abusive sledging should be banned. No tolerance approach. All this rubbish about "oh it's what the crowd wants to see". No. If I wanted to see a bunch of alpha males going at each other I'd go to bars and clubs in Leeds city centre on a Friday or Saturday night. I want to see good competitive cricket without the childishness. NZ prove it can be done.
  25. While not bothered about the commentating in India angle (for obvious reasons) I can still recommend commentators I like. Nasser, Bumble are the best by far in England. From abroad I really like Shaun Pollock, Ian Smith and Adam Gilchrist.

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