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  1. Batsman Vijay Bowler Kumar (sorry I know he's more commonly called Bhuvi to you guys but as a non India fan it feels weird using a nickname) Fielder Kohli
  2. Nasser is quite right. If only we actually had the players to make changes depending on conditions.
  3. Mark my words - India will still win the series

    Those three words FFS I hate it when people say that. It means they're desperately trying to convince people, and themsleves, that they'll be right without even being sure themselves. Words truly "marked". I'll be surprised if they prove to be correct.
  4. England's 0-8

    Why am I being singled out? What about that stumped guy? He seems like more of an England/ECB cheerleader, which I am not. For the record we're not a good team but not "minnows like Bangladesh" either. We're somewhere in between as the rankings will show you. As I've said before, I don't travel to watch England away and don't watch many tours on TV as they're usually on at unsociable hours, but I do watch them a lot at home. At the moment I'm satisfied with the value for money I'm getting from watching them on Sky and at the ground during the summer, but would evaluate my spending on them should they ever go all West Indies and lose regularly at home.
  5. From the other side of the coin, our lot have lost the most to Asian teams at home in this period (and of course the West Indies). One of many stats that highlight our rubbishness. Then there's our away record.
  6. Cape Town seems to be a place for young all rounders to announce themselves on the Test arena. But I'll bet my job, dog and lifelong Yorkshire membership that two years from now Pandya will not be banned from playing international cricket for punching someone!
  7. England v India 2018 Updated Ticket Info

    It's my favourite ground too, even as a Yorkshireman.
  8. Haven't watched it as I don't have BT Sport. Just Sky. Even if I was able to watch it I'd still choose NZ v Pak tbh. Meaningless match with Ashes lost a long time ago and heading for another heavy defeat? No thanks!
  9. Wondering whether to pull an all nighter for this then watch SA v India tomorrow. A cricket marathon. Might watch the start and see how it goes. I expect the "can't be arsed" Pakistan to turn up for this series, especially this match in the wind and rain showers. The weather is another possible turn off for me when deciding whether to watch.
  10. Nearly over, thank heavens. Starc back so Aus will win. Crane to at worst "do a Kerrigan" or at best put in a solid but unspectacular Curran-like performance without showing any signs that he'll ever be Test quality.
  11. Interesting game Gus (one for the BBL viewers ;) ) Here's my selection Batsman Pujara Bowler Ishant Fielder Saha
  12. No one is saying CC is the greatest quality (even me) just that it can sometimes help already gifted players improve in conditions they don't face at home. However for some players it doesn't have any effect whatsoever. I've lost count of the number Aussies Yorkshire have signed who have struggled and continue to struggle abroad. Finch (nowhere near the Test side) Maxwell (same) and Handscombe (just dropped from the Test side) are three examples from Yorkshire. The ones that tend to do well are those that are already quality Test match players such as Sangakkara, Du Plessis, Williamson and Langer to name a few off the top of my head from the last decade. Love the picture by the way. I'm a tough, hard faced Yorkie but I'm a sucker for cute dogs :D
  13. Aus vs Eng ,Boxing Day Test at Melbourne

    Stokes, another medium pacer, would have made little difference bowling wise. Where he would have made a difference is his batting, the balance he brings to the side, and supporting Root as vice captain. Root's captaincy has been awful frankly. Far too defensive, even today when we couldn't lose the game. On the two occasions he captained Yorkshire you got the impression the senior players were doing the work for him.
  14. Aus vs Eng ,Boxing Day Test at Melbourne

    Typical Aussie whinging. More irony (see the proctor thread) calling us "whinging poms)
  15. Aus vs Eng ,Boxing Day Test at Melbourne

    Agree England are a long way from a top 3 side, but we all know the rankings system is a strange beast. With a run of easier series (compared to Aus away or India away anyway) any team can rise quickly. NZ away, Pakistan and India at home, SL and WI away and Aus at home could bring a string of good results.
  16. Aus vs Eng ,Boxing Day Test at Melbourne

    Lol yep you got me. These slowish flat pitches seem to be England's favourite type of pitches at the moment. Beat SA last summer on similar tracks. It's quite similar to a lot of county pitches these days I suppose.
  17. Aus vs Eng ,Boxing Day Test at Melbourne

    Think England might just manage a draw here now, especially with rain tomorrow and Saturday Shuts the Aussies up about the whitewash anyway.
  18. The irony of Aussies getting hot under the collar over "racism" still amuses me to this day.
  19. Thanks and..er... thanks ;) My friends and family say I act like a grumpy old man in real life sometimes as well. I think@Trichromatic was expecting me to say I went to my first match when Boycott was playing or something! I think Vaughan and Gough might have been playing, and Darren Lehmann, but I really don't remember much about the match itself. Was more interested in playing my own game with the other kids round the back of the stands.
  20. Early 2000s will have been around the time of my first Yorkshire game. Started playing around that time too. Believe it or not I'm a lot younger than I probably appear from my comments and persona on here, I'm only 25
  21. Watching my dad play club cricket, then joining the u9s. Can't remember the first professional match I watched but it will have been Yorkshire at Headingley, probably a 50 over match.
  22. Weird match. Can't tell if India are timing it perfectly or making it difficult. We'll find out in 9 balls. Maybe sooner.
  23. I'd have batted. Series already won, likely to win this one as well whether batting first or second, would have been a chance to go out and make some records.
  24. Big Bash League 2016/2017

    Doesn't mean I can't enjoy other leagues. I think it works really well down there, just don't think we should copy it over here. The city based format works well as the majority of Aussies live in the cities or the surrounding area and I don't think there's such an ingrained following for the state sides as there is for the county clubs. Love watching it over the Christmas/New Year period, it's already a bit of a tradition for me now, and then it brightens up January too. I'm not the only one either.
  25. Root gives his wicket away too often. Pujara can bat and bad and bat. Proper batsman.

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