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  1. I knew pakistanis were illiterate and this just proves it, where does the girl say pakistan is the best? She said she was surprised that pakistan isn't as dangerous as everyone makes it out to be, she never said pakistan is best, she is delusional of course but even in her delusion she doesn't say a phateechar country like pakistan is best
  2. After all the preaching about muslims on that chit chat thread, you make this pathetic comment #HypocrisyExposed
  3. Yes, and Straight_Drive before that
  4. Ian botham was a drug addict, chal aja kar case, tattie
  5. Of course you know me, I was the proud rashtra member on PP, upholding the pride of rashtra but you have gone astray brother, sadly you have fallen to the green propaganda, our rashtra brother @Prince_ has also joined ICF but he has gone astray too, sadly. YK is isn't fit enough to tie dravid's shoelaces and Sobers over bottle topper khan each day of the week
  6. You can take person out of jihadi land but you can never take out jihadi out of the person
  7. @sandeep Also did you notice how Asim has been running and dodging these criticisms of quran, he could have simply said that this is wrong but he chose to point fingers at hindus, cried about context and what not, he can't simple go against something explicitly mentioned in quran, can he?
  8. Ask the muslims you know whether wife beating is mentioned in the quran, the liberal muslims may not practice these things but they can't come out and criticize these teachings either because it is explicitly mentioned in the quran. It is not a confirmation bias, you are just ignorant about Islam. Islam is very different from your typical religion. You don't understand how rigid this religion is, ahmedis is a sect of Islam but the muslims refuse to acknowledge them as muslims because they went against their basic teaching of muhammad being the last prophet. There is no flexibility here, you have been on the green ghetto too, haven't you seen the type of threads in the time pass section. Of course sufi sect of islam is something I can respect but one could argue that sufi is more liberal because it was born after fusion with Indian culture. The Wahabi form of islam is the most vile and destructive ideology present in the world today. We are criticizing Quran the book, this is not some bigoted blind hatred towards muslims, Quran is the most relevant, most important book in Islam but Puranas in hinduism don't hold similar level of importance, so your example was flawed in the first place.
  9. Except Hindus don't believe in one book or source, the comparison between hinduism and Islam is wrong in the first place because of how different the 2 religions are. Hinduism can be criticized for a lot of things and it has been criticized for a lot of things in the past, but the difference is that hinduism was able to adapt and reform over the time, also Hinduism is so freaking diverse, you can be an atheist and still be a hindu. Islam on the other hand is rigid, every muslim has to believe in the quran, Quran is the ultimate truth for muslims, it cannot be changed or reformed, also Islam is based on exclusivism whereas hinduism is inclusive. You can search for the most moderate liberal muslim in the world but even he won't got against things explicitly mentioned in the quran even if they go against moral ethical values, I have seen liberal Muslims justifying wife beating because it is mentioned in the quran, no need to be sjw here, you can go ahead and bash hinduism, no one is stopping you but islam should be bashed and rightfully so for the wrong things contained in it
  10. LOL is this what your local mullah tells you, is this the propaganda which you guys are brought up on? Of course it will be the fastest growing religion because you guys are breeding like cockroaches, it is not some thing to be proud of , it is like a virus spreading throughout the world.
  11. 5-6 out of the 13 votes are from dhoni chamchas who will vote for dhoni's team no matter what the opposition is, that's why the team having dhoni is winning this poll