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  1. Bhai wo known idiot hai, bhonke de usko, wo kehte hai na... haathi chale bazaar, kutte bhauken hazaar
  2. No one's afraid of you velu, you are a pseudo mod
  3. Just put a leash around your pet rasgulla, he can't stop barking, if you can't control your pets then you shouldn't buy a pet, the mods should put this rabid poodle to sleep for good
  4. Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    chee chee, so many abusive words in this comment mods please ban beetle
  5. Toh deliver kar na, kis ne roka hai tujhe
  6. Stop spamming, there's already a thread on this crap
  7. lol the binny khaandan should keep its mouth shut after producing the abomination called stuart binny
  8. Really, you should be the last one to take jibes about "class" and "school", since you can't even form a simple grammatically correct sentence. "Is this guy just finished his class 4th exam" Go back to school, uneducated idiot
  9. Dhoni isn't fit enough to tie Sachin's shoelace in any format
  10. You are not unknown genius, you are a known idiot No two ways about it
  11. 5.3-0- 68 -1

    Which is why he should not bowl his full quota of overs in wet conditions, and he shouldn't make the team before kuldeep, terrible biased selection by kohli. Chahal is good but kuldeep is way better
  12. 5.3-0- 68 -1

    2 bad games
  13. The moment I saw that even dhoni scored a 50 of 20 something balls, I knew we are in trouble and 188 wasn't going to be enough, I mean if dhoni can score runs quickly then the track is super duper ultra flat

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