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  1. kira

    Indian batting average in test cricket this year

    World test championship is going to take place in 2019
  2. kira

    Indian batting average in test cricket this year

    @mishra apne pujara ki average dekh le, he's even worse than a night watchman
  3. The odds of a drawn series are 1 to 19 and odds of India winning the series are 1 to 29, I trust the character of this team and have bet on both draw and India's win I put my money where my mouth is
  4. Teesra test jeetenge, badi badi teams ke saath aise choti moti baatein hoti rehti hai
  5. He will never be an ATG unless he fixes his record in australia, south africa and India and at this stage of his career it is impossible to fix now, he will remain a borderline ATG and an England great but expect the english to hype him up as the greatest bowler of all time when he retires
  6. The previous captain was more worried about IPL loss than a test loss, he played international matches as practice matches for IPL
  7. Nobody cares about a loss if you fight well, I wasn't even upset after the first test loss but the 2nd test brought back the memories of dhoni era which is absolutely pathetic
  8. Other batsman's failures doesn't justify pujara's place, pujara has a worse average than dhawan overseas, just because other batsmen are failing too right now doesn't mean pujara should keep playing, he is an even bigger failure than other batsmen, stop going by this match or that match, we are not here to draw a match thanks to rain, we should aim to win and dominate, we don't need a nightwatchman as our no. 3, we need a proper batsman who can score big runs once set, pujara is a tailender and needs to be dropped irrespective of how other batsmen play
  9. And this was Curran's 2nd match
  10. Rasgulla getting a phainty from every icf poster as always, this dh.obi ka kutta has no shame
  11. Don't grill shastri in the morning, he won't be able to recall India's defeat
  12. And we all know how important the opinion of mr sunil shetty is regarding cricket
  13. abey the way we played that series, your minnow team can't even dream of fighting like that, it wasn't a flop show, it was a missed opportunity, come back here when your team avoids a whitewash in south africa next time

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