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  1. There are no new gears, this guy is bashing spinners, didn't watch the match so might be wrong here but out of all the bowlers, only spinners (rashid khan especially) were bashed around, bhuvi was economical as always, we already have enough spin bashers in the team, no need for this tried and tested failure
  2. Doubts? lol I have always considered DK as a better option than dhoni but dk is no 360 degree player, he's no abdv and he's certainly not the most talented Indian batsman as you have so many times claimed, he's a good batsman though.
  3. Is he a 360 degree player aka the Indian abdv like DK too ?
  4. Lol no, never ever, that briyani eating leach should stay as far away from the Indian team as far pluto is from earth
  5. abey ghonchu Indian army jab danda degi tere pichwade mein tab kaha jaa kar royega? Your third class player hasan isn't fit enough to wipe the shoes of Gambhir and your phateechar army deserves to be mocked after it got a phainty from Indian army in every freaking war
  6. Lol that takes a lot of time, not enough to make a career out of it, that's why no one did it in the 90s when bcci was a poor board and that's why chances were never high
  7. Jaise East Pakistan ke border mein ghus ke dhoya tha Indian army ne waise hi kisi din wagah ke gate se ghus ke Lappad langenge tum logo ko agar India ka maatha satak gya toh #TameezMeinRaho
  8. LOL chances were high? how were the chances high when there is no kolpak deal with India? How many players before IPL left for other countries? matlab kuch bhi
  9. Who the F cares about the opinions of the low IQ padosis? Can't believe someone actually created a thread to discuss the opinions of phateechar padosis LOL
  10. He's probably taking his frustration out at not being able to play IPL
  11. Jatt IQ is 1000 times greater than pakistani IQ #ChalBhaagYahaSePhateechar
  12. Feel bad for sachin fans because a random loser (it's probably you in the picture) in a crowd is holding this sign?

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