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  1. lol isko kings XI punjab ki t-shirt bhejni thi...punjabi ho kar bhi mumbai ki shirt pehan raha hai gadar
  2. No one better than sachin in the entire world, not sure why some people are crying
  3. He died of heartburn
  4. He's already way better than dhoni ever was in test cricket, he needs to do a lot of work in the limited overs though
  5. Tujh se kis ne poocha? Your entire nation couldn't produce a player of half the calibre of kohli in your entire history, bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad :D
  6. Only pathetic losers and retards want to see him fail, too bad for you guys, kohli will succeed, you guys will die of heartburn because kohli is here to stay for 10 more years
  7. There was never any golden age for bilateral odis, bilaterals have always been boring, no team takes it seriously except minnows like pakistan
  8. Good time for minnows, zimbabwe winning the a series in lanka, windies beating india in t20, pakistan winning the champion trophy, minnows having a good couple of months
  9. Bring rashid latif
  10. I am losing more and more respect for kohli the captain everyday
  11. I didn't watch a single ball of this series, don't even know the scoreline or who's playing but how the bloody hell is rahane back in the odi side?
  12. bilkul self respect naam ki cheez nahi hai kya tum pakistanio mein? Jab dekho bheek maangne aajate hai...allah ke naam par ek series dedo baba
  13. Stop begging for a bilateral series, kitna bheek maango yaar, nahi khelna with terrorists
  14. Yeh bol 18 june se pehle tere pass tha nahi kuch bolne ke liye..phat ti thi teri kitni phaitian khaane ke baad ek match mein mauka mila tujhe bola ne ka..pichle 10 saal se phaintian hi kha rahe ho tum phateechar log
  15. We have been enduring the dhoni torture for over 4 years now.. what will it take to kick that selfish cretin out of the team