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  1. That's very strange SIF, on one hand you believe there is no equal to dhoni in ODI but you also don't think that dhoni is a certain pick in an all time ODI XI because you don't believe dhoni is necessarily better than bevan, are you confused SIF?
  2. @sscomp32 upvote this too
  3. There is no EQUAL to just one cricketer in the history or the future of the game, and his name is Sachin GOD Tendulkar
  4. This is ICF, siffy boy, this is not the green ghetto, we respect freedom of speech, even the most trash posters like rasgulla are allowed to post here, that's what makes this forum better than the ghetto.
  5. LOL bad news for @sscomp32 and @GoldenSun
  6. Yeah, the ghetto is filled with idiots drooling over a phateechar bowler like amir, it is only a matter of time before I join you, I am surprised I lasted this long
  7. That's like asking will you shoot yourself or hang yourself? I prefer neither, thank you very much
  8. He'll hit a six in the last over and his supporters will go crazy and make 100 threads on it
  9. It is easy to remain not out if you don't even try hit a boundary
  10. haha I am still there, didn't see you around there, did they ban you again
  11. Wassup brother prince, long time no see
  12. Why are we blaming Rohit for Slow starts ?

    You tell us, why are you blaming Rohit for slow starts
  13. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    Too many pakistanis, the bottle topper phateechar khan doesn't deserve to be picked even in a gully XI, I am not a big fan of dhoni too but it is criminal to pick sanga and bottle topper khan and not dhoni.
  14. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    I guess averages don't matter now. Even a gully cricketer would make as many runs and take as many wickets if he's constantly picked to play for 20 years even though he didn't deserve it.

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