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  1. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Pakistani troll rasgulla upvoted this comment, so even he agrees that dhoni should be retired from internationals
  2. Manjrekar the selector.

    Jitni baar bolo kam hai, felt like slapping pujara in the face when he got runout for the second time in the same test match
  3. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Three troll votes coming soon
  4. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    Butler on current form, even de kock is better than dhoni right now
  5. He's like ajit agarkar (who bowled some great spells at the beginning of his career and was more than capable lower order bat) but he still has a long way to go to even match agarkar in the limited overs format, also agarkar was a lot faster than this trundler
  6. Lol 3 phateechar bowlers in the same attack P.S Don't comeback with the same ghissa pita Ct final comeback, these three have phateechar written all over them
  7. Getting exposed like other Pakistani tailunts
  8. Holding is still bitter about gavaskar owning the windies attack and India smashing their behinds in 1983, he's always be jelly of Indian players and will keep licking Pakistani and english boots #NothingToSeeHere
  9. Thank you captain obvious. Nobody cares about your views bhogle, one of the most pathetic brown nosing pak loving commentator, just behind majrekar on the worst commies list
  10. Lol @ #1 vs #2 Even a bigger spanking is coming for phateecharstan
  11. Phattu bradman hiding behind tailenders
  12. Manjrekar the selector.

    Majrekar is correct for a change, pujara deserves to be dropped for at least 5 test matches for those freaking pathetic and downright disgraceful runouts
  13. Enough of these kohli bashing threads, we've been winning left right and center for the last 2-3 years, we lose a couple of tests in south africa and suddenly everything is kohli's fault and kohli is the second coming of anti-christ. Fair weather fans who turn on their own team and players the minute something goes bad are the scum of this earth #Pathetic
  14. The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    Asif was a phateechar drug addict match fixer, don't insult mcgrath or steyn by such spouting such nonsense
  15. Vijay Rahul Rahane Kohli Besharma Dk Pandya Ashwin Besharma2 Bk Bumrah

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