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  1. Tu bhi andha hai kya? Phateechar logo ko phateechar word hi nazar aata hai, bohot post Bina phateechar use liye likhi hai but agar tujhe phateechar word itna hi pasand hai to likh deta hu... Tujse bada phateechar poster icf mein nahi hai.. Le khush
  2. ICF ko bimari hai, bahot jaldi player ko useless declare karne ki, logo ki ego hurt ho gyi, abhi next ipl mein dhoni nayi trigger movement leke ayega aur 180 ke strike rate se chakke marega, phir pata chalega sabko
  3. kira

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Trolling time is over velu, now it is just sad and pathetic
  4. kira

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Abdv to phir bhi samajh mein aata hai but yeh dhoni ke liye cricket kaise chor sakta hai koi, a mediocre player in 2 out of 3 formats, led India to the worst overseas phainties in history, lost India 5-6 t20 world cups, the only format he was good at was odis but even in that he has been sh!t since 2013, he is also one of the biggest hypocrite in cricketing history, saala movie mein dialogue maarta hai we are all servants of the game but bc jab khud pe baat ayi to he is stuck to the team like a parasite, it's a shame that a phateechar player like dhoni has gained so much popularity.
  5. kira

    Dhoni in chases since 2015

    That 54 from 114 against windies will put even ben stokes to shame
  6. @Shunya yeh dekh how many fapfests we've had since 2015, saala this phateechar has been been sucking the life out of chases for the last 3-4 years but his chamchas keep burying their heads in sand, saala kya jaadu kiya hai dhoni ne tum logo par? Pic courtesy reddit
  7. kira

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    This parasite won't leave the team until he is kicked out, itna drama saale retire hona hai to hoja, this is just his PR team trying to gain some sympathy for this phateechar
  8. Jaahil log, jaahil desh, just read the story of a techie being lynched by mob based on whatsapp rumours, third world will remain a third world
  9. kira

    Pakistan Elections - July 25, 2018

    Phateechar taliban khan won't win, who wants to become a PM of a failed state anyway, it's not like the PM in your country has any power, your civil government is a pet dog of your army
  10. kira

    New trend of "Reaction" videos

    Idiots with inferiority complex like you are the reason that a loser like jaby is running a successful channel on youtube, I came across his channel way before he started reacting to Indian content, the firangs didn't give a sh!t about his phateechar channel but the Indians start drooling over the opinion of any idiot with a foreign accent, people like you disgust me
  11. kira

    Is Dhoni done?

    Dhoni chamchas on twitter
  12. Jaa nikal na history, teri history to Aaj Maine Sabke saamne expose kar di, kisi din wo dangal wala thread bhi bump karunga jisme phir se teri lack of knowledge expose ho jayegi
  13. Tujhe kya pta sharmu, chal ipl dekh jaake, international cricket teri Samaj se Bahar hai
  14. If that happens then it will totally erase the pain of this loss, in fact it will make me happy that we lost, ab toh baksh de dhoni

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