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  1. Jatt IQ is 1000 times greater than pakistani IQ #ChalBhaagYahaSePhateechar
  2. @Rasgulla petting @velu
  3. Feel bad for sachin fans because a random loser (it's probably you in the picture) in a crowd is holding this sign?
  4. hahaha victory at WC abey aukaat mein reh, that fluke CT victory last year is the closet you'll ever get to beating India for the next 50 years
  5. Saeed Anwar

    Oh yeah, misread the stats, don't know how this is even a debate, ganguly pwns anwar, more runs at a higher average
  6. Why settle for second best? She should aim to be female tendulkar
  7. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Bhikmange, nikala to tu gya hai tha airport pe because of your pakistani passport, did you enjoy your rectal massage
  8. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Just because no one calls your phateechar team for a full series, you guys have started thinking these 2 test, 3 odi jokes are actually comparable to full series like 4 tests or 5+ odis. You minnows should never forget your true aukaat, you are not worthy of being called for a full series.
  9. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Nobody gives a damn about you either
  10. Your pick for WC2019 semi finalists

    Lol 3 matches is not a series, you minnows won 2-1 fluke victory in a half series and you dare to compare that trash with a 5-1 thrashing India gave to Sa in sa
  11. Saeed Anwar

    Of course you respect Kohli, Kohli is greater than all your legends put together, if you don't respect Kohli then you are disrespecting your legends, every pakistani bows his head before King Kohli
  12. Saeed Anwar

    Let's see, ganguly scored more than 11k runs at an average of 41 while that phateechar anwar scored just 7k runs at an average of 42, clearly ganguly wins over here, Ganguly has more centuries so he wins there too, what's so hard to understand here, pahteechar paksitani?
  13. Saeed Anwar

    hehehe looks like I touched some nerves of this little piggy abey ghonchu even if he scored all 194 runs in boundaries it won't matter because he wasn't physically fit enough to run, he could score those boundaries because afridi was running for this phateechar, if he had to bat without a runner he would have collapsed on the field and would have been carried out on a stretcher or he may have runout himself, I know these things are hard to understand for low IQ pakistanis

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