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  1. kira

    Grievances thread

    This won't last for long, you will lose posters if you start moral policing over here, I'll be back when freedom of expression is back on this forum
  2. Mods please ban sharmu for abusing, we can't tolerate such language under the new regime
  3. kira

    Grievances thread

    Ro le tu, thoda aur ro le never used the words kill or crowbar, if my comment was half as bad as you are suggesting than I would have got a warning at least, I think you have some comprehension issues, the only reason I even bothered to PM you is to let you know that I don't have a personal issue with you so that you keep out of my business but teri samajh se bahar hai ye sab, lol @ going easy on me
  4. kira

    Grievances thread

    It was something along the lines ki main tere bamboo ghusa dunga, this is a very common insult in hindi, but when you translate into english and start adding words like rape you are changing the whole intensity of the sentence and action was taken as my post was deleted, stop playing the victim card here, I even told you in pm that I like you as a poster and I only responded to you because you kept calling me a moron when I have never even quoted your post, I ignored your posts 2-3 times and finally responded because you couldn't help yourself from interfering for no reason, ab rona band kar
  5. kira

    Grievances thread

    Lol matlab kuch bhi, I never used the word rape, the difference in intensity of what I said and what garuda was claiming in huge, hadd namune ho yaar tum log
  6. kira

    Grievances thread

    That is a very phateechar suggestion
  7. His PR team is out with another story to build sympathy for this cheat, his tears are not enough, we need more tears
  8. kira

    Are you a Cat person or a Dog person !!!

    No, I don't like all the breeds and I particularly hate rasgulla's breed (chihuahua)
  9. kira

    Grievances thread

    Naam lene ki himmat to rakh gollu
  10. kira

    Grievances thread

    Nope, simply throw a bone, he'll come running
  11. kira

    Grievances thread

    Sachin retired 5 years ago but these dumba$$ chamchas still keep bringing him in topics just shows how sachin burnt their a$$es over the years, continuously for more than 2 decades They have still not recovered from the burn
  12. kira

    Grievances thread

    awwlelelelele itna mat ro yaar
  13. Bumrah has to be in the playing XI
  14. Rahul is the next superstar of India. He's Kohli's successor, just like kohli was sachin's and sachin was gavaskar's. Both Kohli and Rahul batting in prime form will be a treat to the eyes, he is a must in all three formats.
  15. kira

    Are you a Cat person or a Dog person !!!

    Hate cats, I love dogs, a dog is a man's best friend.

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