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  1. It's not about better average, I am saying if bhuvi played all his cricket in these conditions then he's have similar stats to philander, do you understand?
  2. No he's not, if bhuvi played all of his cricket in sa, nz and eng, he'd have similar if not better stats than philander
  3. Did you watch the previous aus vs sa series in australia? Those tracks were anything but flat, check the scorecards of that series on cricinfo
  4. Let's see, he averages 23 in england (expected because of the conditions) he averages 23 in nz (again similar conditions) he averages above 30 in australia, lanka bangladesh ( as expected from a green track bully) he's played just 3 test matches in India and uae combined that's a very small sample size to be mentioning his average in those countries. So yeah, nothing in the stats posted above proves that he's not a green track bully
  5. Nope just returning the favors of the posters who used the troll vote on me, I never use the troll/downvote otherwise
  6. The thing is philtrundler is averaging 22 in test cricket, it is mindblowing that a praveen kumara clone can average that low in test cricket, just shows he's the biggest green track bully in history of cricket
  7. One Man Army

    Stats from 1996 world cup, Look at the gulf between sachin and other Indian batsmen, Sachin singlehandedly carried India in to the semi finals of that world.
  8. Just see the difference between Kohli and Pujara, Kohli is coming on the front foot while pujara is getting owned again and again by staying on the backfoot. How in the world did pujara fool everyone into thinking that he's a good test batsman? He's nothing more than a home track bully. The next wall lol
  9. Lol pujara looks so inept against swing bowling, it's not even funny anymore
  10. There goes another overrated player, all there Indian openers are overrated and pathetic
  11. One Man Army

    Yeah, but some kids these days are trying to rewrite history by stating that the 90s batting lineup wasn't just sachin by mentioning players like dravid, ganguly, azhar, siddhu. The thing is none of these players were good enough in the 90s, it was just sachin.
  12. But at a trundling speed of 127k, that's practically spin bowling, phitrundler should have never picket more than 2-3 wickets in this whole series, I am amazed how inept the modern day batting is that this trundler is able to average 22 in test cricket
  13. lol there goes boom or bust rahul, I beginning to lose faith in this batting lineup, have we had a worse batting lineup than this one, even our 90s lot wasn't this bad
  14. lol shaw is a freaking kid, too early for him to be anywhere near the Indian cricket team
  15. @Cricketics There seems to a problem in your forum, I blocked this pakistani troll ages ago and I didn't get any notifications from this pathetic cretin for a while but it seems your system is broken because I am getting notifications from this troll again even though he's on my blocked list, please fix it. Thank you
  16. You already insulted sachin by grouping him with dhoni. Sachin is leagues above Dhoni, Sachin is the greatest cricketer to have played this game while dhoni was a one format specialist, stop insulting GOD
  17. This was genuinely laugh out loud good
  18. We'll destroy the afrikans unless the rain saves them #RokSakoToRokLo
  19. Our batting performance was awful sif but our bowling performance was awesome
  20. 3rd Test : Pitch

    Your childhood crush karthik is a pathetic batsman and an even worse keeper

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