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  1. Forget burgers. The Pakistan players were acting like they had smoked weed before the game. They had that disconnected chilled apathy that weed induces.
  2. kosingh

    Ind vs Pak Pre-Match Discussion (WC19)

    It was just not satisfying to win do comprehensively. Pakistan cricket doesn't have a pulse. Felt like a 17 year old school bully beating up a 5 year old class 1 kid.
  3. Shankar either completely swings and misses or mistimes when he tries to hit hard. Really strange inability for a middle order/lower middle order batter
  4. kosingh

    Sick of Kohli's PR when it comes to Pakistan

    Gotta maintain brand Kohli in Pakistan. Don't care as it doesn't get in the way
  5. I am neither offended nor amused. I might have been offended if Abhinandan was not returned, and I might have been amused if the ad was funny.
  6. Shakib is nowhere near as explosive as Jayasuriya. To most teams Shakib would be as valuable as a Tilakaratne. To Toygers he is Bradman. That said he is good enough to make the current Indian team at 5 or 6.
  7. I am trying to imagine what sort of celebrations these clowns could have in mind.
  8. South Korea, USA, China, Iraq can do whatever the * they want.
  9. Jadhav needs to be in the squad simply for the psychologocal impact his presence brings. When you have a Sachin, Lara, Kohli or Jadhav, you include them in a world cup squad even if they are injured.
  10. kosingh

    No opening ceremony....

    Sure, sweetie.
  11. This is why I keep a box of tissues and a bottle of lotion next to me when Rohit is batting.
  12. kosingh

    No opening ceremony....

    Been the case for a while. Was watching some thing on tv the other day...even soccer despite being the mat popular sport, is not as popular in England as it was 10 years ago. So what are youngsters in Britain into these days? Not even beer. That too is less popular than it was 10 years ago. Not sex- they're also having less sex than they did a decade ago.
  13. I like the WI chances too. There's something about them.
  14. kosingh

    No opening ceremony....

    Nothing can be worse than the 1996 world cup opening ceremony. The ultra boring laser show made worse by windy conditions that had the projection swinging all over the place
  15. kosingh

    No opening ceremony....

    Opening ceremonies are pointless anyway. Just get to business.

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