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  1. India need better opposition

    Sad what has happened to Sri Lankan cricket. They emerged from irrelevance in the mid 90s, and stayed competitive for 20 years. Now they are back to being minnows.
  2. Guess your MOS for the Srilanka test series

    Rohit. Seals his place (unfortunately) in test side for 12 months by putting up big numbers on Sri Lankan tracks.
  3. India tour of SL

    Great country to visit. Wonderful hospitality, beautiful country. But hell, it's brutal to watch test cricket in Sri Lanka.
  4. Among men, South Africa are obviously the kings of choking, but are we really number 2? Perhaps Pakistan but with them you never know whether it is a genuine choke or something more sinister.
  5. Women's cricket in India would have a long way to go with or without the WC win. Those of you who went to co-ed school in India, do you remember your physical education/sports periods? Boys would play cricket, soccer. Girls would either sit around watching boys, or would play basketball, khokho (what a sport that was!)...
  6. Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    If we evaluated the women the same way we evaluate the men, we would be pretty angry about this show in the final. But we have more sympathy for women.
  7. There is no Dhoni in RCB, and Kohli isn't much better as captain. In the shorter formats, Kohli's captaincy is disappointing with or without Dhoni.
  8. How often do they change their website. I hate any of regularly visted websites changing, but cricinfo is especially bad at it
  9. Shastri wants Tendulkar as batting consultant

    I don't think they deliberately lost the match. But I do think the coaching drama had an impact on their performance. They seemed somewhat disinterested, as if there was a "I don't give a f.ck" attitude... I don't however want to draw any definite conclusions, and am happy to give them the benefit of doubt. But the whole sequence of events from multiple partes has left a very bad taste in the mouth
  10. Twitter messages

    That might be the worst cricketer hairstyle ever.
  11. Shastri wants Tendulkar as batting consultant

    Shastri administration is kind of like the Trump administration. Not in terms of the people he hires, but the manner in people are chosen.
  12. Shastri wants Tendulkar as batting consultant

    Sachin Tendulkar is the biggest name among ex Indian cricketers. He does not need to get involved in cricket politics to get what he wants. If he wants to be a batting consultant, he just needs to ask, and he will be batting consultant. Not sure why we are going through all this drama with INdian cricket.
  13. Just gets more and more weird everyday. You want to hire the guy that hired you. "Ravi put forward the idea of having Sachin on board as a consultant for a very short period. But the committee promptly reminded him about the conflict of interest clause," a member of the committee, who did not wish to be identified as the information is not meant to be public, told PTI" http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/india-in-sri-lanka/ravi-shastri-wants-sachin-tendulkar-as-consultant-but-conflict-of-interest-rule-applies/articleshow/59663631.cms
  14. Joining Bonanza - Huge pay hike for new India coach Shastri

    I think Kumble wanted 9 cr. He asked for that for himself but was not actually getting that.

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