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  1. I suspect some of these players themselves are responsible for not fully disclosing their condition. There is insecurity that once they lose their place, they may not be able to get it back. A bit of "don't worry, Virat bhai and Ravi Sir, I feel fine now. I have recovered"
  2. kosingh

    What India needs is team director

    ...and Virat will select the director.
  3. If it happens then Bharat Arun's role would become bowling coach (excluding spin bowlers)?
  4. kosingh

    Virat Kohli turns vegan

    No more dairy products for Virat.
  5. Why schedule tests against WI if you can schedule Asia Cup? Why schedule Asia Cup if you can schedule IPL?
  6. Anushka is capable of picking a better squad than our selectors
  7. On my computer it looks like 3x! Everyone is walking around and moving ultra fast!
  8. WTF is he reviewing that for.
  9. If his ODI batting is affected because he is dropped from the test team, then he does not deserve to be in the ODI team either.
  10. Nothing new. Warne said the same about Waugh a couple of years ago https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/feb/09/shane-warne-rips-into-selfish-former-australia-team-mate-steve-waugh
  11. kosingh

    Harbhajan fighting for Nair - Much respect

    Nair's recent innings from cricinfo: He is not making a strong case based on current form.
  12. Definitely dropping lots of indirect criticisms of Kohli and suggesting that maybe...
  13. kosingh

    Toygers deserve to win

    Yeah I am surprised how many Toyger fans are whining about this whole tournament being a BCCI conspiracy. From scheduling to benefit India, to umpiring to pitches to benefit India.

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