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  1. kosingh

    Isa Guha

    Agree. Who people support is their personal choice, regardless of their skin color or where their parents/grandparents/ancestors came from. Wonder if the tune of people in this debate would change if we saw enough people moving to India and obtaining Indian citizenship.
  2. kosingh

    Pujara, what a performance!

    Masterclass in test batting. Privilege to have witnessed it. This is going to be one fantastic series
  3. Will be remembered for being the Indian cricketer with possibly the greatest disparity between real age and stated age.
  4. kosingh

    Two declarations in 20 minutes

    If the first 2 days of a test match are washed out, this should be required by the rule book.
  5. The Bevan comparison is so typical of the ICF hype machine!
  6. kosingh

    Ambati Rayudu to retire from longer version of game

    The other players should have given him a guard of honor in his last test. Wait...
  7. Shane Warne responds to the baked beans thing in India. And also take on food on foreign tours. https://www.cricket.com.au/video/shane-warne-michael-clarke-baked-beans-pizza-peter-siddle-bananas-channel-nine/2014-12-30
  8. Different people age differently. And different aspects of the same person age differently. So there is no standard.
  9. What transformation, bhai? One innings does not a transformation make.
  10. It's a comical trophy. But hardly worth wasting an inquiry over.
  11. I would love to see Warner and Smith against India. Will not happen though. They're not so blatantly going to revert to the win at all costs mentality that they blamed for the fiasco in the 1st place. They have to at least create the appearance of now doing the right thing. At least for a few more months.
  12. He's excellent as an analyst. Top notch. As a commentator, he's just alright. Certainly better than Shiva, Sunny and Manju. But who isn't.
  13. kosingh

    BCCI = Bhabi Controls Cricket in India?

    LOL. You win the post of the day award.
  14. kosingh

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    His regression to trundling has been quicker than that of most Indian bowlers

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