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  1. kosingh

    Why no practice?

    No IPL for Pujara, and he is one guy who has played plenty of cricket in England this year. Not helping much.
  2. This will lead to a lot of conflict. How can you hold captain/coach accountable when they can't even select their XI?
  3. That is the biggest criticism of Shastri- he does nothing. As the English journalist observed, Shastri's presence is ornamental. And for that he deserves the harshest criticism a coach can get.
  4. I don't think Shastri cares about either credit or blame. He is just there for money and whiskey, and he knows that to get those things he just has to stay out of the team's way.
  5. kosingh

    Make KL Rahul captain in one of the formats.

    Rahane has been given a pretty consistent run in tests, hasn't he?
  6. kosingh

    I hope England demolish us 5-0!

    Process. Not results.
  7. kosingh

    I hope England demolish us 5-0!

    If 5-0 loss changed things, maybe. Nothing will change. So take all the wins and draws we can get. There will not be many.
  8. Which ex-cricketer will curtail Kohli? Scheduling now is done very smartly- so series like these are quickly forgotten.
  9. Pujara isn't going to fix his issues outside of Asia. Not going to happen. He has played test cricket for 8 years. He has played nearly 60 tests. If things have not changed in so long, they never will. He is what he is.
  10. kosingh

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Rahul looks like a proper "uncle" now
  11. Back to that word Shastri and Kohli used for Pujara several months ago- intent.
  12. kosingh

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    I have solution. Give Shastri 2 bottles of whiskey for every win. 1 bottle for every draw. And zero bottles for every loss.
  13. kosingh

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Time has come when the coach' salary is directly and only based on wins, losses and draws. Adjustments based on home, away and opponent rank.
  14. kosingh

    Can India win the World Cup with Kohli-Shastri duo?

    With the white ball, we can be competitive against any team in any condition

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