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  1. Ganguly once played after he clipped his toe nails. Surely that's a bigger comeback story than Rohit's.
  2. Manjrekar has an incredible ability to piss pretty much everyone off
  3. Shoot Sri Lankans in your home, then make Sri Lanka your home.
  4. I like this from Peter Miller. Sums up my thoughts "The thing I am most glad about is that Australia can happily abuse opponents while never crossing the line they themselves created and move"
  5. Some Pakistani cricketer/official comes up with this very statement every month. Irrelevant, insignificant.
  6. Yeah Aussies define what is racist and what is not. Aussies decide what sort of aggression is acceptable and what is not. Aussies decide what is banter and what is abuse. Aussies decide that jibes are acceptable before and during a series but not after.
  7. Mitchel Johnson is the Australian version of Sanjay Manjrekar
  8. From twitter- After that, Smith asked the Indian team if he could bring the Australian team to the Indian dressing room for a beer. Indians agreed. Everyone is friends again.
  9. Former Australians are always noisy....but this series they've been mouthing off even more than what is typical for them. One more session, and they shall be buried.
  10. Pop the champagne already. The trophy is ours.
  11. Look, we definitely have a bigger problem with catching than top teams should. But financial penalties aren't going to do it.
  12. We take some of these comments from Australians a little too seriously. They are intended to incite.
  13. Excellent. Seems to have that awareness and instinct