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  1. The US has had 515 deaths already today, and the day is not over. These numbers are exceeding the University of Washington daily projections that everyone is using. Exceeding even the confidence intervals.
  2. Once you recover you should be testing negative. If there are people in Italy who were infected months ago and they recovered, their tests would not be positive today. We have to wait for the ant-body tests for that.
  3. Patients have to test negative (preferably twice) in order to be released from quarantine
  4. kosingh

    Fcuk China

    Now the Chinese government is considering using bear bile as a potential treatment for coronavirus. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2020/03/chinese-government-promotes-bear-bile-as-coronavirus-covid19-treatment/ Make bears go extinct and introduce new diseases from animals to humans
  5. I like Seychelles. India isn't a bad country name all. Sounds kind of exotic when one thinks of it from a non-Indian point of view!
  6. LOL yes. I have not been spending on anything except groceries. I am thinking about ordering a treadmill to set up at home. But stay at home has been good for the savings yes. Let's see how long I get to keep my job though with all the crap that's happening!
  7. In many parts of the country it's still hard to get a test even if you have symptoms
  8. India is under-testing, but not hearing about Indian hospitals getting over-run with people with breathing issues, etc. Hoping there is something to the Indian weather thing...
  9. Looking forward to the antibodies test to get going so we can get a sense of how widespread this thing is. The clustered nature of the outbreak makes me doubt the theory that millions in the US/Spain/Italy have already had without realizing it.
  10. Glad to see Indian pharma companies like Cipla looking to produce generic versions of some of the drugs that may offer a glimmer of hope. Indian pharma has never cared for Western patents, and this might be a great time not to care about Western drug patents. Hopefully this drug remdesivir is at least partially effective ....although we'll see
  11. India is desperately under-reporting. We are under-testing, but also strategically reporting deaths. One of the early cases in India - someone from that Italian tourist group in Jaipur, was classified as `recovered'. But he died a few days after being discharged from the hospital of a heart attack. Similar thing with the tourist from Philippines. Classified as recovered from Covid19 by India, but the guy died a few days later.
  12. These American politicians pretty much asking grandparents to die to save the economy is shocking.
  13. India has less than 5000 ventilators. Could get very bad.
  14. That has been the hope, but Malaysia is hotter and more humid than India. And it's starting to spread there. Thailand too.
  15. With HIV drugs failing, all hope is on Malaria drugs and that Japanese antiviral drug that's showing promise
  16. India has the capacity to test 6000 per day (which is poor). But reports suggest that India has only been testing around 100 (which is bizarre). Could there be thousands undiagnosed out there? Yes, but it's not like Indian emergency rooms are getting flooded with people who having breathing trouble.
  17. The virus has been spreading in malaysia's hot temperaturees. India might be pinning too much hope on the summer...
  18. Indian doctors are usually more willing to prescribe drugs/combo of drugs for unapproved uses. May just stumble upon a treatment. Ok wishful thinking.
  19. This isn't going away so soon. Cancel IPL but what about the thousands of other situations that involve crowds in India?
  20. It will take a long time to forget his batting yesterday.
  21. Really enjoyed the day's play. The bowling has been fun to see throughout today.
  22. Rahane is starting to make Raina look like the master of playing short bowling
  23. Angled it on to his own stumps!
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