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  1. You do realise that if India make it to the semi's that the Kohli, BCCI etc etc will all be vindicated that they picked the correct team the entire time. Dhoni will also play in the T20 World Cup as well. Think about that for a second. So many of these players will continue to play after the WC, instead of India looking to build and develop a new team.
  2. SRT100

    Playing 11 : First Match vs SA

    Its unbelievable the number of games we have had to prepare for this and yet cannot finalise a 11. It should be straight forward.
  3. We wont make the Semis. This will be a good thing for Indian Cricket for the next world cup.
  4. If we want changes to be made at selection and to end nepotism and players too powerful not allowing younger and better players into the side, it is imperative that India fail. If India cannot win the WC, which will be evident in our first few games, I would rather the team be humiliated beyond repair so we can rebuild a new one, then to play a poor team in the Quarter Finals and make it to Semi Final. The worst thing for Indian cricket is for India to make the finals and play one of Sri Lanka/Pakistan/Banga in a quarter final, a win here and King Kohli will be thumping his chest that he took the team to Semi Final. Which ironically would be an achievement given how weak this team is, but he will actually play the card that this team is actually that strong. Im tired of the BS on here about Dhawan's average in ICC tournaments, the player is finished. That was years ago. We are in 2019. The same can be said about Hitman and Dhoni too. Kohli's failure is vital also to dismantle the power struggle in Indian cricket. I have never witnessed one player controlling team selection, the coach and players as much as King Kohli.
  5. Bet on India to lose all their matches against the big teams. This team is a joke. Kohli has screwed everyone, couple this with a useless IPL tournament played before the WC, poor team selections and this India team may fluke its way to a quarter final but the moment they play Aust, SA, NZ, Eng, WI, they will be knocked out. They may beat WI but India cannot and will not pass Aust, SA, NZ or Eng. To win in England you need to score 300+ on most occasions. This team will struggle to get to 270, especially if they lose 3 early wickets. Pant will have the last laugh.
  6. SRT100

    Template to beat India in the World Cup.

    You must be one special kind of retard.
  7. SRT100

    Template to beat India in the World Cup.

    Aussies must have read the template. Australia ignored getting Kohli out though. They realised they can win the game by just getting the players out the other end. This team is useless. This team belongs to the country of India, ffs it does not belong to Kohli, Dhoni and Shastri. I have given up watching ODI cricket. Team India is not an entertaining fun team to watch.
  8. Im not enjoying watching ODI cricket anymore. I love the old days of Ganguly, SRT and Sehwag batting, then we had Yuvraj and a younger Dhoni. Today, we have Kohli who has no aggression or anger to decimate a bowling on his own. I blame those arrogant Indian selectors that thought they knew more than me. I was so angry when about a year or two ago we won matches with the top 3 and didnt care who was in the middle order. Today we are reaping the errors of those decisions. If the bowling does not keep the opposition to under par, India will always lose. India cant chase scores at par or higher. India cant set totals that are par or higher. This team is useless.
  9. SRT100

    Time to drop payload on Rayudu !!!

    Use Rayudu as a bomb and drop him into Pakistan.
  10. SRT100

    Team is sabotaged by bad selections.

    I wish you idiots would stop mentioning ICC records. They are irrelevant. Current form, age, and skill is all that counts. Hitman, Dhawan, Rayudu, Dhoni, Jadeja are all finished at international level. ICC records who cares, might as well bring back Tendulkar based on ICC records. FFS.
  11. Dhoni will take this run rate to over 10 an over. Have faith the worse is yet to come.
  12. Easier to set 350 then to chase 350.
  13. Did these lazy Indians get their new pay day today?

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