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  1. SRT100

    Only T20 Australia vs South Africa

    Channel 9 in Australia that did the commentary for over 35 years is gone. Its now taken over by another channel. Avoid listening at all costs. Its sub standard in its analysis.
  2. SRT100

    India 's tour of Australia

    India will never get a better chance to win a series down under. Its now or never. Wish it was just a 3 test series. 4 Tests gives the opposition enough opportunities to draw or win.
  3. If the selectors had any brains at all, they should be fielding the same team that will play in the first test v Australia. If that means one spinner then so be it.
  4. What a useless and meaningless series. Forget 2nd string, India should have sent a 3rd string line up for these games.
  5. SRT100

    Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2018/19

    India would be better served playing VVS Laxman than Dhawan in this series. Thats how bad Dhawan is.
  6. Is Stokes not playing because of his legal case?
  7. Dhawan Vijay Pujara Kohli Rahane Karthik Rahul Kuldeep Ashwin Ishant Shami Bowling is weakened but in reality what use is Pandya when he has poor bowling average in Test Cricket. Almost be better of having Kohli bowl 10 overs if thats all Pandya was going to be used for.
  8. 1. T20 cricket is mindless cricket. 2. Winning in Australia means everything from a Test Cricket perspective. It is not about money or the IPL. Stop being ignorant. Go watch a kids movie as it is clear you are a child.
  9. I think its relevant discussion in light of Australia's current situation and the banned players. India's best chance in years. Probably the best time to hit Australia when they are down on the canvass.
  10. What a useless post. India have failed to win a series ever in Australia. From a Test Cricket perspective it is a major prize.
  11. With Australia's batting decimated with the loss of captain Smith and vice captain Warner and the dark controversy surrounding the ball tampering, the impending test series against Australia in Australia, looms as India's strongest chance to win a Test series in Australia. If India can field their strongest XI, they may be in a position to win their first test series in Australia ever. In Australian conditions, the one area in which India are suspect is the batting. However, if Kohli can perform anywhere near his best and if he can be assisted a couple of others it will go a long way to beating Australia. Dont be mistaken, Australia still has a very lethal bowling unit but with all the issues surrounding their team, it could either galvanize them or tear them apart at the seam. Probably what is going to be crucial is for Kohil to not take a backward step against the Australians with them coming under a lot of heat and pressure from sledging on field. If India go back to those meek quiet teams of circa Ganguly teams, then the same past test results will transpire. Kohli needs to let Australia feel the heat for the entire series until it is won.
  12. I was correct on my summation very early on about this game.
  13. wrong on both accounts. You havent watched enough cricket to understand the game.
  14. DISGRACEFUL, HUMILIATING, SHAMEFUL, PATHETIC. INDIAN CRICKET TEAM. The arrogance and audacity to believe they had the right bowling combination in this tournament is what led to their downfall.
  15. Your kidding right?? This isnt 55-45 Its 70-30 Pakistans advantage. If Pakistan get 350 they win the CT.

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