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  1. India need to treat this like a world cup final. they should also make changes. If in a final they have to make forced changes then they know how they will respond. Plenty of games left for them to get into a rhythm.
  2. I would consider Chalal for Kuldeep. Australia would have to be cautious against the right arm spinner seeing they havent played him in a long time.
  3. India have lost each of their last three ODIs at the MCG against Australia. Overall, India have lost nine of their 14 ODIs at this venue against the hosts. Their last win was in the CB series in 2008, when they won by five wickets, chasing 160. Kuldeep Yadav's strike rate drops to a wicket every 65 balls in final games of bilateral ODI series, a far cry from his career strike rate of roughly 26 balls per wicket. This is an indication that batsmen tend to work him out as a series nears completion.
  4. This is the side that will beat Australia and win the series. Can chase down any total and has the weapons to defend a decent par total. Bats deep to no.9 and has 6 bowling options. Hitman Dhawan Kohli MS Jadhav Karthik Shankar Jadeja Kumar Kuldeep Shami
  5. Rayudu has been exposed on this short tour of his. Jedav will play in Melbourne.
  6. I think Dhoni wants to die on the field and make his life like a bollywood movie.
  7. Our cricket team is so fcuked up it isnt funny. None of the middle order would play for top 5 nations in the world.
  8. This is murder what the Indian middle order is doing to cricket in India.
  9. Now the death of the middle order of India. Rayudu, Dhoni and Karthik. Aust will win this.
  10. This Indian side will get exposed by a top bowling unit. After the top 3, the rest cant bat for sh1t.
  11. Food for thought. I felt Bhuvi batted better than Rayudu in the last match.
  12. FFS how the fcuk does Rayadu get to play for India. I think posters on here could do a better job.

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