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  1. Will you apply same decision to others in the team like Dhawan or Rohit? If they all fail against those attacks, will you still drop only Rayudu? Rayudu has done more than what is expected of him since his comeback. In general players are not picked based off a benchmark against some specific subset of attacks.....
  2. He seems to have lost his death bowling skills. Still a handy bowler with the new ball. india would be best served to use him for 7-8 overs upfront and two in the middle. For that though, they need to find another death bowler to complement Bumrah
  3. UnknownGenius

    Ganguly & Ravi Shastri.. rift out in the open

    It is what it is, man. When people can't debate, they take the lowest route. I am done with this thread. Good luck.
  4. Yes he is useless with the new ball. One game doesn't change the fact. That's the point. Seems like you are never going to get it so no point wasting bandwidth on you Next
  5. You're delusional then. India is in win now mode. WC is less than a year away. They are not going to bring in some 20 year old at the expense of an experienced 30 year old at this stage. The time for that will be post world cup Go watch the U-19 WC since all you care about is age. You will not enjoy the WC 2019 because India will have lots of 30+ players. It is what it is.
  6. UnknownGenius

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli - who is better ODI batsman?

    In test matches Sachin avg in 4th innings was a paltry 35 or something.....
  7. You said Pandya was a good bowler because he once took 3 wickets with the new ball. That was a ridiculous statement so I showed it means nothing because Stu Binny once took 5 wickets with new ball Why are you bringing batting into this now? Oh wait, you're clutching at straws after being proven to have weak logic Move on....
  8. UnknownGenius

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli - who is better ODI batsman?

    Top Post. People are shameless and insulting Kohli by comparing him to Sachin. He has left the Tendy way behind. Gap between Kohli and Sachin much bigger than gap between Sachin and Ganguly or Dravid or Yuvi. Viv Richers is somewhere in betweem
  9. UnknownGenius

    BCCI = Bhabi Controls Cricket in India?

    What was the reason? Thanks for the update.
  10. Who cares about age? Greatest ever T20 team CSK showed age is just a number despite everyone writing us off. Good to see India not fall for this age crap. You need to win NOW
  11. Another good score by Rayudu awil mean India win and haterz keep whining
  12. And Stu bunny once took 5 wickets whren given the new ball Doesn't mean crap Such weak logic SMH
  13. Groomed by so not surprising
  14. UnknownGenius

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    The one big advantage he has is that he is left armer and offers a different line of attack, different angles and variety. He doesn't have too much competition from that aspect unless you want to go back to failures like Undakkat or Sangwan or Sreenath Aravind
  15. UnknownGenius

    We need to replace Rayudu from his #4 slot ASAP !!!

    He is here to stay for the foreseeable future. All your whining and moaning will do NOTHING

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