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  1. RCB Playing 11

  2. Ee Sala Cup Namde : The Official 2018 RCB thread

    One of the worst teams in IPL history. Never won the IPL despite having some of the best T20 players ever. Can't see how it's going to be different. Perennial Chokers
  3. heheh crap bowler for crap team. His has been smacked in BBL and PSL but Bambis should know what being smacked around means until they fill umpires pockets with $$$
  4. Sending Shankar over DK

    Chennai - Karthik, Sundar, Vijay SHankar CSK - Raina, Thakur
  5. Dhoni producing match winners even when he is not playing. What an inspiration. I don't remember last time anyone said they learnt how to win matches from Sachin b/c fact is Tendy was never a great match winner. India's best match winners ODI's - Kohli and Dhoni T20 - Kohli Tests - Ashwin / Kumble / Dravid
  6. The greatest nagin dance done by a cricketer

    Sunny Gavaskar is a disgrace. I can't remember in commentary how many times he says" Oh that's a magnificent shot or what a great shot but he has been caught "
  7. Shastri is doing a great job

    Doing great job at the buffet table. Soon he will not be able to fit in the camera lens
  8. Judging by his cowlashing, hit or miss and strike rate, Manish Pandey would be perfect fit for tuk tuk PSL
  9. Who deserves the benefit of doubt of all the rookies

    LOL People going in on Shankar while the more experienced Pandey and even to an extent Rohit struggled in the middle overs.
  10. KKD hatsoff

    Enough if this cow lasher Manish Pandey experiment DK should play above him ib both ODI's and T20's
  11. in DK I still dont trust !

    KKD is very talented. Wasted a lot of his career. Some his fault , some team India shuffling him everywhere
  12. CSK Magnificent 11 !!!

    Whiley opening batting and bowling will be useful. Other wise he is useless. Perera has Chennai history and seems in good form with the bat I'd also throw in Luke Ronchi
  13. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    One bad game and pitchforks are out. Fact is Bangla had to go after someone and unfortunately it was Shankar today LOLhit Sharma got 100's of chances to cement his place and still goes missing every so often .....
  14. CSK Magnificent 11 !!!

    Big blow. He was the X-Factor and showed recent hitting form with the bat for NZ Interesting to see who they will pick as replacement

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