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  1. UnknownGenius

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    Old uncles cannot sleep much so when they are not at the dhokla stand, they are here whining and moaning. Look at uncle laloo, constantly crying and whining out here, disappearing when cheating bambis lose and then claiming he doesn't care about IPL
  2. UnknownGenius

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Your hero is also a supreme leader by example
  3. You're mistaking for cheating bambis
  4. Presentation More Sanju Manju TEARS HAHAHAHHAHA
  5. Right from Game one, One match winner after the other stepped Bravo, Billings, Dhoni, Watson, Rayudu, Faf etc
  7. Looks like Bmabis still influencing umpires in this game Sucha shame
  8. That bounced. Had to go with soft signal Im sure if it was Bambis it would have been overturned
  9. Game over CSK wanting to do this the hard way
  10. Not an easy chase. Pitch doing things
  11. Faf has to stand up today. Done nothing all tournament
  12. Buffet balls by Thakur. Should ahve restricted them to 120-125
  13. Shardul repeatedy bowling pies in the death

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