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  1. Kohli has surpasses Sachin as batsman I'm all formats of the game Also Dravid was a better test batsman than selfish tendulkar and MSD a better ODI batsman than Tendy Overall tendulkar is not a top 3 indian test or ODI player
  2. Doubt team will drop him Mumbai mafia will ensure at least one player from Mumbai has to be in test team....
  3. UnknownGenius

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    Let's also not forget a few facts Kohli is the only proper batsman in the team and carries the heaviest burden. If he fails he knows full well team will fail. Sachin could go out and play without pressure knowing he had a better player in Dravid as well as sehwag VVs ec Kohli also has added pressure of captaincy. We all saw how Sachin failed miserably as captain and was one of the worst captains IIndia produced All in all, Kohli is better than Sachin Iin all formats of the game and honestly at this point the Gap is only getting bigger
  4. UnknownGenius

    Missing Dhoni bashing posts and threads !!!

    This is the right thread. So since the loss yesterday, I have watched highlights of every single game of CSK's winning campaign for a few reasons. To take me away from the heartbreaking loss To see how the greatest ever team operates and functions To remind us what it takes to be a winner To see how a charismatic leader can lead a bunch of old guys to a title against all odds To see the togetherness of the team top to bottom and how they come back from unwinnable positions To see the winning mentality of the players they possess To see how losing fans cry and whine I urge all of you to do the same
  5. Another PR from Mumbai mafia I do not listen to anything that gavaskar, manjrekar, tendulkar etc say. They lack intellect and just love to run their mouth for attention
  6. UnknownGenius

    Shami is 36 years old

    Dhoni amd virat are smart unlike Sachin who was an th grade ddrop out It shows in the level of tactical skill and nous when it comes to captaincy
  7. UnknownGenius

    Whom to blame?

    Sounds like another mumbai "batsman" Rohit Sharma who can't field, can't bat and can't bowl
  8. UnknownGenius

    This is Virat’s Chennai, 1999

    This is a better kknock no doubt Playing at home is always easier Also Kohli is truly hurt India lost. Sachin was satisfied in media saying "only Sachin played"
  9. UnknownGenius

    Future of Shikhar Dhawan in test cricket

    Kaushaik gandhi Baba aparjith N jagadeesan Dhruv Shorey Latter two recently won a major trophy and will bring in much needed winning mentality
  10. UnknownGenius

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    Let's also not forget that Tendulkar played in absolute flat pancake pitches which were easy for batting. Today's batsman face much tougher pitches with games regularly over Not like back then on flat pitches when one team scores 600/6 declared and the other 547 or something Tendy's numbers are over-inflated sue to flat easy wickets
  11. UnknownGenius

    Is India missing a left arm seamer in this series?

    He is closer to 38 than 28 in real age.....
  12. ummmmm India never relied on Sachin alone. In fact Sachin for most of his career wasnt even the best test batsman in the team. It was Dravid and then Sehwag and VVS could be more impactful than Sachin on any given day This team batting is Kohli a bit of VJ or bust
  13. UnknownGenius

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    talking intl test matches and ODI's and T20s chief
  14. UnknownGenius

    Sachin Tendulkar v Virat Kohli in Tests

    Agreed Kohli has left selfish Sachin chasing shadows in all forms of the game Dravid did the same in that matches And MSD in ODi Sachin was anyway a T20 tuk tuk flop
  15. UnknownGenius

    Predict India’s 2nd innings score...

    Shastri already lost a Friday night at bars since game didn't end in 3 days He will behaving for a quick finish before lunch Grab a huge meal, nap and then go drinking all evening
  16. UnknownGenius

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    Not really. His 10 overs for 46 runs were. Ahuge negative. We could have had England out for around 250 if not for Pandya leaking runs and releasing pressure
  17. UnknownGenius

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    Pandya offers nothing Bats below Ashwin and doesn't even bowl overs and when he does leaks far too many runs releasing all the pressure built
  18. UnknownGenius

    Commentary gems tracking thread

    It's embarrassing at this point. I'm viewers must be like wtf and blaming wey and wood for when they gave bhajji green light Thyey should have taken LS
  19. Let's stick to cricket. This post is no cricket related
  20. UnknownGenius

    Missing Rohit Sharma in this Test team...

    Maggie would have scored maximum of 4 runs in two innings in this match A duck and then an edge which goes for 4 That's it Worst ever batsman to play test cricket for.india in past 10 years
  21. Every mumbai batsman is over rated Tendulkar Rohit Sharma Rahane Next will be iyer and shaw
  22. Another reason he is a greater test cricketer and better than selfish tendulkar in a formats Tendulkar wasn't even the best in the team he played in. Dravid was and on their days sehwag, vvs etc were better In this team, Kohli is almost always the best batsma Kohli>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sfish Sachin
  23. UnknownGenius

    Is India missing a left arm seamer in this series?

    Best of the lot is prolly T natarajan
  24. UnknownGenius

    Is India missing a left arm seamer in this series?

    Rp singh Sreenath Aravind Pradeep sangwan Jayadev undakut That khattirollwaya
  25. UnknownGenius

    Team for test 2

    Pandya out Jadeja in

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