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  1. Most boring IPL ever?

    Lack of superstars and no CSK. I hated that team but they had very interesting and fanatic fans. Got to give it to them. Without csk and to a certain extent RR , ipl is boring.
  2. Do you support Donald trump?

    @ VVS. Would you vote for a republican candidate if its not Donald trump?
  3. Fixer Azhar, Sharing one of the old videos.

    Ehh? Its not my video you genius.
  4. Do you support Donald trump?

    Establishment is unwilling to accept Trump. Its getting interesting every day.
  5. Lot of money has been paid to manage Indian media and I see no coverage whatsoever in certain media groups regarding this scam.
  6. Fixer Azhar, Sharing one of the old videos.

    That's not what I said. The video title is retarded tho.
  7. Rochelle Rao

    Don't like women getting involved in men's cricket. Lack of testosterone takes the fun away from the match.
  8. What a shame ... and our bollywood is producing a movie on his name...... What a shame......!!!
  9. Congress used the same argument in National Herald case, but the supreme court said Congress is a national entity and not a private body. BCCI is not a private property, its a national entity.
  10. Wicket Keeper for Indian test team

    If KL Rahul starts keeping, nothing like it. He is the best candidate in India after MSD.
  11. Malnourished Watch

  12. Is Negi being picked just because of his price tag? Haven't done anything useful till now. They should back Iyer and drop Negi who doesn't even bowl a over.
  13. Is MS Dhoni the most selfish player ever to play cricket

    You can't blame him since he is best at that. Not everyone s gilly.
  14. Is MS Dhoni the most selfish player ever to play cricket

    He is a wicket keeping batsman. Its unfair to expect him to play at no.3.
  15. Is MS Dhoni the most selfish player ever to play cricket

    Dhoni was never in favor of playing Rahane in t 20s. He had said this numerous times.

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