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  1. You are wasting your time. Posters here do not have the sensitivity to understand the situation. All of them only care about their own states and yet keep talking about unity of the country. The centre can mess up and do anything it wants and we have to just shut up and endure it else we will be also treated like how the kashmiris are treated or even worse.
  2. Book_Worm

    Karnataka election results

    It is because of elections in Karnataka this has hogged the limelight. Almost all newspapers on internet had this news of violence in west bengal. Majority of the media is pro BJP now.
  3. Book_Worm

    Karnataka election results

    I think BJP will form the govt. They did in Goa with 13 seats while congress had 17 seats and same in Manipur Congress 28 BJP 21 if they managed there it will be easy peasy in karnataka. Congress has its work cut out. If they suceed here then it will give them a boost.
  4. They are present in hyderabad also at shilpa raman centre selling carpets handicrafts etc i never buy anything from them. I will not give my hard earned money to them while they pelt stones at our soldiers.
  5. Except Tamil Nadu majority of south indians learn hindi as second or third langauge as these states follow 3 language policy. Fluency improves because of exposure to north indians who have migrated to south and hindi movies which are screened in south theatres. City people will definately speak decent passable hindi but smaller towns the quality of hindi teachers etc is very bad so even if someone has learned hindi it is almost like not learning. Even in cities depends on the schools good schools will hire qualified teachers or even some hindi housewives who live there whereas smaller schools with poorer students/lower middle class etc will not invest in a hindi teacher. plus south indians who migrate to other places in india will speak very good hindi.
  6. Book_Worm

    Story behind your username

    BookWorm as the name suggests that's what i am . I read a lot. Mostly murder mystery/detective genre. So that's my username.
  7. I remember Asin who is a christian got married to rahul sharma and they both had a christian wedding as well as a hindu one. Niether of them got converted.
  8. The basic aim of any political party is to fulfill the aspirations of the people it claims to represent. In this case it is Telugu pride how will it get a voter's base in bihar or mumbai? BJP's agenda on the other hand is based on Hinduvata which is common all over india and hence it is accepted. The places where there are issues with muslims etc BJP is slowly making into roads. North east voted for BJp as it wanted attention and development from centre which has neglected it in the past also most of the BJP leaders in North east are ex congressmen who joined BJP. TDP is regional like shiv sena, dmk bsp sp and aiadmk etc. Only shiv sena for a very short time managed to make a dent on national stage because of it's anti muslim stance but now it is currently reduced to what it always has been a state level party. Even if cbn has national aspirations the time has long gone he is old now and he knows it. Andhra settlers have been in telangana for a very long time and they are not going to andhra their bread and butter and their future is in telangana so why would they vote based on andhra feelings. Many andhra businessman in telangana will vote for KCR's party only as it is profitable for them to do so.So what if TDP does not get anything in telangana. It's main focus is in andhra is what i am saying. TDP in telangana is not being given importance by CBN as his main focus is andhra pradesh.
  9. Why would CBN try to rally his cadre in telangana? He is not interested plus are you unaware of the issues between telangana and andhra? TDP is seen as andhra dominated so they can't get a footing in Telangana and andhras are not interested. Period.
  10. Book_Worm

    TDP quits NDA

    Iam Telugu and I have never heard about this particular rumour. Anger is only about bifurcation and about special status. Congress is hated not bjp. Of course Naidu is way better than Modi but nobody in our state has ever wanted Naidu to be the PM he is needed in Andhra so I don’t understand from whom u are getting all these stories.
  11. Pakistan currently has very low terrorism so after suffering for a decade they may be optimistic about it and hence happier with hope. India on the other hand has suffered demonetisation hence may be feeling low. Happiness and moods will keep changing in few weeks or days time. Do we need to take these polls so seriously! Also in india we are fighting fo so many rights and trying to make things better. Everything is out in the open and we argue about it our poverty and our social issues where as pakistan don't do that. These people are definately happier because they are in denail. They watch indan media and think that defecation,poverty rapes and other issues exist only in india and not in their country. In another forum the pakistanis are so happy to be happier than india and some even say that the main reason is their faith or that india is running behind westernisation(material pursuits) and hence unhappy
  12. Book_Worm

    TDP quits NDA

    It is not about which state has stronger or weaker claim.It is about the promise and assurance given to the people of andhra that we will be given special status because of the bifurcation. The way bifurcation happened it was wrong. Everything was rushed for the sake of election. Everything went the way of telangana. Both sides need to be given equal importance. TDP went into alliance because of these assurances and hence we are only asking about this. How is it wrong? Also rules can be modified/rectified.hing Everything can be modified and changed if there is intent.
  13. Book_Worm

    TDP quits NDA

    I agree that other states will also ask but other states are not AP. Did they face the bifurcation the way andhra did? Were our voices heard? BJp was in the opposition but even they were careful not to support andhra both congress and BJP wanted to take credit for the formation of telangana. In a matter of days we were forced a bifurcation and lost a capital. That's okay right all in a day's work for politicians from both congress and BJP. Centre can do anything right and why would North care? Our feelings and emotions don't matter right.

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