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  1. TDP quits NDA

    Iam Telugu and I have never heard about this particular rumour. Anger is only about bifurcation and about special status. Congress is hated not bjp. Of course Naidu is way better than Modi but nobody in our state has ever wanted Naidu to be the PM he is needed in Andhra so I don’t understand from whom u are getting all these stories.
  2. Pakistan currently has very low terrorism so after suffering for a decade they may be optimistic about it and hence happier with hope. India on the other hand has suffered demonetisation hence may be feeling low. Happiness and moods will keep changing in few weeks or days time. Do we need to take these polls so seriously! Also in india we are fighting fo so many rights and trying to make things better. Everything is out in the open and we argue about it our poverty and our social issues where as pakistan don't do that. These people are definately happier because they are in denail. They watch indan media and think that defecation,poverty rapes and other issues exist only in india and not in their country. In another forum the pakistanis are so happy to be happier than india and some even say that the main reason is their faith or that india is running behind westernisation(material pursuits) and hence unhappy
  3. TDP quits NDA

    It is not about which state has stronger or weaker claim.It is about the promise and assurance given to the people of andhra that we will be given special status because of the bifurcation. The way bifurcation happened it was wrong. Everything was rushed for the sake of election. Everything went the way of telangana. Both sides need to be given equal importance. TDP went into alliance because of these assurances and hence we are only asking about this. How is it wrong? Also rules can be modified/rectified.hing Everything can be modified and changed if there is intent.
  4. TDP quits NDA

    I agree that other states will also ask but other states are not AP. Did they face the bifurcation the way andhra did? Were our voices heard? BJp was in the opposition but even they were careful not to support andhra both congress and BJP wanted to take credit for the formation of telangana. In a matter of days we were forced a bifurcation and lost a capital. That's okay right all in a day's work for politicians from both congress and BJP. Centre can do anything right and why would North care? Our feelings and emotions don't matter right.
  5. There are 2 pics in one she is looking at the camera and in the other she is looking at the baby
  6. Guess the sun sign of posters

    Mine is scorpio! @beetle i am guessing you to be Libra.
  7. It does not look like a harmless peck and it looks like they are very familiar with each other.He is first touching her lips and they both kiss.!
  8. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    That i know. But the perks are the same and they enjoy demi god status in their own states. Why would they leave all that and start all over again? Plus accent and all that matters. It will be very hard for them to learn all that. The only reason madhavan gets it right is because he was born in jharkand hence. But even he says he does bollywood movies for the novelty sake
  9. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    You are really living under the rock i guess hordes of north indian men act in south movies they act as villians or as character artistes they are not allowed to act as main leads. But arjun bajwa did act as a main lead in arundhati opp anuskha shetty and the only reason he was taken is because it is female centric and anuskha is the main lead.
  10. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    No they are not. Majority of north indian men also look same as them. Bollywood just wants some arab/iranic looking people and they are not necessarily good looking. Ranbir kapoor or even arjun kapoor and many others in bollywood are hardly any great looking. Besides current generation of south indian men from tollywood/kollywood are miles ahead in terms of both looks as well as talent. Besides why would they come to bollywood and start all over again when they are kings in their own industries.
  11. Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    RIP.Too young to die.
  12. RIP. I long for the pre internet days no social media, selfies.
  13. Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Padmavat. Was pleasantly surprised to find this a very engrossing movie. The sets/costumes/ battle scenes are top notch and could easily rival a hollywood production. The story is novel and not your usual run of the mill. Songs are good and fit seamlessly into the movie. Dialogues re very good. Ranveer was totally aces his role. I was really taken aback as i was'nt expecting such a good performance from him. Shahid is good too in his own way. His character is way too noble but he still does justice. Deepika looks good and does extremely well in the second half. She looked really beautfiul in the jauhar scene. Other aactors are ll very good jim who plays malik is very very good and the actor who plays the priest is also very good. I loved the movie. This is by far SLB's best movie from all of his previous ones.
  14. I really felt like i was reading an episode from crime patrol.
  15. It is a particular pakistani trait ignoring their own failings and concentrating on indian ones

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