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  1. I really felt like i was reading an episode from crime patrol.
  2. I wanted to post pictures of beautiful indian women all over the media not just restricted to bollywood but also TV actress, News Anchors, Socialites, Actress from other film industries and even sportswomen. I start off the thread with my favourite model Sheetal Menon Rhea Chakraborty:
  3. It is a particular pakistani trait ignoring their own failings and concentrating on indian ones
  4. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    Not true eating non veg is not few times a year but rather once/twice a week in AP and Telangana. Plus Biryani(chicken) is very much available in eateries and most of the bakery items will have chicken/egg puffs and lots of other non veg items.
  5. Wild passion: Panther, leopard make tree a love nest

    20 mins WOW!
  6. Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Happy Diwali to my ICF family
  7. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    The trailer is very impressive. But the bling bling is too much. The sari of padmavati is too gaudy and they have gone overboaard with the jewellery
  8. What makes you happy?

    My son. Today he sang a song stating how much he loved me . I love you mummy. I could only understand few of his words. I love to sing with you and dance with you etc. He made a big deal about it. Sang like he was on a stage with an imaginary guitar.
  9. Where are you from ?

  10. Tom Alter dies aged 67

    RIP .
  11. Alexandra Daddario !!!

    Not just you,They look scary to me too.
  12. Sack Haryana Government

    Isn't this person ram rahim baba sikh?? is he hindu.?
  13. Modi's farewell Speech to Hamid Ansari

    I live in hyderabad too. I did not know that this bill was approved. This is KCR's doing. I don't understand why? Muslims in telangana are fairly affluent and well off no less than hindus. They haven't faced any discrimination ever. In fact it is the other way round. Telangana was ruled by nizam and hindus were underrepresented everywhere. This is getting too much. This is the fault of KCR and his vote bank politics.
  14. Modi's farewell Speech to Hamid Ansari

    Which state?
  15. In my school in mumbai it was the same. It was not done openly but we know which sections have toppers and which sections didn't.
  16. I am sorry i did not mean to come across as being insensitive or indifferent to short people and their anguish. You have seen my picture I am neither tall or slim. and my own sister is very short. I did not say or mean one form of discrimination is more serious than the other. I just feel the message has got lost because you and others are attacking Mukund for his insensitivity towards goswami's height. You have rightly called him out for it. And above your post is very correct and right.But in the process you show equal insensitivity for dark skinned people.Please read your earlier posts.You are asking dark skin people to be comfortable and proud of their skin color but not asking the society to stop being racist. In india the moment a dark skin baby is born from the mother to the whole family will be disappointed . Many times fair skin child is favored over their dark skin child.Skin color discrimination has been given a name in western countries because it has become a matter of 2 different races. But in india it is openly accepted that dark skin is bad even by dark skin people. It is that bad! Few months ago a bengali actress was insulted on kapil sharma show for skin colour. Nawaz the actor was recently told by the casting director that he cannot hire a fair skinned actress to act opposite him. As a south indian woman i feel very sensitive about this issue. My community is insulted, looked down upon by the rest of india for being dark skinned. It's present everywhere on social media, movies.As a woman it hits more because we are called ugly all the time on social media when we are not ugly. On interent i have seen people(pakistanis and north indians) post pictures of dark skinned normal people and use them as examples of how ugly we south indians are. It has come to a point where i honestly want south india to seperate and form our country. Why should we live with people who hate us for being dark skinned.? For me it about my whole community. You won't understand this. It resonates more with me. It does not mean that i am not sensitive to body shaming. I am just frustrated because the message got invalidated because of the personality of mukund. We need to talk more about this and bring about a change whether it is about being dark or being short. You have made such a flippant remark that dark skin people face issues in india while short people are discriminated all over the world. Visit south america brazil and other countries there you will know how your skin determines how successful you will be in life. Slaves were bought from africa and today their descendants and the descendants of the native mayan people all of them live as third class citizens. I am sure you are well aware of USA(please google if you are not aware of this search for lynching of blacks slavery black lives matter) and are knowledge about the arabs and their views about dark skinned people and how they view indians.?

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