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  1. This kind of news starts circulating every time after the shambolic performances. BCCI doesn't give a **** about it,Had they really cared,Shastri would not have been appointed at first and they would have tried to sort out Kohli-Kumble fiasco..Kumble was axed after Shameful defeat against Pakistan in CT final..If they were really professional,they would have asked serious questions to Kohli for that performance rather than fulfilling his wishes for coach.
  2. What pains me is that this England side isn't great from any side..Cook is struggling,Root has conversion problems, there is always someone debuting for England for Opening and middle order spot and still We found a way to get rolled over by this side.
  3. Broad isn't far behind..He is 4 year younger than Anderson and he is around 120 wickets behind Anderson..Surely he will also have a long career as He doesn't play LOIs.
  4. Bigg Brother

    This is Virat’s Chennai, 1999

    Many more chennai to come if this set of players will be picked again and again.. At least in Adelaide,Vijay and Pujara performed.here it was totally cappy performances..You have to be utterly **** to lose against this England side.
  5. Bigg Brother

    Team for test 2

    Pujara will surely return for Lords test..I am just curious who will be dropped among Vijay,Dhawan and KLR?Viay won't be dropped..My bet is on KLR again.
  6. 1 precious run from Dhawan
  7. Root has placed third man...
  8. This is going to same way of 1st test in SA.. Faltered while chasing 208..Same will happen here..87/7 to 180.
  9. Both Dhawan and DK needs to come good and score some and kick them out from tests.
  10. Sam Curran is touted be next Stokes.Has FC batting average of 38.
  11. Dhawan is paradigm of shamelessness..* can't bat and laughing like an idiot after dropping catch.
  12. Bigg Brother

    What will be role of Pandya in this test series?

    About times,India move on from this Seamer all-rounder appetite.Neither his batting nor bowling is upto mark which is needed to play in whites. Team management is expecting too much from Pandya..A player can't provide what he hasn't in his armory.Same game,look at what opposition have-Ben Stokes..He can play either at specialist bowler/batsman. Pandya will come good in 1 out 4 match but this isn't the solution. Play pure bowler over him and get rid of deadweights like Dhawan to strengthen the batting.
  13. England have so many alternatives.They can replace Rashid and Malan for Ali and Woakes..And We have Shardul thakur on bench.
  14. Chepu to repeat KLR next match,somehow Vijay will fail again-KLR to replace Vijay.Get smashed.Win in India.Rinse and repeat.
  15. Sky showing documentary on Mumbai Cricket..It's good.

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