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  1. These guys should do the Aarti of Pujara,dropped him multiple times for failure like Rohit
  2. We would have lost by an innings if Smith was there. These feckers gave away 38 runs to Lyon. Bloody rough track bully bowling pies and that spearhead bowling no balls and captain showing fake bravado and biggest chutyapa is yet to be witnessed,that Shashtri in post match.
  3. Bigg Brother

    Karnataka and Mumbai Lobby selections without performance

    31 tests by KLR are too many..He has played only 13 ODIs.It should be other way around.
  4. Bigg Brother

    Will India fall short by 40 runs?

    Even if India win convincingly,the harakiri which happened at the end should not have happened,it is like they had become complacent..It is like Law of Attraction.If you are willing to be only competitive,you get ealry satiety..We were 234/3 at one stage.
  5. Bigg Brother

    Parthiv patel and Shaw should open

    Pappu will score good looking 30 at best and not to forget shyte keeping and his fielding isn't the great if Pant keeps the gloves.. Can't see Shaw returning with lateral ligament injury, Rehabilitation from ligment injury takes time,I can't see him playing any test in this series.
  6. It is not even funny now..Blatant favouritism..Vihari should be in the squad after scoring fifty on debut specially when all others bought ducks in England. It is nauseating how Rohit gets to sneak in suddenly although he wasn't even in the squad in last tour. Kohli has "I am answerable to none type" of attitude which he needs to lower down and he will have to answer to journos gracefully about it in post match.
  7. Preparation Ka Lolwa ho gya. Atleast Shashtri has an excuse now.
  8. News is, tomorrow will be washed out. So Kohli and Shashtri's wish is fulfilled by nature. https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/countries/india/torrential-sydney-rain-could-ruin-indias-only-test-preparation/news-story/562bf51c7a97f00e2a229896d7c83a62?nk=f6d7a3965084a7d820b0db505f5e7b64-1543339960
  9. Rubbish CA XI.. Only India provides better team to touring team for practice match.
  10. Bigg Brother

    Mithali Raj in a letter to BCCI

    Okay if there were replacements. I cant recall last time someone other than Mandhana and Kaur performed with bat..Her SR should not be the issue..
  11. Bigg Brother

    Is Sreesanth innocent?

    Unfortunately there are people who are liking him..He is psychopath and literally ruining his bachi Kuchi image.. I have watched 2 or 3 episodes to know why people are liking him,but could not bear him more than 2 episodes..
  12. Sports journalist can taunt a player???? Criticizing is different thing..Directly taunting???..I liked her..I hope it isn't true. So,She has problems with Babar getting picked up in tests??Has She talked/written about it in past??
  13. Zainab should have tweeted with word "Father figure or something. And This type of misunderstanding should be cleared out on DM rather then quoting it..Century kya bana liya bhaiya to bhadak gye.
  14. Bigg Brother

    Is Sreesanth innocent?

    Dhoni picked him in important Final ahead of Ashwin. So no,Dhoni had no problem with him Sreesanth is very hard to handle(Almost impossible) as he has been showing in the current reality show..Freaking irritating and no amount of talent can justify this type of behaviour. Being passionate and aggressive is different thing and being lunatic is different. Obviously no captain would like to handle such player,So Dhoni being openly vocal about his behaviour was absolutely fine.
  15. Bigg Brother

    Bigg Boss 12

    Lol...We have Bigg Boss thread?

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