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  1. If Jharkhand was playing important Final,this chindichor would have surely agreed to play so that His PR can brag about his guidance and what not. Now there is no credit to take away from,He doesn't want to disrupt team balance. Even a newborn's crying pattern is inconsistent than this leechad's consistent tactics.
  2. Bigg Brother

    Rahul's honeymoon period is over in tests

    Rahul himself is to blame here. Get ready people for thighslap and shameless smile after drop catch in Australia.
  3. Bigg Brother

    Australia-India Rivalary, A New Documentary

    Looks like marketing gimmick by ACB to fill their stadiums in their summer with Indians as No Australian would care about their B team playing someone like India who have pathetic record in Australia and they have better sports to watch,too during that time.
  4. Bigg Brother

    Kohli's non-stop demands and amazed how all gets fulfilled

    Apart from Kumble fiasco all are within the limits. About Cricket balls,He knows better. Having 3 away tours in a year means staying almost 6 months away from the country,anyone would like to have spouse by their side. Look at Australian side,Every players' Wife/Gf is travelling with them in Dubai. There is nothing wrong in that. Har baat me ICC trophy,SENA wins ko ghusedane ki jaroorat nahi hain.. You don't need validation to have your Wife with you by winning trophies or series. That's basic need.
  5. Even 100% fit Thakur wasnt going to do anything. At best He could have been rest provider to spinners..
  6. You never know,He might have supported the guys at the other end and provided them a guidance..These number means nothing.
  7. If that leechad at 6 can torture us shamelessly since last 3 years without doing a jack then anyone can make it to this team. Atleast He will make it to Indian team after some performances in domestics unlike Dadu who never goes to Jharkhad except for riding hummer. And whenever Yuvraj has been picked,He has always played atleast one blinder in the series unlike the DRS expert.Even in CT2017 He has one good knock to his name.
  8. Bigg Brother

    Team for first 2 ODIs against Windies announced. Pant selected

    Karthik dropped for that leechad again..Shameless creature.
  9. No wonder this country has that leechad Dhoni still hanging in ODIs..Fan poll shows only 17% people think that He is suited to ODI..For others guidance in DRS matters mode than batting.
  10. Test matches in Gujarat should be allocated to Ahmadabad only which is being rebuilt now.Rajkot isn't a big city where you would hope that 20k people would turn up. Even if it was against Australia or any better team, attendance would remain same.England played their 1st test in last tour here.I was there, attendance was the same as this test.
  11. Bigg Brother

    Harbhajan fighting for Nair - Much respect

    Bhajji is furious at selectors for non selection of Rohit more than Karun.I am 100% sure Bhajji would not have questioned if Rohit was selected.There is not a single expert in India who speaks truth. Coming to Karun Nair,Totally unfair to him but We are dreaming if we were hoping for Rahane/Pujara to get dropped. Paindoo like Dhawan completed 2 overseas cycle before getting dropped.Rahane wasnt going anywhere,so is Pujara. The team selected for WI tour is good. Even if it is for regionalism,Vihari's selection is on merit.No need to cry about that. Nair isnt the first one,Our management has mishandled so many players in past.Nair can make comeback by performing in domestics again.
  12. Bigg Brother

    Favorites of the 2019 WC?? (Poll)

    Australia is beast when it comes to WC. Return of all frontline bowlers with Smith-Warner,they will be a team to beat.Dont go by the 4 years performances between 2 WCs. They dont believe in these 'process and preparation for 4 years' hutiyapa as our team do.Just look at their 2013 CT performance and look at the 2015 wc team. That was altogether different team than they fielded in Champions trophy and they didnt won only because it was in Australia.
  13. Bigg Brother

    Would India have won Asia cup with Kohli in team as captain?

    I can ask this question different way,"What He has lost so far which previous Captains haven't especially in LOIs?" Champions Trophy?? A tournament which is scrapped now and nobody was here even hopeful that India would make it to Final before it started? I can understand our emotional element attached to it as it was against Pakistan in Final,But You cant just assume that We would have won had we batted first. Kohli receives unnecessary flakes here for that loss which was attributed to many factors other than Captaincy. We have lost ICC tourney under MSD,too-Many of them getting knocked out without reaching knockouts.Why He should get off scott free-Just because India have won some 3 trophies out of 10 He has captained? Just checkout our records before He took over.What a miserable looking pathetic record India had between 2012 to 2017 barring Ct13 Ct.Not a single ODI win in 2014 ODIs overseas except beating depleted England side.Lost against Bangladesh.SA pulverized us at Home series.Could win single ODI against Australian B attack consisting of Paris and Boland. Moreover the Captain back then did jack with bat. Compared to that Kohli is certainly upgrade. He is yet to complete 2 years of LOI captaincy.India have won against SA.Australia and NZ odis is yet to take place. And yes,He is aware of the fact that Captain has to bat,too. Look,Rohit is looking good just as Kohli looked good when He used to be in charge in Dhoni's absence.We all know what happened to our expectations when He took over full time.Rohit has done nothing special whenever He has captained in Blues(Not MI).Biggest minus of Kohli is we all know-His treatment of KLR and him sucking up to Mahibhai both on and off the field.I would have given it to Rohit had He somehow played KLR over the oldies going against management citing KLR is definitely superior batsman.Same **** happened under him,too.. Coming to inciting point of this thread,Saying straight out that "We would not have won Asia cup under Kohli" is nothing but exaggerating statement.
  14. Bigg Brother

    Indian squad for WI test announced . Siraj n Mayank gets selected

    Good squad. Looks like this will be the squad of Australia tour,too. Ishant and Bumrah will replace Kuldeep/Jaddu and Thakur.Cant see Bhuvi getting selected for Australia tour..

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