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  1. Yess..Finally. Relieved..Well played Australians. Tough luck that you had to face "Bharatiya Nari" in SF..Good luck to ladies for Final..
  2. Dot balls are gold now..Hope for more of that...
  3. Australians have some nerve..
  4. This is becoming worrisome now..Get the Blackwell out yaar.Atleast get her off the strike.
  5. All is well mate..Its residency[emoji1]
  6. I am resident doctor in orthopedics..It was tough,tiring day at Hospital..Totally fine after this.Thanks for asking.[emoji1]
  7. When you are up against the ruthless team,deal them with your ruthlessness..Our girls just uplifted my mood after the bad day at Hospital..Go Girls!!
  8. Nasseer Hussain is top notch commentator as well as analyst..He was medicore cricketer but his insights are wonderful..I can remember one test match last year where he was mentioning Karanatka's top scorers as well as thier achievements in last 2 ranji seasons while Rahul and Karun were batting together..On the other hand,Ravi Shastri was saying India chased down 380 something(That joker didnt even remember our highest run chase) against WI(You fool, It was against England with whom we are currently playing).Atherton as well,sound monotonus specially in ODIs but is amazing commentator.
  9. Favourite TV shows

    Completed watching Seinfeld..The best Sitcom ever..Nothing comes close!!
  10. West Indies vs India Only T2OI 09/07/2017 at WI

    Why Lewis doesnt play ODIS?
  11. Rohit returns for Sri Lanka Tests; Nair dropped

    2 years later,again Lanka tour and still Sharma experiment hasnt ended..One has to feel for Nair.
  12. MS Dhoni Videos

    One knock against WI,where him and RP notched up brilliant Partnership for 10th wicket and remained unbeaten for 90 something.
  13. Axar Patel

    What is with Axar??I can remember people here asking for Jaddu to be picked when Axar was part of the team against SA odi series in 2015..He is t20 bowler,thats it.
  14. Rohit-Dhawan - Slow but one of the best ever for India?

    How can we forget GAMBHIR-SEGWAG..

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