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  1. Bigg Brother

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Typical Chameleons of Mr.Pretendor. There isnt any discussion about Sachin but still faker's worshippers will not forget to mention him to save their Olympian Runner's poor show. Ironically,Sachin has been the pivotal player in every series the thala has won in overseas,be it CB series,test and ODI series in NZ..Even in 2011 CWC despite being in his last leg He was India's best batsman and gave us wonderful starts just to get it ruined by evergreen thala in batting powerplays. Accpeted that Sachin stretched his test Career,He did no harm in ODIs(I think He played hardly 2-3 series after that)He was playing selective ODIs. Compare that to Mr.Tips Giver,Who is continuously screwing India since god knows how many years.Tips,guidance,3G stumpings,calmness..Almost all Non Performing reasons are being given to save him by experts are itself evidence to fact that even experts have nothing substantial to suck upto BCCI and Dhoni.
  2. Bigg Brother

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Who is Raja Venkat..What happened to him?The guy talked with so much sense.."Said He was never the best keeper.He is decent keeper. Saha kept brilliantly at Adelaide.The Person who is not confident asks for turning tracks."
  3. Bigg Brother

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    He will undergo training from 15th of June,so fortunately it is not disc displacement/Hernia. Herniated disc is serious injury which leads to serious disability in everyday life and potentially career threatening for sportsperson..The pain it induces in Arm and leg is unbearable,so noway it is herniated disc,He couldn't have played a single match with that.It's a neck sprain.Few weeks of rehab would suffice it.Better to skip Ireland matches.
  4. Bigg Brother

    1st Test at Lords - PAKISTAN TOUR OF ENGLAND

    Due to excessive Cricket.That "Excessive" cricket included 2 months of meaningless cricket.
  5. Bigg Brother

    1st Test at Lords - PAKISTAN TOUR OF ENGLAND

    Pakistan should win this.No matter How inexperienced their batting line up is,184 is paltry score.Shame,that is is only 2 match series.And England really need to think something about their test cricket rather than promoting 100 ball cricket.Oh,wait We are touring them to revive their test cricket like we did 4 years ago!!
  6. Bigg Brother

    Vijay Shankar vs Hussain Talat - Who's better?

    This comparison discussions should be limited to Neighbourland..You can rant on for pages there..
  7. Bigg Brother

    Harbhajan signed as commentator by SKY for england tour.

    Agarkar is good..Why He isnt with any channel? All I have seen till now is him debating on Cricinfo..
  8. Bigg Brother

    Dhoni's post match interviews are gold, shows how far he thinks

    First it was "Tips"..Now "interviews".
  9. Bigg Brother

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    Rajkot T20 last year against NZ..I was there,Where Thala literally consumed Kohli's wicket with his idiotic batting and then hit some sixes to remain notout 49..Dhoni worshippers should have been there to experience the grand welcome Mr.Cool received while going back to dressing room.
  10. Bigg Brother

    Dhoni's post match interviews are gold, shows how far he thinks

    New Generation Indian Cricketers are upgrade from previous one that their ability to articulate words and and their thoughts. Dhoni,Kohli,Pandya,Bumrah.I have every single Kohli's interview from his golden year 2016 and it makes you think How can someone be so good at this,but when He fails,he becomes clueless captain here.Its pattern.Everything looks gold when you succeed,especially in these kind gimmicks of sending Chahar and Bhajji(The great Joginder Sharma over) and the person mentioning that would look like Gold despite doing jack with the willow.If you are really into interviews,You should check out some of the Dravid's interviews(obviously post match are hard to find).Great Orator,Calm,Composed who provides brilliant insights of the game,someone whom you can listen all day. As far as Dhoni is concerned,I remember him telling to Atherton in post match interview at Manchester,2014 that the positive of that game was We got extra 2 days for the next test after being crushed in 3 days..That was some thinking.Shows how far he thinks!!!
  11. Brilliant decision by MS to opt for Duplesis..Expect Du plesis to mention the special "TIPS" in post match interview.
  12. Bigg Brother

    Vintage Thala on display

    Cricbuzz commies were sucking up to him again when He fell,"SRH has won this game". Never seen such blatant suck up..In reality it's the opposite,this pretendor would have played 40 ball 50 and would have been hailed as lone warrior where as Faf is still fighting for CSK.
  13. Bigg Brother

    DHONI (did not come to bat) the phinisher!!!

    Thats why He decided to bowl on 1st day at Lords to unsettle Cook and Co. This type of gimmicks only work in IPL. I still remember his move to send Jaddu over Yuvraj in must win game against England in 2009 Wt20.
  14. Bigg Brother

    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    This can be result of watching Cricket post 2007..Symptoms can be worsened by watching too much Star Sports glorifying certain player.Acute attack happens during March-April and patients are quiet for the rest of year.Medical Scientists are yet to give this syndrome a name!!!

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