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  1. He will score some with Kohli at other end.This whole scenario is made up to make him look good..
  2. Okay..DK please score some. I don't care otherwise..
  3. Karthik is tactical change..Lol.. Yes,so you can play Dhoni at 4..What happened which I feared the most.Just wanted Rahul to cement his place at 4.
  4. Life is unfair..KL Rahul misses out..
  5. Bigg Brother

    Regardless of what happens in tomorrow's ODI

    I literally don't care about this series now.England is tough team.No shame in losing them. Just want Rahul to cement his place at 4.Otherwise Dhoni will be switched to 4th again by our impotent management stating the excuses which they have been giving since last few years to save chosen one..He can screw us as many times as he wants below 6th No.
  6. Well,that gave me the serenity..Sanity prevails.. But then again,Dhoni knows that this was one odd game.Next matches,Openers will give good start,He will have partner at other hand and He will smash some and the people will join bandwagon again.
  7. Bigg Brother

    Bangar's defence in regds to dhoni's batting last game in PC

    Same way Dhoni's good innings should also be credited to all the explosive players at the other end he got to play with so He can tuk tuk and finally hit some boundaries with other players trying to move scoreboard further.His whole career revolved around the partners.Even last year the century against England,Yuvi accelerated when this douchebag was striking at 30 SR once.
  8. How many matches these guys play with Zim? It is like twice in a Year.
  9. Bigg Brother

    How do you describe this inning - 37 (59) when RRR is over 15?

    Must be writing Essay about Dhoni 2.0
  10. Bigg Brother

    How do you describe this inning - 37 (59) when RRR is over 15?

    It's not being selfish.. You can't expect output when you have just limited input. Classic case of Incompetency.
  11. The lower order not being exposed is bullshit.. The fact is lower order is totally incompetent and ****.
  12. The pretendor will hit few sixes when India requiring 80 off 20.. Soon,His fan brigade will start circulating video of Dhoni hitting six to McKay (Adelaide of 2012) blaming the top order..Meanwhile the guy just consumed Hardik Pandya's wicket....
  13. Dhoni will have to realize that He is batsman..There is batsman tag put ahead of his name while introducing in team not finisher..The term 'finisher' has been coined so excessively and overhyped that people believe that his job is to hit only last few runs for which top order worked hard. Cant recall when did he pull out victory with us being down at 150/4...
  14. Bigg Brother

    Kohli 39 of 50

    Nothing to get satisfied about..Bottled it when mattered the most against arch rivals.

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