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  1. Bigg Brother

    Ryan Parag is the next big thing

    India's 2018 u-19 WC team was the best team. Almost 6-7 players will be regular in senior squad in few years. Sent from my Redmi Note 5 using Tapatalk
  2. Translate please. Sent from my Redmi Note 5 using Tapatalk
  3. Bigg Brother

    Tamil Music

    Only Tamil movie I have watched-Ok Kanmani had beautiful songs, specially the "Sinamika".
  4. Bigg Brother

    Thala is back !!!

    Laughable people still are expecting from this fraud.. The certified fraud who is hanging on in international arena on the ground of this useless league performances. In international t20s even Madziva owned him.
  5. Bigg Brother

    CSK Fair Play Award

    It was not 60:40.It was out.His foot was in Air. That was actually brilliant stumping by Pappu. Unfortunately for him that it was not given.
  6. Bigg Brother

    Match 40 | RR vs DC | Jaipur | 22 Apr @ 8:00 PM IST |

    Pant showing how it is done.. Dragging everything till last ball isnt only finishing.
  7. Bigg Brother

    Bharat - Trailer

    Whats the reason behind giving it background of Freedom of India starting it from 1947..Looks like any other Salman movie, Why need to add dose of nationalism like that Akshay's advertisement on tiles "Kajariya Tiles-Desh ki mitti se bani hui". Post 2014, These meaningless movies/advertisements potraying nationalism have increased.
  8. This wc is England's to lose..Plain and simple, Gun team and Home Ground.. Couldnt have asked for better time to rewrite the History.
  9. Bigg Brother

    Self centred egoistic captains

    DK should be the last one to be labelled as Egoistic..He is the nicest guy around.He captained very well last year and also batted well. Dhoni should top the list with 100 percentile when Ego comes to picture.
  10. Bigg Brother

    Shadab Khan out of England series due to virus

    Hepatits A resolves within 3-4 weeks..Even a kid knows HIV dont resolve within weeks.. Dont try to be oversmart everytime.
  11. Bigg Brother

    Thala is back !!!

    Seasonal come back by Thala..
  12. Dhoni played almost similar innings against Punjab last year just to get booed at Lords Hope History wont repeat itself.
  13. "NEVER" is exaggerating and its IPL...Everyone knows how many times he has done it for India in last 2-3 years..

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