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  1. Shashtri should be in place of Raydu ,at least He will motivate the players once he is high..Raydud will be useless,His utility will be in minus-Will score with substandard SR and drop catches.
  2. One and only Kuldeep.. 9 matches to play in group stage,He will end up as highest wicket taker of the tournament with Dhoni's advice and little talent he has.
  3. Nothing new..Bollywood trying to contribute in the phase of hypernationalism..Similar things happened after Uri attack when Ae Dil Hai Muskil was about to be banned from releasing and Karan Johar had to issue to apology for that..2 months later,Raees with Pakistani actress in that was allowed to release without any fuss..
  4. Bigg Brother

    PM Imran Khan Address | Pulwama Attack

    Biggest joke"Pakistan is heading towards stability"..Who the * even asked that?? Another chindichor PM of Pakistan,Nothing to watch,wasted my 5 minutes..
  5. Bigg Brother

    Dhoni's credentials when batting lineup under siege

    Not so much into this edits,but even Yuvi has rescued India so many times,He is not far behind Mr.Cool. Sent from my Redmi Note 5 using Tapatalk
  6. Bigg Brother

    Apna Mahi Ayega.

    Ghoom phir ke baat "2 WC" par hi aa jati Hain.. I wish if Doctors in India get such privilege,"Lakhon logo ko bachaya Hain,bas 2-3 case hi to kharab hue Hain"
  7. Bigg Brother

    Virat Kohli rested for last two New Zealand ODIs

    Completely agree. All this cry about workload is hoax..Skips NZ Tour where they tour every 5 years.
  8. Bigg Brother

    Virat Kohli rested for last two New Zealand ODIs

    International Cricket is anyday more important than IPL and that's not even discussion.
  9. Bigg Brother

    Virat Kohli rested for last two New Zealand ODIs

    Rested for Nidahas trophy,Asia Cup,WI t20s and now 5 matches of NZ series.. Atleast Should have played for NZ series as India tour them almost every 5 years and in future even this many matches can become rarity. Will play 14 matches in 1.5 months during IPL. Somebody needs to question him for this.
  10. He played well in that England series of India in 2017,scored 100 in ODI and 50 in T20..Even then,same reaction were from experts..Bhogle was as usual having orgasms,Manju-Sunny going gaga over reincarnation of Dhoni..2 years later same story. As Indian fans,we can only expect Bowers to restrict opposition below 300 and batsmen taking India home..There is no way India can win his this approach chasing 300+ target.
  11. Bigg Brother

    Crossing the line !

    Brilliant documentary of highly controversial tour of Australia to SA last year covering infamous sledging,ball tempering..
  12. Bigg Brother

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    Starc just won them WC which was dominated mainly by batsmen.. On which basis Indian bowlers are better than this trio???
  13. Bigg Brother

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    Australia is beast when it comes to WC. I don't think Australia has fielded their full strength team in ODI after WC'15 apart from the ODI series they played in England after Ashes-2015 which they won 3-2.. Warner Finch Smith Marsh Maxwell Carey/Handscomb Stoinis Cummins Starc Hazelwood Zampa This is still the best line up they can get in WC which they haven't been able to field because of injury..They have been giving debuts to rookies to Richardson,Joel Paris and Boland etc.. They don't believe in nonsense like experience or other bullshit which our TM blabber in interviews..Even during 2011-15 they did jack as far as ICC tourneys concerned be it WC'11,CT'13,WT20'14..Came 2015 and they were altogether different team..We have been beaten by almost their 2nd string team in last 2 tours and it is laughable when everyone is declaring India as favourites.
  14. Bigg Brother

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Apart from 2005-07 He has been screwing India on the name of Finishing while the other guys used to take more risk. Just look at this match's scorecard.While chasing 318 this guy scored at SR of 50 while Gambhir scored run a ball 100..Agreed that he had to come out at 50/4 but playing so slowly is inexcusable..And these are the matches when he wasn't even questioned just because of top order fiasco.. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8531/scorecard/291368/australia-vs-india-10th-match-commonwealth-bank-series-2007-08
  15. He was never speedster..Plain ordianry trundler from U-19 days..Don't know why people were hyping him here.
  16. I sense Gill might get debut in NZ..That useless Raydu is too bad to get runs in Australia or NZ..
  17. Bigg Brother

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    Missing out NZ and Australia series means almost 10+ matches..Rahul would have been benched anyway,but Pandya being integral part of our ODI squad,10+ matches ban is too much..It is not that they have tempered ball or anything. I fear for them even in IPL participation..
  18. Bigg Brother

    Get Dhonified !!!

    There are so many chewtiyas out there..One of the guy is Chetan Narula from Cricinfo,straightaway block you on twitter even if you utter a single word against Dhoni..Him and Bhogle were recieving lots of flake today on Twitter..That Narula guy was blocking everyone on wholesale today..Bloody shameless bunch of people..
  19. Bigg Brother

    Get Dhonified !!!

    So many.. Yuvraj Singh's return game against NZ after cancer was the worst.. We lost that T20 by 1 run,it was sure shot victory untill Kohli was batting and then this guy came and ruined that match. Same was done in that sole T20 against England in 2014 where everything was going smoothly untill Kohli got out. He has screwed us so many times, difficult to pick out one game..Biggest travesty projected upon us by media.
  20. This piss poor pathetic team can't beat Australian B Side from last 3 Australia tours,be it that Tri series before WC 2015,ODI Series in 2016 and now this series..And not to forget the way they pissed in pants in WC SF at Sydney...Ghanta WC jitenge BC yeh log...
  21. Bigg Brother

    NZ will thrash us in ODI series next month

    Bowlers will take care of NZ batsmen.. Only threat is Dhoni and Raydu's SR..
  22. Bigg Brother

    Who was true batting MoM for India in 2011 WC final?

    It is okay if fans credit almost 90% victory of the final or for instance our wc victory totally to MS Dhoni and can go gaga over his self promotion because fans are emotional. But what is with Dhoni himself..Glorifying himself in movie asking Gary that He will go next and all that..Bhai itna hi tha to Sachin ke out hone ke baad bhi aa sakte the, as Kohli was very inexperienced to go into that situation and there could be valid reason for it that he wanted to protect youngster from pressure situation. That was such a cringeworthy scene.I literally couldn't go beyond that scene while watching movie.
  23. Bigg Brother

    Dhawan is A+

    Dhawan and Rohit were both hot property back in 2013..Dhawan scoring Hundred in debut test and then golden bat in CT2013..Same with Sharmaji,reincarnation in CT and then debut 100 against WI.. Still think both deserve to be in A+ category.although BCCI should start putting test specialists more in A+..Sends a good message.
  24. Bigg Brother

    Who was the true MOM in WC 2011 SF?

    Yes,jokes apart Raina was the real Hero. From 205-6 to 260,He ensured that India play out their full quota of overs and scored respectable 260..Crossing 250 was pyschological advantage that day. Raina was the Hero of QF,too..I miss those days,our batting line up in LOI was very strong and that sense of assurance while watching the match was altogether different which is missing now !!
  25. Bigg Brother

    Are we missing Pandya already?

    The current XI is perfect except the 2nd spinner. Pandya comes at the expense of Vihari who is proper 6th no.batsman which allows Pant to play at 7. Pandya should be limited to LOIs only.

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