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  1. Bigg Brother

    Dhoni plans to retire only after T20 World Cup !!!

    This guy has crossed all the limits..Even with Sachin, many were raising their voice against him and he retired from ODIs the day before our squad for Aane do series was announced assuming he was asked to do so. This nonsense of "smooth transition, his future plans, Grooming youngsters" never happened with SRT..
  2. Bigg Brother

    India tour of West Indies: Squad to be picked on July 19

    Test series will be fun.Mayank, Shaw, Pujara, Vihari, Pant against hostile WI attack, They blew away England in test series few months ago.Nobody gives a damn about LOIs except stat-booster captain.
  3. So what about his future with England then?? Is his tenure over with ECB?
  4. Bigg Brother

    Dhoni plans to retire only after T20 World Cup !!!

    Looks like copied post from fb page" I hate those people who hate MS Dhoni"
  5. Bigg Brother

    Dhoni plans to retire only after T20 World Cup !!!

    He has inflated average of 38 in t20s, Dont be surprised if that average remains the highlight for the next 1 year.This **** is getting totally predictable now.
  6. Bigg Brother

    ICC events program till 2023

    Wt20 in 2021?? That too in India?? Not possible.SA should organise any ICC event now, it's been 10 years since last ICC event was held in SA.
  7. He can play for CSK as long as he wants, may be till 80 untill he gets Parkinson and Alzheimer's and forgets that which sports he used to play..Just spare this Indian team, this nonsense is getting unbearable now.
  8. Yeah someone really need to come out and expose this guy's cunningness. Saha successfully took him over despite that Dhongi leaving Indian team from mid series that too overseas and now Pant has successfully cemented his place in test despite getting debut in tough England series, Pant and Kishan or whoever is next in line will reach there because of their own capabilities and their talent, they are not toddlers who need guiding by their father figure, This just sends a message that our next keepers are incapable to represent India and we need Dhongi guiding him.
  9. There should be limit of sugarcoating..None of the BCCI officials have guts to blurt out the truth. I fear that this guy will screw us even in more, He will retire once all his major endorsements are over and Dhongi has been endorsing few major brands in his leisure time in last 2 years, No wonder the leech is being shameless here.
  10. Bigg Brother


    If he opts to play then he will replace Dhoni as the biggest pretender and fraudster in my book.The guy skipped Asia Cup, NZ away series(which was played after 5 yrs gap) but somehow managed to play WI series at home. And now will gear up against WI to add on some in his useless century tally.
  11. Bigg Brother

    goodbye guys

    Dude it is the least moderated forum, Go on to reddit and your post will be deleted regularly, You must have posted something wrong otherwise there is no reason to delete your posts, Accept the mistakes and move on.
  12. Bigg Brother

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Sachin scored over 400 runs with 2 centuries in that wc.And he hardly played ODIs after that, Even in his last ODI he scored 50 runs against Pakistan..Comparing present time Dhongi to that time Sachin is ridiculous.Sachin prolonged his test career for 2 years and still played few good looking innings during those years unlike Dhongi who requires cushion of his PR circulating nonsense like advice, experience and not to forget that sucking from captain.
  13. It is India dude, If washed up oldie can play 5 yrs after his expiry period than anything can happen..Logical and situational demands do not have any value here.
  14. At best I am expecting t20 captaincy to be handed to Rohit..BCCI will come out saying they want to decrease work load and all irrelevant things and that Actor Kohli will come out in press hiding his tears supporting this move.
  15. This shows ineptness of Selectors..So till now he was an automatic pick?? Is that they are trying to imply?
  16. Bigg Brother


    Padding up the useless century stats.
  17. Bigg Brother

    Could have been India

    England was destined to win this wc..Whatever happened today, they really revolutionized their ODI set up and played some brilliant cricket thoroughout these 4 years..As for India, No you cant win wc with fattu captain and shameless oldie blocking one spot.
  18. Bigg Brother

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    Guptill had to just score 2 runs after shitty wc.
  19. Bigg Brother

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    That mofo Dhoni was eyeing to hit Neesham.
  20. Bigg Brother

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    Stokes will finish in this over itself
  21. Bigg Brother

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    Both are trying, thats how you win your *er Dhoni.
  22. Mukul Keshawan is brilliant sports journalist, He bashed Kohli in 2016, India's tour of WI when Kohli dropped Pujara and Vijay and played Rohit and came out to bat at No.3 to protect Rohit but got out to Joseph.Did not know at that time Kohli will turn out to be such a loser captain but now I know why he wrote that article..Cant find that now but that was amazing piece.
  23. Bigg Brother

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    Williamson is on 569 wc runs, Will be happy if crosses Sachin's 673 today.
  24. Bigg Brother

    Praise Shami, our best bowler

    Kohli is fattu captain, All his talks about Ruthlessness in nothing but farce, NZ used to back Mitchell McLanaghan who is wicket taker but used to go for runs,Rohit backed him In MI, Had Rohit been captain then Shami surely would have been backed by him.

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