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  1. Bigg Brother

    Jadeja missed a golden opportunity of becoming a hero

    He was in panick mode even while playing with Kuldeep.Kuldeep looked very relaxed and assured on crease than him. He just somehow connected that Rashid's ball in last over.and that's it. He was never going to finish it for India and never will.The guy has screwed us so many times in batting from 2009 WT20 against England,Chasing 350 against Australia when Sachin scored 175.Even 2 years ago at Canberra he was just doing tuk tuking with tailenders when target was in reach. Compared to that,the yesterday inning was upgrade.Should be nowhere near ODI squad.Pathetic that this guy has 3 triple centuries in Ranji.
  2. Shamelessely screwed us in ODIs..And now spreading his knowledge..Has to be the 1st player in history of game to play as specialist tips giver.
  3. Supreme thrashing in CT final didn't do anything,a match which India was supposed to win convincingly which they didn't only lose but was hammered by one of the most fragile batting line up in the world. What Asia cup defeat will do??At least here they will have excuse that Kohli wasn't there...Dhoni will as usual do his ****** and his failure will be blamed for lack of the support from the middle order or lack of foundation from upper order and same ***** over and over again. Raydu,Pandey and Jadhav will score some and will get selected again to WI where they will hammer poor WI and Dhoni will become reincarnation of Gilly and Kohli will have orgasm over and over about How His persistence with Dhoni is rewarding and These jokers will fail against B side of Australia in ODIs which is after tests so Dhoni and other LOI specialists will be given another free pass stating that X is enjoying game and blah blah and Kohli will say at least We were competitive and Shashtri will boast about how their world cup preparation are going in right direction despite defeat and boom...IPL after that..Dhoni,Rahul,Dhawan,Hitman will be instilled with Popeye-the sailor man energy and will pulverize few trundlers..Some gora expert will come out saying,"X will be the match winner,Y guy will win us WC,India will be tough team to beat" based on the IPL form and our news channels will run funny edits gloating about our Superstars.
  4. T20- Should have retired along with Joginder Sharma. Don't know what Jogi hadn't done which this guy has done in t20s. Test-After 2012 England Series at Home ODI- 2015 After Series Loss against SA.
  5. Bigg Brother

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Rahul Dhawan Rohit DK(wk) Jadhav Dhoni(Specialist Tips giver) Hardik Bumrah Bhuvi Chahal Kuldeep No need of Pandey who has acquired hazardous trait of dragging match till last from old man Dhoni..We have one man enough to do that chewtiyapa.
  6. Even lord Dhoni who doesn't care about anything other than Yellow jersey played Vijay Hazard in 2015. Nothing is gonna happen with regressed players like him and Dhoni..
  7. Time for some Dhoni articles now as that the test series is over and his ass needs to be saved.. Pattern..
  8. Bigg Brother

    Bhajji, Vikrant, Madan Lal want Pant in Asia Cup

    It is obviously understandable scam to make Dhoni play the next WC..
  9. Bigg Brother

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Root enjoying a bit remaining Honeymoon period.. These guys will be massacared by Rangaaiyaa and Co. in SL
  10. Bigg Brother

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Not able to clear the tail clearly made the difference..It is like describing clinical features of some disease..Same pattern everytime.
  11. Bigg Brother

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Shami has been like in * you to batsmen mode",You have not supported enough us now go * yourself,I am not going to do my bit in batting" He isn't that poor as he has displayed himself in this series.
  12. What's the point now? It is like as if Ganguly was waiting for this to happen.As if he is more concerned about Shashtri' failure more than team India's failure. It is exactly similar to ex players dissing Greg Chappell for his ill treatment towards Ganguly in their respective documentaries and interviews after 10 years of real event. There is no point in that.If you can influence and change something,be a man and stop something it from happening rather than coming up with past excuses.. For now we are stuck with that Bevada and I can't see one series loss changing something.
  13. Bigg Brother

    Asia Cup squad announced, Rohit to lead.... Khaleel Selected

    Couldn't have cared less about this..Get ready for Dhoni chamchas circulating talks of how their thala guided inexperienced Rohit.
  14. Bigg Brother

    Why Axar is always picked in ODIs ahead of Sir Jadeja?

    Axar has good connection,may be political.Thats why and I am serious.(Coming from a credible source)
  15. Bigg Brother

    What should be the team changes for the final Test?

    I never mentioned him to come back..Just stating the dire state of team now.
  16. Bigg Brother

    What should be the team changes for the final Test?

    Replacements look good only when they are on the bench..I guarantee people will start bashing Vihari and Shaw if they fail in next test and will ask them to go again in domestics to sharpen their skills. Trying new players is good but players like Pandya getting 7 straight games is unacceptable.Once upon a time,we had Laxaman coming at 6 and now there is Pandya coming at 6..Baht hogayi fearless game ki nautanki BC!!
  17. Bigg Brother

    Lets laugh at ourselves

    Only Pandya,apart from Captain Kohli played all 7 tests this year. Yeah,we should laugh at ourselves
  18. Do any other think that Kohli sounded and looked tired mentally af in presentation.. It is hard to keep yourself driving when you almost know the result.
  19. Can Kohli rest in final test and play Asia cup?? That Asia cup team is plain right pathetic..
  20. Lol.look at crowd. Should be ashamed of their shitty team for almost losing against 'this' Indian side.
  21. Kohli-We are proud of ourselves.We weren't outplayed. Get ready to listen this..At least Dhoni was blunt..Shamelessly accepted that we got 2 days break was the only plus of the losing the test match in 3 days.
  22. All these saying goodbyes and losing interest will shamelessly come back to forum once the next test starts and that also includes myself I think there should be de-addiction programme in India addicting to cricket. Don't know how many people cost their productivity behind these gaandus.
  23. Ashwin not performing is not many's problem Problem is that the guy is big talker and can't do jack outside India..Was talking big and revealing his tricks to sky after 1st test and choked when needed him the most.
  24. Man,I don't want to lose by 10-15 runs. Kohli and Shahstri will then again do the bravado talk how they fought well and no visitor team have shown such grit...Either convincing loss by 50-60 runs or win.

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