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  1. Pandu is India Lucky charm, what a rubbish way to get out, match gifted,
  2. Virat batting 1st, I think he has learned his lessons.
  3. It's always fun to watch Toygers getting some proper spanking.
  4. 2nd best team in Asia, Ladies and gentlemen
  5. chahal fielding like dream, Take that doubters
  6. if this isn't soft then don't know what is,,, South Africa is hopeless
  7. Saffers have already mentally surrendered,,, Such soft dismissals.
  8. wicket gifted, SA are so terrible you don't need to do anything special to beat them, never expected them to be this bad.
  9. Black Zero

    Prediction Corner: Ind vs SA (WC19)

    Wao man, What insight, what the world would do without genius like you.
  10. Black Zero

    No opening ceremony....

    yup why there is no noise, 2011 had a great ceremony I think 2015 also had one if I remember.
  11. I think Khalil and Krunal trying best to go one better this match than previous one.
  12. The best fielding side in the World,,,
  13. We were told India is spoilt for choices when it comes to Phaast bowling, where are those other than Bumrah???
  14. and this guy was supposed to be better than SSA of Pakistan,,, That's some delusion,,,
  15. Black Zero

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    Now even as Pak fan feeling sad for India, And you know things are really bad when things have come to this stage. Cheer guys, You fans better than this loser lot I guess,,,

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