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  1. can someone please share a web link for the match?
  2. Yadavs bowling some poor deliveries here. Struggling both in line and length in this match. Should at least test the batsmen with some well directed yorkers or bouncers. Even Pandya has bowled better.
  3. Excellent bowling by Shami this over
  4. Lol England all over SA. 6 wickets for 50 odd runs.
  5. 3 consecutive sixes by Stokes. 2nd one brings his hundred
  6. Stokes is probably one of the best in the world on the pull/hook shot
  7. Another terrific innings by Stokes under pressure against a quality pace attack
  8. Poor bowling by Yadav in the first innings. There were hardly any instances where he bowled 3-4 consecutive deliveries in a channel around off stump. Kept sliding down leg or bowled short and wide. No well directed bouncers too. No aggression when the batter hit him. Just a languid smile. I think the first wicket got to his head. He just kept looking for that LBW and in the process ended up being too straight. I feel he's a kind of player who needs a taskmaster. The bowling coach should push him in the nets. Hope he turns it around in the second innings.
  9. Brilliant bowling by Kumara. Gets Pujara
  10. Too quick to handle

    Definitely the most exciting bowler to watch. There were times when you could sense fear in the batsmen's eyes LOL Ganguly for example. Was fun to watch. Brett Lee at his peak and MJ came close.
  11. Kumara generating good pace in this spell. Almost gets Mukund
  12. Enjoying Pandya's batting and his temperament here
  13. Haha Looks like Pandya's admonishing Shami. Shami cant resist pulling.
  14. Has been an overdose of subcontinental test matches. I want to see these guys battle it out in overseas conditions on faster pitches.
  15. Why are these guys falling off the short ball. Most are compulsive hookers. Bowlers are going to exploit this on quicker tracks

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