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  1. IPL does more harm than good when it comes to the selection of fast bowlers. Guys like Kaul get the limelight and end up in the team. Selectors and Kohli are both obtuse. Whats the point of choosing a bowling attack that's only consists of short trundlers?? I don't mind England posting 350+ if that would result in some improvement in the selection policy.
  2. If these selection tactics continue, bowlers would no longer be willing to bowl quick. They would only focus upon improving their stats and if bowling line n length helps to achieve that then they would stick to it. Kohli has been disappointing. He just doesnt have the courage to ask for qenuine quicks. Dont care who the selector or coach is. Kohli is the most most influential person in the Indian setup
  3. I getting fed up of Kohli's selection tactics. In the Indian setup the captain has a major role in team selection and his inputs are definitely considered even while choosing the squad. Does he not have the balls to ask for some genuine quicks or for some exciting ODI bats?
  4. BK doesnt look like 100%. He had increased his pace to higher 130s earlier but now back to lower 130s.
  5. Watching England smash these trundlers will be fun though
  6. With the likes of Deepak Chahar, Siddharth Kaul and Shardul Thakur, England should aim for 500 plus. No better opportunity than this. At least Australia has someone like Stanlake in their side. I'll be surprised if we end up winning even 1 match
  7. MK55

    What Has Happened to Mighty Australia?

    Theyll be a completely different team with Cummins, Starc and Hazlewood/Stanlake in the playing 11. Paine needs to be replaced in ODIs and may be get back M Marsh
  8. MK55

    Jos Butler

    He's one of my favorite players these days. Doesn't have any weaknesses. His pressure game also seems to have improved now.
  9. My only interest in the finals now is seeing Sandeep getting smashed :)
  10. Avesh should learn to change his length in this format. Cant just keep bowling back of length. Should have tried at least one yorker or a proper bouncer when Rayudu was hacking
  11. MK55

    RCB vs SRH - Match 51

    There's no shortage of idiots in this world.
  12. MK55

    RCB vs SRH - Match 51

    This third umpire is such a moron
  13. Lol such rubbish tactics from KKR and Kartick. They should have bowled short at the batsman's ribs and neck on this wicket. It was so evident from the first ball that Tripathi faced. Someone like Tripathi would have perished much earlier.
  14. MK55

    I hate bowlers !!!

    He's acting like a grumpy old man. Don't know how anyone can think he's cool. As if his instructed 'plan' would have made all the difference. Regardless, there's no point of criticizing them in the press. Its only this year that he himself has done anything of note in the ipl.
  15. Wtf Could be last match for Shami for some time

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