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  1. What I dont get is why was Zaheer chosen in the first place when the guy isn't even ready to commit full time. Was it just to piss Shastri off?? I'd rather have a full time bowling coach than a 'bowling consultant'. For batting we have got someone like Bangar who's working with the players full time so an 'overseas consultant' in that area is fine
  2. Wow what a dominant performance by Lewis.
  3. The bowlers have been manhandled today. Lewis has treated them like school kids.
  4. WTF Kuldeep could have had 3 wickets here but for these idiots.
  5. Lewis loves feasting on our bowling attack. 2nd Hundred.
  6. Whats the point of being a spinner when the only thing you're capable of (or think you're capable of) is bowling your 'variations' that dont spin.
  7. Yes Shami did bowl the odd delivery at 145k in this year's IPL but I'm pretty sure his average would have been lower when compared to previous years. Rabada and Cummins were comfortably bowling quicker and were more threatening. Hopefully he gets somewhere close to the way he bowled in 2015 WC.
  8. Lewis' beligerent hitting has shaken these guys. Panicking
  9. Im a bit worried of Shami. I hope his frequent knee issues havent taken a toll on the body. He looks down in pace these days and that has been the case since the IPL. He may have taken wickets but doesnt look as sharp as he was before.
  10. Shami just doesnt look sharp in his bowling these days. Looks very hittable
  11. As expected Ashwin floundering big time.
  12. Why the hell have these morons included Jadeja and Ashwin in the team for a t20?
  13. Terrific hitting by Karthik. Pant struggling with timing. Difficult for him to get going after being on the bench all this while
  14. Watching Bumrah bowl quick in CT was one of the highlights for me. His yorkers and slower ones would become even more effective. Also with that kind of pace, he can get batsmen out by extra bounce when the odd ball kicks off. Was consistently bowling 145+ in at least one spell of each match that he played. There has been a definite increase in pace this year and it started from the later part of this years's IPL.