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  1. Wtf Could be last match for Shami for some time
  2. Has Shami ever had even one good spell in the ipl?
  3. Why the hell is Cummins not in the side? This MI think tank and Rohit are so dumb
  4. Also looking forward to seeing Bumrah and Cummins bowling in tandem. Hopefully Cummins lasts the entire tournment
  5. There have been some talks of Yadav dropping his pace. I'm don't think its permanent. Would be interesting to see how he bowls this IPL.
  6. VIVO IPL 2018 - Full Commentator List

    Nasser, Lee, Clarke, Doull, Bishop
  7. Steve Smith Press Conference

    Looks contrite and distraught. Definitely he is not capable to ve a captain. A year ban is very harsh though. This whole pre-meditated thing is blown out of proportion. You always decide to tamper the ball for the team and to some extent thats always premeditated unless youre a bowler. Quite unlikely that you would do that whimsically. Lol and there are some nasty people out here.
  8. Smith, Warner could face life ban from CA

    The most that can happen is that he may lose his captaincy.
  9. Hussain Ponting Clarke From the existing ones, I love listening to Doull, Bishop
  10. Lol pace bowling department has only got trundlers!
  11. Changes for the sixth ODI

    Shami for BK Karthik for Iyer Need a 5-1 win
  12. Bat: Dhawan Bowl: Chahal Fielder: Kohli

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