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  1. Bumrah seems to have slowed down in this World Cup. Is he 100%?
  2. Why are these idiots still selecting Kaul???! These selectors and team management are so obtuse. It’s never too late to try new bowlers. Except Bumrah and Shami no one has looked threatening. So choose someone who looks promising and brings something different to the side. I’d definitely pick Saini in this case.
  3. We need Bumrah, Shami in the squad. BK for lack of other options. And we need a bowler who has some X factor. Avesh/Mavi etc. Not someone like Siraj or Khaleel. Don't know what's wrong with either of these idiots. They bowl with more intensity in IPL than at the international stage and this at such early on in their career. Crazy The selectors should try out some other bowlers ASAP.
  4. It would if they can manage to do that. But there’s absolutely no chance of that happening. Aus bowling line up is good and their batters would dominate the Lankan trundlers.
  5. Varun Aaron needs to be given a chance now. You can't just discard him like that. Now the problem is these morons may look at IPL as a benchmark for test and ODI selection.
  6. MK55

    Umesh- what has gone wrong with Umesh?

    I doubt he will be effective at home too. He should have known what brought him in the team despite all those consistency issues. You can't be that dumb. OR there might be some issue with his action/age-related decline that caused his pace to drop down. People managing him need to understand that you need to keep things simple with bowlers of his type. Anyways he should be replaced ASAP
  7. MK55

    Rohit & Shaw opening at MCG ? Thought ?

    Rohit is hopeless against spin, a walking wicket. So if u want to have him in the side get him at 6 in the first innings and open in the second innings LOL.
  8. Ashwin ain't as accurate as Lyon. The ball isn't doing much for Ashwin even when he's landing it in the rough
  9. Rohit Sharma is so hopeless against spin in test matches
  10. Average of 124k for BK? If that excludes slow deliveries then it's really pathetic. He'll be a disaster on the super flat LOI wickets of England and Austraila.
  11. Its only a matter of time before batters figure Khaleel out. You simply can't survive in international cricket bowling at 125k. Let's see how he fares in Australia.
  12. MK55

    No trundler policy

    The onus should be on Kohli. He should have the balls to demand quick bowlers who look promising for international cricket. I get the feeling he just doesnt bother as long as he gets the 2 or 3 pacers that he wants. Very myopic vision
  13. LOL I was expecting a thread on this comment
  14. Don't think there's any need to change the title. Yes, we end up discussing Indian bowling speeds more but it would be a lot less fun if we don't compare their stats with pacers from other teams and discuss their styles as well. Yes, and discussing spinners is exciting too. We will start to have better quality stats for spinners in the future

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