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  1. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    I hope he's drafted in the national side within a year. He's looks genuinely quick.
  2. Bat: Kohli Bowler: BK Fielder: Pandya
  3. Can't depend on Shami.

    He's probably fit less than 25% of times since WC2015. At other times I'm not sure if its the lack of rhythm, injury/niggles or just that he is hesitant to give 100%. His run-up is quite different these days.
  4. Can't depend on Shami.

    Shami looked the least threatening of all bowlers. Bowled in the low-mid 130s with hardly any seam movement. His short balls had no venom. At his height, he needs to bowl at some min pace to get that nip off the surface. I'd drop him and bring in Ishant. Ishant hasn't done bad lately. At least he'd be quicker and get some more bounce on these pitches.
  5. The pitch seems to have eased out. I don't think these bowlers have got it in them to dismiss SA in the second innings considering the pitch and with the lead already having crossed 100. We needed someone like Johnson to make things happen and get back into the game. It's about when SA's gonna declare now.
  6. Bowling Speeds in SA series

    So none of our bowlers managed to cross even 90 mph. That's a bit disappointing
  7. Ishant would have been a good choice here. Shami's struggling. A warm up match could have been useful to determine if Shami had good rhythm
  8. Shami looks to be the weakest out there. Pace is down and accuracy ain't great either
  9. Batsman: Pujara Bowler: Shami Fielder: Saha
  10. Brett Lee is my favorite and Starc among current players. Akhtar and Bond were fun to watch. Steyn's action is so smooth Bond ended up with perennial back issues and his mixed action might have some role in it. Having said that his action looked beautiful.
  11. can someone please share a web link for the match?
  12. Yadavs bowling some poor deliveries here. Struggling both in line and length in this match. Should at least test the batsmen with some well directed yorkers or bouncers. Even Pandya has bowled better.
  13. Excellent bowling by Shami this over
  14. Lol England all over SA. 6 wickets for 50 odd runs.
  15. 3 consecutive sixes by Stokes. 2nd one brings his hundred

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