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  1. You sound like myself. Wouldn't you say that you are a minority in the way you see what being eduacted means? In my class in Engineering from a highly reputable institute, i was absolutely shocked on seeing how most of my classmates were interested in getting a certain % of marks while completely ignoring the technical knowledge which would serve them better in the long run. I could count on one-hand the number of people in my class who were technically sound. Most people are sheeple. Expecting them to do their own research and make informed decisons is downright impossible.
  2. Captain

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    I absolutely hate the way BJP handled my home state of "Andhra Pradesh". But, for the country's sake, i hope they retain power with an absolute majority without having to rely on too many alliances.
  3. True. But, what % of people do you think put their time and effort to learn stuff outside of what the Educational system and the MSM teaches you? Being generous, i'd say maybe 10%.
  4. Tbf most pseudo seculars tend to be very well eduacted. Their worldview comes from living in a metropolitan echo chamber without much exposure to the evils of the real world.
  5. This attack had nothing to do with "Kashmir". The typical Left wing media won't reveal all the details regarding the terrorist due to fear of communal violence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2wbExE8TvU Watch the full video of this terrorist's message. He mentions Ghazwa-Tul Hind, Hindus detroying Islamic culture, Cow piss drinkers you can't save yourself from us, IC 814 hijack, Parliament attack etc Ghazwa-Tul Hind is related to Islamic conquest of entire India. "Burhan Wani", who was a commander of "Hizbul Mujahideen" and was killed by our security forces also used to talk about this Islamic conquest of India. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_NWMJ7Qj-k Watch the above youtube video of a Nationalist youtuber's analysis if you want to know more about this Ghazwa-Tul Hind. The Liberal media's bias towards Islam will end up costing us Millions of lives in the next few decades.
  6. Rayudu needs to be replaced with Gill.
  7. Captain

    Get Dhonified !!!

    "Even a broken clock is right twice a day". With this kind of approach to chases, we'll lose more games than we win. Only a Dhoni fan can see this innings and still believe that he's the right choice for the WC. The chase should have been done and dusted atleast a couple of overs before the 50th over.
  8. This one ODI doesn't matter in the long run. Would you back our current middle order to score 90 of the last 10 overs consistently without Kohli or Rohit at the crease?
  9. Phew! We need to stop getting games like these into the last over. A chase like this should be done by the 47th over.
  10. Two 4's and one 6 in the last 9 overs. There are no words to even describe our pathetic middle order. Our top 3 is world class and we would be world beaters with a decent middle order in ODI's.
  11. 60% chance of rain on day 4 and 80% on day 5.
  12. I had absolutely no problem with the scoring rate in the first innings. But, scoring at 2.5 in the second innings is just mind boggling. 100-5 after 20 overs would be a lot better than 60-0 after 20 in our current scenario.
  13. Ideally, we could be playing a bit faster. But, i'd take 240-2 by the end of the day over 300-5.

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