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  1. I was referring to the team selection part of his captaincy not his on field part.
  2. An amazing batsman Hopefully, his captaincy improves.
  3. We could have won this 3-0

    Some pathetic selections and dropped catches cost us the series. So close and yet so far from a first series victory in SA
  4. Shubman Gill

    I was much more impressed with him than with Prithvi Shaw. His technique is very sound and he has a pretty good temperament as well. He'll play for India imo.
  5. You got it the other way around. https://www.sportskeeda.com/cricket/reports-team-management-declined-bcci-s-offer-to-send-test-specialists-to-sa-early-for-preparation Top players probably wanted to pad up their stats against the weak Lankan team. When BCCI has more common sense than the team management then you know that you are dealing with id*ots.
  6. All talk no action This should be the official motto of our team when touring overseas. What a disgusting attitude from the captain.
  7. Prediction: We Are Going To Put Up A Hell Of A Fight Today

    Only 135 runs in the end. Moral Victory for the boys.
  8. Target that we can chase ?

    Won't chase anything over 225.
  9. Surprised it took this long tbh.
  10. Prediction: We Are Going To Put Up A Hell Of A Fight Today

    We'll lose by 150+ runs.
  11. The Kumble saga will stop any worthwhile coach from getting associated with our team which is filled with uptight arrogant stars. Blaming Shastri and Arun is ok but if you believe that they have any power over Kohli & co then you are deluded.
  12. I'm afraid even Bradman's average won't make up for his drop catches
  13. I know their averages. I was only making fun of some posters who wanted him to replace Saha because apparently he's better with the bat. Conflicting reports about the injury.

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