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  1. Terrific innings from Faf. Didn't give up even when wickets were falling around him and stuck on till the end.
  2. CSK batsmen are toast on wickets that have some help for the bowlers while they are incredibly good on flat wickets. If SRH win this match, they should thank the Bambi's curator for providing a wicket that isn't a typical Wankhede patta.
  3. Captain

    Batsmen aren't picking googlies this IPL

    Has been the case for at least 2-3 years now. When Sunny G compares Indian batsmen with the English regarding spin playing capabilities, you know things are bad.
  4. Another shocking performance from Dhoni like the OP said 9(18)
  5. Captain

    Bumrah is overrated

    Terrific performance from Bumrah. Bowling in Test matches had screwed up his lengths and it took him some time to hit top gear in this format
  6. I really love it when SRH pulls off stuff like this. It's terrific to see a T20 team that relies more on bowling than batting succeed. SRH really is a breath of fresh air in this format.
  7. Captain

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    No, i'm not. Kohli's captaincy in LOI's is both aggressive and dumb. I said he lacks that balance between risk and reward (risk management) which is a nicer way of saying that he's dumb.
  8. Captain

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    Yes, a successful LOI captain needs to be street smart like Dhoni. (Adapting to situations, Constantly assessing the state of the game, thinking out of the box etc) Kohli's approach is "In your face all the time". It won't work in LOI's.
  9. While i believe Kohli should step down as the captain based on merit, ABD would be a terrible choice. He was a failure with the SA national team where Faf has proven himself to be head and shoulders above ABD as a captain. RCB don't have a single player who's good captaincy material in their entire squad.
  10. Captain

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    Kohli's captaincy has always been about being aggressive and attacking instead of risk management ( Opposite of Dhoni's captaincy). While his approach will get us good results in Test matches, it'll backfire regularly in ODI's and T20's. Dhoni's approach on the other hand was perfect for ODI's and T20's but unsuitable for Tests. Unless he realises that his aggressive approach isn't suitable for LOI's we'll be losing ODI's and T20's regularly under his captaincy.
  11. Captain

    Humble pie for Dhoni haters

    Dhoni, though a mere shadow of himself is still incredibly good at destroying mediocre attacks ( IPL teams) 1) Scored 23 off the last over against axar patel. 2) Belted Thisara Perera ( 5 sixes in an over) 3) Destroyed negi today There's a pattern here. When was the last time he destroyed a quality international bowling attack? Dhoni fans will be wetting themselves after tonight but it doesn't change the fact that he won't be repeating a performance like this against a quality international attack.
  12. Captain

    How rubbish is Kohli's captaincy?

    Do you really want the commentators to be fired?
  13. Captain

    Mumbai Indians Cheating Tracker

    Has to be either incompetency or corruption. I'll go with the former. I was pretty surprised with the third umpire's decision to overturn the on-field call.

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