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  1. Captain

    England vs India, 5th Test, 7th-11th Sept - The Oval

    A Maiden half century for Vihari. Was lucky in the beginning of the innings but has been very solid since then. Long term prospect for India?
  2. Sachin Virat Dravid Yuvraj Zaheer
  3. Captain

    Return of CSK in IPL = Selection Ghotala in Team India

    You only need to look onfield to see that Dhoni is the top dog in the team. Kohli is his puppy.
  4. Replacing Raina/Dhoni with DK would have been a masterstroke. But, replacing KL with DK has exposed that certain players get a much longer rope in the team than others. Players who are in Kohli/Dhoni's friends group keep getting chances repeatedly even after multiple failures. Kohli and Dhoni have taken their bias in team selection to unheard levels IMO.
  5. Captain

    Clueless & Corrupt Kaptan King Kohli

    I love Kohli as a batsman but god his team selection is making me hate him. How can any guy with a functioning mind choose to have Raina over Rahul right now? Raina had a below par IPL as well. There's absolutely no justification for picking Raina in the team.
  6. Captain

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    This was my post during the IPL when Dhoni fans were jizzing themselves after he belted Negi. The days of Dhoni destroying quality bowling attacks are long gone ( England's attack is extremely mediocre btw). His hand-eye coordination has detiorated. Any Dhoni fan that still thinks he can make a comeback to his old self needs to look at what happened to "Sehwag" once his hand-eye coordination detiorated. Batsmen like Dhoni and Sehwag i.e batsmen who's game is based on hand-eye coordination instead of proper technique are sitting ducks once age catches up. Dhoni won't ever win games for the team consistently unless he can reel back his age by 3-4 years. The sooner he realises this, the better it would be for hIm and his fans.
  7. 37(59) when RR is over 15? Sounds "Dhoniesque"
  8. Terrific innings from Faf. Didn't give up even when wickets were falling around him and stuck on till the end.
  9. CSK batsmen are toast on wickets that have some help for the bowlers while they are incredibly good on flat wickets. If SRH win this match, they should thank the Bambi's curator for providing a wicket that isn't a typical Wankhede patta.
  10. Captain

    Batsmen aren't picking googlies this IPL

    Has been the case for at least 2-3 years now. When Sunny G compares Indian batsmen with the English regarding spin playing capabilities, you know things are bad.
  11. Another shocking performance from Dhoni like the OP said 9(18)
  12. Captain

    Bumrah is overrated

    Terrific performance from Bumrah. Bowling in Test matches had screwed up his lengths and it took him some time to hit top gear in this format
  13. I really love it when SRH pulls off stuff like this. It's terrific to see a T20 team that relies more on bowling than batting succeed. SRH really is a breath of fresh air in this format.
  14. Captain

    Clueless & Corrupt Kaptan King Kohli

    No, i'm not. Kohli's captaincy in LOI's is both aggressive and dumb. I said he lacks that balance between risk and reward (risk management) which is a nicer way of saying that he's dumb.

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