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  1. Why are you surprised? The moment i saw the tweet, i was wondering how long it'll take for him to delete it. Shameless SCUM.
  2. When it comes to Pakistan, Indians must follow the motto "A dog’s Tail can never be straightened". The sooner our people realize this the better it'll be for us as a nation.
  3. I'm extremely sceptical about moderate Muslims. Religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism are usually made up of a huge majority of moderates and a minority of extremists. That isn't the case when it comes to Islam i'm afraid. Moderate Muslims very rarely come out and speak against the extremists of their religion. Perhaps, they are afraid of being attacked but the reason doesn't matter. Bottom line is very rarely do they go up against the extremists. The Football analogy about Muslim moderates goes something like, the suicide bombers/Terrorists are the "Forwards", extremists are the "Mid-fielders" who feed the forwards and the moderates are the "Defenders" who defend the Terrorists and Extremists. I'm a staunch Atheist myself. Out of all the Religions, Islam is the religion that'll produce the least number of Atheists IMO. The Muslims don't have to accept Hinduism. The suggestion that they have to accept Hinduism is ridiculous. All they need to do is stop trying to spread their religion via deceitful actions and via Jihad. Also, i believe you are exaggerating the extreme RW problem in India. Most of the RW extremism i've seen is only as a response to extremist Islam. You are welcome to disagree with my opinion here. A huge portion of Hinduism is comprised of moderates and if they see the reduction of extremist Islam, i think the extremist RW will become a fringe group and will become isolated.
  4. Of course LW can defeat Muslims. Extreme LW dictators have a much higher death toll on their hands than RW dictators contrary to popular belief. What China is doing to the Uighurs is an example. The situation with LW in India when it comes to extremist Muslims is quite different than in China. The question is, when will they start fighting back? "Nipping it in the bud" is easier than doing it at a latter stage. We have Pakistan to the left, Bangladesh to the right and another 200 Million among us. How many millions will we lose due to the LW's inability to identify a threat at an early stage?
  5. I could be wrong in my observations, but in general, i've noticed that too many of these liberal intellectuals tend to be academic intellectuals. Their knowledge comes from their books rather than real life experiences. They live in a bubble in their safe environments in an echo chamber with other fellow liberals. Any dissenting opinion is ridiculed with name calling. The left wing platforms like Facebook, Twitte, Google that are so dead set on censoring right wing opinions particularly in the Western countries proves that they are incapable of accepting opposing points of view and hence they would rather censor them than debate them. IMO it's very rare for a person to be an extreme liberal who's been exposed to all kinds of elements in society. The fact that many of these so called liberals push for peace talks and non-violence etc while being so naive about the opposite elements boggles my mind. Peace works only when both the involved parties want to honour it.
  6. These local politicians don't care about national interests. They want to exploit the situation in their favour at the state-level. There's an anti-modi wave in the state of Andhra pradesh because of the BJP's reluctance to give a "Special status" category to the state and he's trying to exploit that sentiment. Which is why he spouts out stuff like this and this ends up looking really bad for us.
  7. Captain

    Indian media !!!

    A friend of mine jokes around saying that "The media people would sell their own mothers and sisters if they can get more views by doing so". Sounds about right to me.
  8. Pawan Kalyan (he's a top movie star in Telangana and Andhra) is a complete idiot. He's mentally unstable and he campaigns like he's in a movie. He's not the sharpest tool in the box. He has said on record stuff like "Remove the Dhoti's of corrupt congress leaders and thrash them). His elder brother "Chiranjeevi" started a political party and contested elections in 2009. The party was widely accused of selling MLA tickets for money and after the elections the party was merged into the "Congress" party. Pawan Kalyan's words should be taken with a grain of salt.
  9. Operations via Intelligence agencies can take decades. The BJP has been in power for a mere 5 years. Even the likes of CIA need decades to get certain things done. The only saving grace is that people seem to be realizing what's going on in our country. I just hope that BJP and Modi in particular stay in power for at least 2 more terms to bring about a noticeable change in the country.
  10. The very same intelligence agencies which will be told to abandon their efforts when Congress comes to power. If the BJP stays in power for a long period of time, what you said can come to fruition. But, as you know that situation is extremely unlikely.
  11. Russia and China are not great examples to compare with India. A communist state which has monopoly over their national media can do whatever it wants. As for the US, while they were ruthless in the past, their current situation is not too rosy. I can see the next generation embracing socialism and with all the support the Democratic party enjoys from their media (even worse than our media imo) there'll be chaos in the coming future. Also, in this era of social media, a government elected in a democratic country is walking on broken glass. They don't have the freedom to be ruthless like in the past where the national media could be managed on issues relating to national security.
  12. Clearly you have no idea of how powerful the media is. 80-90% of the general population will eat up what the media says without questioning them. They are experts in managing the mood of the sheep for their own selfish interests. There's a reason why they say "A pen is more powerful than a gun". Unless until the general public starts to hold the media accountable for spreading propaganda, there's nothing even a strong Government can do. If the Government takes a strong action against a community, the media will step in and paint the Government as tyrants and the sheep among us will sympathize with the affected community and will vote the government out of power.
  13. The Mainstream media will continue to say "All is well" and will continue to cover up any atrocities committed by people belonging to a certain religion. Just look at the twitter hashtags doing the rounds today after the Pak PM announced the release of our wing commander. We have way too many sheep among us and the media will continue to keep them that way. The vast majority of the general population will continue to be idiots until things are too late. I've always believed that the naive liberal Hindus are the number one threat to India even more so than extremist Muslims. Unless until the Mainstream media wakes up, i truly don't see how Bengal can come back from it's current situation. More than 285 out of 295 assembly seats were won by left leaning parties in Bengal. That's just a scary thing to see. So, you are a Bong. What's the general opinion about the recent Didi drama with the CBI officials? Are your fellow Hindus even aware of the mess they are getting themselves into?
  14. Rahane needs to shut his trap. He played 90 ODI's and he still thinks he deserves a chance with a SR of 78 and an AVG of 35? Someone needs to tell him that we are in 2019 not 1980's. The level of delusion in this guy.
  15. Weak? That's a first. All my life, all i've heard is that i'm way too angry and way too aggressive. My religious family even used to tell me to pray to god to reduce my aggression. Anyway, have you ever been to Bengal? The idiots in that state can't even identify an existential threat that's growing among them. Too many spineless liberal Hindus who believe that the Muslims will be as inclusive as them. The Islamic population is about 30% there i believe. You need to acknowledge that there's a threat first to fight it. The Bengalis haven't even acknowledged it till now at least in large scale. Arriving at a logical conclusion after seeing the facts doesn't make one weak.
  16. Bengal is a lost cause. I only hope that the rest of the country wakes up after the horrors that are going to happen in Bengal over the next couple of decades.
  17. Just for clarification, i'm not a Modi bhakth. The way he's treated my state of "Andhra Pradesh" when it comes to giving us a "Special category" status is repulsive and disgusting. He's a politician through and through. Of course, he's underperformed if you look at his promises. I just believe that he's far better for the country than the alternative i.e Rahul Gandhi who wouldn't get a basic entry level job if we only consider his intellectual capabilities. Modi is the lesser of the two evils IMO.
  18. Well said. People like Sandeep and other left leaning personalities believe that being nice is the right response to Pakistan and it's sympathizers. Opposing elements usually take your niceness as a sign of weakness and incompetence. People like Sandeep need to take a look at what happens to minorities in Muslim majority countries and then he can lecture about people like Modi. Pakistan's Railway minister's speech in parliament today. When guys like these are your enemies, people like Modi are the right medicine.
  19. Proof that it was an F-16: Credits to @sarchasm Model no of the fallen F-16 Video of 2 pilots ejecting from F-16 "AIM SERNO" which only F-16 is capable of launching IAF lost a MiG-21 and PAF lost F-16. Initial Pak propaganda was that both jets belonged to IAF.
  20. The video being shared was shot by Pakistani locals LOL. Your army controlled media won't show it in Pakistan to save face that an Ancient MiG-21 was all it took to take down the best Jet in the PAF i.e F-16.
  21. The difference is that India has accepted that our MiG-21 was down and that our pilot was captured while PAF keeps denying it. This is just like 2001 Kargil when Pakistan refused to accept the dead bodies of their soldiers.
  22. Two pilots ejected from a Pakistan Jet. "AIM Serno" remains which only an F-16 is capable of carrying within the PAF inventory. So, how does PAF cover this up? Claim that only a single pilot was ejected and that no F-16 was used. PAF caught with their pants down. SInce they are proven liars, their words should be taken with a grain of salt and i'm happy to see that India has no intention of de-escalating.
  23. You are too naive if you think he did it as a goodwill gesture. The Geneva convention agreements, International pressure and escalation by our armed forces all but cornered him. He had no other choice but to hand over our Wing commander (Very happy for him and his family btw). A true goodwill gesture would be handing over the likes of "Masood Azhar" to us and then cracking down on their terrorist buddies. The day Pakistan Governement stops providing safe havens is the day i'll truly believe that they want peace. I have a prediction that Paksitan will continue sponsoring terrorists as usual once this incident is forgotten by the general public. This is nothing but a PR stunt.
  24. He's still a much better option than the opposition "Congress" party that wants to prop up an idiot like Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister because of nepotism. The guy doesn't have the intellectual capability higher than an average 12 year old. There's nothing Modi can do that'll make him a worse candidate than Rahul Gandhi.
  25. The Geneva convention states that POW's should be released once the hostilities between the countries end. It looks like Pakistan has definitely smartened up and is releasing our wing commander as a peaceful gesture. I still believe that unless Pakistan proactively starts to purge their home grown terrorists and hands the likes of "Masood Azhar" over to us, we should continue with the escalations. I'm extremely eager to see what the representatives from all three branches of our armed forces are going to say in the press conference at 5PM.
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