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  1. Only Pujara is capable of playing decent spinner in this team. Even Kohli is struggling against good spin bowling
  2. Lol no way we r going to chase in 4th innings against Moeen bhai. Indian batsmen's didnt hav ability to play any decent spinner . Mooen bhai's wickets reminds us 2014 horror tour
  3. The way Moeen is bowling, I dont want India to bat in 4 innings.
  4. Md Shami has extramarital affairs, his family tried to kill me, says wife; pacer denies allegations http://indianexpress.com/article/india/mohammed-shami-has-extramarital-affairs-his-family-tried-to-kill-me-says-wife-pacer-denies-allegations/
  5. They want neutralise bhuvi swing boeling.natural sweating is ideal for swing bowling. I think they will start the game only after sun is out. *ing Supreme court judges made bcci a joke and powerless
  6. This is how loosers talk
  7. Kohli is the main culprit. His public criticism of pujara,vijay,rahane destroyed entire batting unit mentally. Now he left with cow dung in his hands.England tour will destroy kohli also

    Baffling tactics and captaincy from Kohli

    Bowlers r doing well. Main culprits r kohli captaincy, catching, batting
  9. Slap on kohli and shastri faces. Kohli and shastri should be held accountable for this test series results.
  10. SELVAM

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Still better than gujju pujara
  11. SELVAM

    India v Australia, 2nd Test, Bangalore

    Ishu bhai want to runaway from feild

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