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  1. India - SA all time test XI

    I never said they have to have orthodox techniques. But there has to be some element of footwork, which clearly isn't the case for Richards. Smith might have an unorthodox technique but it certainly isn't bad or lacking (although that might change once his hand eye deteriorates in a couple of years).
  2. India - SA all time test XI

    He doesn't look mediocre? And of course, it matters how their technique is. I would go with Smith over Sehwag though.
  3. India - SA all time test XI

    Not hard to fathom when you look at the footage. He did well in Packer but looks completely mediocre.
  4. 33 tests can't be a coincidence, it is insane.
  5. Don't think he hit that, but might as well take them out of the suffering.
  6. Who is your first choice spinner for South African tour?

    Ashwin. If he bowls like he did in WI, he's going to win us the series.
  7. Imran khan great plan to dismiss Gavaskar : Ball tampering

    Why is this being argued? Sarfraz, Imran, and everyone from their team tampered the ball. So did everyone else at that time, especially the English, but they weren't as good.
  8. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Holding in 76 at The Oval. It is on Youtube, so anyone can watch it. I don't think anyone will pick any other spell after watching him bowl in those two innings. After that, it is Ambrose at Perth in 93.
  9. Ignoring players from when cricket wasn't competitive (like Verity and Rhodes), Bedi is the best left arm spinner ever, even ahead of Underwood. Ashwin can't even be compared to him right now. Once he finishes his career, I think Ashwin will just be behind Bedi and Chandra. I can easily see him go past Prasanna and Venkat, maybe Kumble as well.
  10. 2018 Player Ranking Predictions

    Tests: Rahul, Smith, Kohli Hazlewood, Ashwin, Anderson ODIs: Kohli, AB, Root Starc, Hasan, Bumrah I don't think I'm going to get my prediction about Rahul wrong.
  11. The match hurt for a week, but now I don't even remember it. The CT is not a big deal. India will make up for it in the Asia Cup.
  12. That is true even for international matches.
  13. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    There are some really terrible teams in this thread. Sachin Anwar Kohli Zaheer (ideally he would be at 3) Yuvraj Dhoni * + Imran Kapil Wasim Waqar Saqlain Maybe bringing in Dravid, Inzamam or Miandad for Yuvraj.
  14. Hafeez gets caught chucking again

    That's disgraceful. You can't give someone another chance after they've already been given a chance.

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