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  1. They don't have a proper keeper, all-rounder or spinner and the middle order is still a hit or a miss. Pattison and Cummins are great bowlers but can't last 2 matches.
  2. https://twitter.com/ICC/status/843915054206533634/
  3. We will probably get to 200, and that can definitely be defended. Just have to make sure not to give easy runs to Warner.
  4. http://www.cricketcountry.com/criclife/ian-healy-to-arjuna-ranatunga-you-dont-get-a-runner-for-being-overweight-unfit-fat-ct-498566
  5. Almost 0 chance of it happening. Just produce regular wickets (like the England series, no cracks or inconsistent bounce) and draw 2-2 at the world.
  6. He won't be asked to step down after India wins 3-1.
  7. With the plans to not make full membership permenant, Zimbabwe can lose their full member status soon.
  8. Not sure why they let Ajmal bowl despite clearly chucking even in the PSL.
  9. Ishant out, Kumar/Kuldeep in.
  10. Not sure. After losing against Zimbabwe and WI at home, you would expect them not to ridicule other teams.
  11. Root hasn't done well in Australia and New Zealand, while Kohli has failed in England. On that basis, I would go with Kohli. The main difference is that Root does very well at home, while Kohli isn't really consistent at home or in Asia. If he can improve his performances there, he would comfortably be the best batsmen in the world.
  12. Trump leading in FL and Ohio... Didn't expect this but I'm not complaining.
  13. The grass will be trimmed within 2 days.
  14. They will probably play until 11, so they should be able to get 30 overs in.