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  1. HippoSucks

    The ATG SERIES challenge

    Based on video footage, plenty of modern left armers (with worse stats though) are much better than Davidson. I don't trust stats from before the 70s because it was a completely different game.
  2. HippoSucks

    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    A thread about Pant has led to a discussion about Dhoni and people's sex life... How anyone can disrespect a guy who has won literally everything (all the cups, #1 test ranking) is beyond me.
  3. https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/sport/cricket/bcci-seeks-15-cr-legal-fee-from-pcb/articleshow/67049315.cms
  4. If only we had 4-5 matches against Hong Kong and Afghanistan, then India might have decent totals to chase.
  5. HippoSucks

    Kohli has raised his profile as batsman in this series

    Great series for him. But let's not get carried away by calling in in SRT's and Lara's league. He still hasn't overtaken Laxman.
  6. HippoSucks

    India - SA all time test XI

    I never said they have to have orthodox techniques. But there has to be some element of footwork, which clearly isn't the case for Richards. Smith might have an unorthodox technique but it certainly isn't bad or lacking (although that might change once his hand eye deteriorates in a couple of years).
  7. HippoSucks

    India - SA all time test XI

    He doesn't look mediocre? And of course, it matters how their technique is. I would go with Smith over Sehwag though.
  8. HippoSucks

    India - SA all time test XI

    Not hard to fathom when you look at the footage. He did well in Packer but looks completely mediocre.
  9. 33 tests can't be a coincidence, it is insane.
  10. Don't think he hit that, but might as well take them out of the suffering.

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