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  1. Isn't the 2018 T20 WC canceled? http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/no-icc-world-t20-in-2018-next-edition-in-2020/articleshow/59202031.cms I haven't heard about the cancellation of the Asia Cup though.
  2. There will be no T20 WC next year. I think we will win the 2018 Asia Cup and have a good chance for the 2019 WC if we make some major changes to the team.
  3. This series is important for the rankings (although they aren't a big deal now). India needs a 5-0 win to get to #2.
  4. No, that is how it works in every team. If Smith has a problem with their coach, they aren't going to sack Smith.
  5. We just have to play out 10 overs from Hasan and Amir. I think they can handle Junaid.
  6. A strike rate of 76 is good for an opener. Even Kohli was struggling in the middle overs.
  7. Having played 3 ODIs since 2013 (in which year he averaged 19 over 15 innings), I'm not sure why people should hang their head in shame for stating the obvious. He played a great innings today when India was struggling, but that doesn't mean that people against his selection were wrong.
  8. It's Mumbai's match to lose.
  9. He is a great player, but he isn't dominating anything. He played 2 good innings this IPL.
  10. The IPL is fun for a while but gets boring very quickly. You can't skip international matches for the IPL. Personally, I would much prefer a test against WI than RPS vs DD.
  11. India should skip ICC tournaments and just play bilaterals.
  12. Jayawardene is the definition of a flat track bully. Mediocre in UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, England and Australia. Chanderpaul has not done well in UAE, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Pakistan. Younis hasn't played too much overseas and clearly struggles against pace, but he has still performed well away. He is one of the best players of spin this turn of the century, has a brilliant conversion rate and temperament and performs under pressure. No way either of those are better players than Younis.
  13. 20000 on MI
  14. Who are these better options?
  15. Opening is the easiest position in the IPL because of the fielding restrictions. He won't score a run outside of the powerplay.