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  1. gooner

    All jokes, and fan banter aside..

    Iam convinced that it is scripted. It goes beyond loyalties. They have identified IPL as cash cow. They are now trying to make it as entertaining as possible. In all our lives of watching international cricket how many times have we seen a convenient no ball bowled at the last over when defending a total. How many did we see this time alone in the IPL. This is not healthy for sports.
  2. That's an exception not the norm. How many times have we seen this in IPL.
  3. This may be an unpopular opinion. But I really feel like this is scripted to keep people glued on. Really I have never seen anything dramatic like this in international cricket in all these years.
  4. Damien Martyn, VVS, Rohit, Jayawardena, Yuvraj. These are the players I had the opportunity to watch and all are our contemporaries.
  5. My line up will be this Rohit Dhawan Kohli Shankar Dhoni Pandya Kuldeep Chahal Shami Bumrah Bhuvi With Karthik missing out. Or push dhoni to 4 and replace Karthik with Shankar.
  6. Sanju when will this jealousy driven little man bug off.
  7. gooner

    Match 47 : MI vs RR

    Suryakumar Yadav has no gear at all. All he does is score 35 of 30 kind of innings every match. Stays till 12th over and gets out. Whats the use. All batsmen coming after him will be under extreme pressure.
  8. gooner

    M31 | RCB v MI | Chinnasawamy 1st May 8 PM | #WeStillHope

    They are just missing full tosses. If they are going to bowl full try a ramp so that it will atleast upset the rythm. They keep on playing the same shots.
  9. gooner

    M31 | RCB v MI | Chinnasawamy 1st May 8 PM | #WeStillHope

    Pandya brothers are **** show against Pacers. Just same ugly hoicks no timing whatsoever on the ball.
  10. I shouldn't say this. But the more I see kohli and Anushka in the screen. The more cringeworthy it gets.
  11. Bhuvi is too good. Thinking cricketer much like Ash. These guys will be deadly with a team designed for them. Without chopping and changing.
  12. Nice partnership good going. 4 runs per over against Maharaj den I ll be a happy man.
  13. Go after Maharaj now. Don't let him settle. Make him bowl atleast 1 short ball per over.
  14. Vijay's batting is so good on the eye. Aesthetical player.
  15. I hate rabada. Such a preposterous guy. Doesn't know to set up the batsman. Has great talent but such a punchable face. Whenever he gets hit he starts chirping.

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