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  1. Damien Martyn, VVS, Rohit, Jayawardena, Yuvraj. These are the players I had the opportunity to watch and all are our contemporaries.
  2. My line up will be this Rohit Dhawan Kohli Shankar Dhoni Pandya Kuldeep Chahal Shami Bumrah Bhuvi With Karthik missing out. Or push dhoni to 4 and replace Karthik with Shankar.
  3. Sanju when will this jealousy driven little man bug off.
  4. This is solely on our pathetic middle order. One guy with a 60-70 with a decent strike was enough to win this match. Our team is top 3 or bust.
  5. Even kohli and faf du plessis with all their fitness would have been tired. And we have seen them exhausted for less.
  6. Rohit can't do all himself here like subcontinent. Here down under we need another playing at the other end going for it.
  7. *ing hell. How do you get out to a straight ball. A nothing delivery.
  8. No iam sorry I was about to quote you for a different statement. Then didn't know how to edit it. Really sorry.
  9. Iam sure this same scenario is gonna happen in a crucial match. Like yuvraj. Only that may get him out.
  10. FFS dhoni putting pressure on Rohit to go kamikaze. I don't understand how Rohit and kohli trust Dhoni so much.
  11. Really the way these two are playing. Timid, tentative. It's really embarrassing. Ur not supposed to play maidens when the field is out for god's sake.
  12. This Indian team is crying for influx of young blood. New style new personalities. If it will take a drubbing to take me there I will be happy to take one. I don't understand Dhoni and Rohit now they should be able to pinch singles as bare minimum.
  13. We can never be safe with this middle order. Champions trophy finals was a rude reckoning for us. But still we didn't change anything.
  14. gooner

    Match 47 : MI vs RR

    Suryakumar Yadav has no gear at all. All he does is score 35 of 30 kind of innings every match. Stays till 12th over and gets out. Whats the use. All batsmen coming after him will be under extreme pressure.

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