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  1. Dude I was replying to him for his sarcastic tone about Rohit.
  2. Me !!!! That too when he was hell bent on finishing Ash and Jaddu quota when they were getting smoked.
  3. Is is not about settling scores and winning debates. People will take score from anyone in the 11 if it helps India win. No favorites.
  4. As stupid as it gets. This is 2003 WC Finals all over again. Bowling 25 extras you should be an absolute moron. 25 extra balls and chances to score from that ball again. Even a club team wont do these kind of silly mistakes.
  5. We have made too many mistakes for a top professional side. Reminiscent of Germany Vs Brazil 2014 WC. I think its almost impossible to win after committing these many mistakes in such a big event.
  6. Just when sanity calls for it. Our Mr. Over aggressive captain went with the opposite. How stupid can u get Kohli u moron. FFS!!!!
  7. The more I see Bhuvi bowling. I feel vindicated that it was an absolute blunder to play Ashwin in this road. If I see Pakistan bowlers getting nip and seam or bowling nagging line I would turn absolutely monstrous against Kohli.
  8. We could have selected Umesh and Shami. Iam betting anything that the fecker hack would have been in the pavilion. He wouldn't have handled the pace. Instead we bowled Ash and Jaddu and gave him a charity century. He would have absolutely gone.
  9. I think there is something in the wicket for bowlers who are willing to bend their back. If this is a loss its totally on the think tank and Kohli.
  10. Kohli is such a moron. Why is he so hell bent on making Ashwin bowl his full quota. You know Pandya is bowling well, so try and compensate Ashwin's spell by bowling Jadhav or Yuvraj. Atleast the change would have been difficult to adapt. Kohli is into his full on RCB mode today.
  11. Why is Jadhav's fielding this pathetic. It was just a one run. I thought the days of pathetic fielding in the Indian team was over.
  12. Selection is pathetic. You know its a fresh wicket. Go for your strike bowlers in Shami and Yadav. Ashwin selection is an absolute blunder. Choosing to bowl first in this wicket is another one.
  13. What the hell man. How many edges will evade us?? Fakhar has scored most of the runs from edges.

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