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  1. Bhuvi is too good. Thinking cricketer much like Ash. These guys will be deadly with a team designed for them. Without chopping and changing.
  2. Nice partnership good going. 4 runs per over against Maharaj den I ll be a happy man.
  3. Go after Maharaj now. Don't let him settle. Make him bowl atleast 1 short ball per over.
  4. Vijay's batting is so good on the eye. Aesthetical player.
  5. I hate rabada. Such a preposterous guy. Doesn't know to set up the batsman. Has great talent but such a punchable face. Whenever he gets hit he starts chirping.
  6. Yes how stupid of me. I didn't account for our brainfarts. But I still feel in this pitch if you stay long enough in this pitch we are getting a big one. Atleast to a 400.
  7. What the hell. Y do you drive like that on the up on a stopping pitch
  8. Iam telling you guys in this pitch we have a chance. It's imperative that our top 3 come good. We definitely have a chance here.
  9. What is happened to Vijay. Why is he fishing outside half too much. ??
  10. Yes but I don't see any exaggerated movements of the pitch. We only need to tire them off by picking loose deliveries. Yes there will be phases of plays where they will bowl unplayable deliveries. But it won't continue the whole day like it was in the first test. Dig in the tough phases go bang bang when you see them tired.
  11. Guys in this pitch we may be able to outbat them. 500 should be achievable.
  12. It's easily 100 runs we have given away due to silly drop catches. Do they even understand the gravity of 100 f**kng runs in a away test series.
  13. This is so irritating we should have pinned them down inside 300. Given the last night situation they should have smelt blood and gone for the kill. Kohlis aggression Is all in face nothing in tactics.
  14. Dude I was replying to him for his sarcastic tone about Rohit.
  15. Me !!!! That too when he was hell bent on finishing Ash and Jaddu quota when they were getting smoked.
  16. Is is not about settling scores and winning debates. People will take score from anyone in the 11 if it helps India win. No favorites.
  17. As stupid as it gets. This is 2003 WC Finals all over again. Bowling 25 extras you should be an absolute moron. 25 extra balls and chances to score from that ball again. Even a club team wont do these kind of silly mistakes.
  18. We have made too many mistakes for a top professional side. Reminiscent of Germany Vs Brazil 2014 WC. I think its almost impossible to win after committing these many mistakes in such a big event.
  19. Just when sanity calls for it. Our Mr. Over aggressive captain went with the opposite. How stupid can u get Kohli u moron. FFS!!!!
  20. The more I see Bhuvi bowling. I feel vindicated that it was an absolute blunder to play Ashwin in this road. If I see Pakistan bowlers getting nip and seam or bowling nagging line I would turn absolutely monstrous against Kohli.

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