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  1. We like watching Bangla girls smile and then cry a river at once.
  2. In CT, it's mauka mauka for you guys. :)
  3. Haris might play instead of Azhar with Prof. opening Bradman Kohli Babar Haris Malik Sarfraz Imad Faheem Shadab Amir Hasan
  4. Bangladesh are the real chokers. Even our Big Nas loves trolling them.
  5. Goodluck to him. But I can see Kohli tearing him apart....
  6. We are not the dark horses, We are dark ages. Have you even seen the squad list with Azhar and Shehzad opening? This is CT2017 not CT 1917
  7. Pakistan is nowhere close to winning this. Those who voted should be honest, We don't have a realistic chance. England or Australia will win it both are extremely strong right now.
  8. On your Q2, Pak team flew from West Indies straight to UK where farewell of YK was also organized. So Management took fitness test of players coming in from West Indies and in process they took another fitness test of Akmal. So it's not like Management lacks faith. However Akmal was probably given a pass in fitness test unfairly it seems or he was barely borderline.