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  1. I have jinxed him. Damn it.
  2. Babar Azam on his way to first test ton....
  3. Stop quoting me all around. Pathetic attention seeker.
  4. Harris Sohail of India.
  5. Watch scorecard please.
  6. What a garbage post. The guy averages 50 in England and Australia. Has a test century against ALL test playing nations. Moderators how can you let alone such a pathetic poster troll around?
  7. He averaged 50 in the series. Scored 3 consecutive fifties, I don't think these are 5 balls...
  8. Our fat Sharjeel smashed them in all parts....
  9. I don't see much of hope for my very own country to be honest but I fail to give up on it because it's my birth place and I want what is genuinely good for the country and whatever a person can do on their part as a citizen. People are terrible, No aims or ambitions, Disillusioned and so on. The ones who want to have a good peaceful life and are truly literate (Not the ones like that University incident students)move abroad.
  10. She is right, Large amount of Pakistani Population is as such that cannot progress I.e in total jeopardy. They don't value their assets, Don't have any future or whatever. Only blinded by extremist attitudes.
  11. I don't want to argue with a dumb person like you. But surely many people can do better than what Shehzad is doing right now. They took 3 new players on tour but none of them made their debut.
  12. @sandeepSpot on that Shehzad, Hafeez.etc are limited players and should be dumped. Don't know why selectors keep selecting rubbish
  13. Okay.
  14. Doesn't matter. They had Samuels and Simmons in t20 series yet we're barely able to win one match against us. We are a better team than Windies simple as that, We thrashed them last year in limited overs as well.
  15. We would have still won even if they had Sammy, Pollard and Gayle