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  1. Same case as Sarfraz not dropping Hafeez.
  2. Why are they doing this? Its mad
  3. Reason why Kohli is to take the blame

    Tbh I find Kohli alot more vulnerable when new to crease compared to Williamson and Joe Root.
  4. Reason why Kohli is to take the blame

    Yes blame Kohli the culprit. You guys should also start trending Kohli Nahin Hota Tujhse Chase. Lol
  5. India celebrates winning an ICC Tournament against Arch Rivals and get on with it next day? I highly doubt so.
  6. Reason why Kohli is to take the blame

    If not Kohli, Then who else should be the captain? Middle order is unsettled, Openers are Sharma/Rahul and Dhawan but are they captaincy material? Pandya is too inexperienced and young also he is like Kohli.
  7. Pak VS India in terms of pace bowling

    We had Rahat, Wahab.etc bowlibg for us. Need to get emerging bowlers like Hasan.
  8. Bhuvaneshwar and Pandya.
  9. West Indies vs India 23rd june Pre discussion thread

    If they can put together Kumble and Kohli for 6 months without talking to each other and rather abusing to phir pandya aur Jadeja kis khaet ki Murli hain
  10. Stardom and fame is part and parcel when you have unique abilities and you've achieved something and take the limelight. But nothing stays still and a professional must always stay focused because he is not to consider only his own sake and performance/views but a number of stakeholders that are involved. Since he is part of an organization (team) and every organization must have proper culture, There might be important and influential members but surely you can't be autocratic or look forward to have one man show simply because it simply won't be right. Every member deserves equal recognition and for long run success it's vital that decisions are made on basis of fairness, Whatever the issues are within the team should be solved by communication and setting up proper professional culture. Define what is expected of everyone, You can't have a fight to be the boss between the captain and coach.
  11. Kumble-Kohli communication had stopped six months ago

    How did the dispute start? Also looks serious as they seem to be going personal by even deleting tweets and stuff.

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