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  1. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Could DK become an opening option in the WC?

    @zen Any scope of discussion is normal before India had selected a team for any series - all fans do this. But here the team is already selected and it's a WC with predefined roles. What you're suggesting is almost like me saying anyone thought of playing Shankar as a proper bowler at 8? It's just very unlikely to happen like Kartick opening bar injuries - even then Rahul would open. I would rather see realistic discussions as we gear up for this tournament. I will read the threads you linked as I like most of what you post bro.
  2. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Could DK become an opening option in the WC?

    @zen overthinking lol! Firstly he won't get such low scores repeatedly (0-20) as he's a big player and on top of it the pitches are flat as hell. He's more likely to get big scores. So the question of him being dropped is ridiculous, the contingency plan is just for you, not for the people who will select the team. You have to back your stars and give them the tournament and he's one of them. Drop him after WC if he's bad e.t.c. The only burning issues are number 4, 6 and 8. Each time it will be question of Rahul v Shankar V Kartick when you think of 4 and 6. As for 8 it will always be play BK or Jaddu for extra batting/fielding or play Chahal and make our tail even longer. Seeing these flat pitches makes me think we may be able to get away with playing Kuldeep Chahal Shami Bumrah 8-11 as we shouldn't need our tail and can play our best bowling attack. Shouldn't chop and change our boys much bar minor pitch/weather changes. I'm annoyed we didn't have any warm ups. Could have seen who are the flops. For now I'll select this team based on the rubbish pitches on offer. Give Rahul 1-2 games to see if he can score big as a number 4 like him on form will make a huge difference. if Chahal flops 1-2 games bring in Jaddu/BK for keeping it tight and extra batting depending on conditions. This is an attacking team and we should be positive first, ideally use Shankar and Jaddu as sub fielders and carry drinks fast, deliver messages. Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli, Rahul, Dhoni, Jadhav, Pandya, Kuldeep, Shami, Chahal, Bumrah
  3. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Could DK become an opening option in the WC?

    Are you bored or something? Normally a smart guy. Rohit will play all games regardless, he won't be dropped unless he gets constant ducks.
  4. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    I already know this but i care. Imagine being a player but incorrectly listed.
  5. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Will you watch Pakistan matches after the Pulwama attack

    I will only watch india v pak, none of their other matches unless they are badly losing. Jai hind jai jawan har har mahadev pkmkb
  6. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Good reminder about PSL after the terror attack in Pulwama. And the adverts are annoying on cricinfo and i never watch any videos on there. I will **** this site now and encourage other indians in the UK too.
  7. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Just noticed cricinfo changed Saini very recently - he's now RF and rightly so. Cricbuzz still says RM and describe him as someone who relies on accuracy/swing more than pace! They don't have the staff to update and check everything on time.
  8. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Sorry bro ;) I am aware there was a call to stop following them but it's something I've done since the 90s due to their compilation of statistics and reviews. For a while I went on cricbuzz but I didn't get the same feel, they don't have the best men working for them which is a real pity. I would be happy if cricinfo ceased to exist though. Even in their crappy commentary they always are negative about India. Look how they are now cheering the flat decks in England, if it was India they would say where is the balance! Bias is one thing, inaccurately labelling players is another issue altogether. Disgusting. I will give cricbuzz a chance again this WC. Modi the winner, meditating on his success like a monk, the plan of Odisha/WB worked.
  9. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    You're obviously unaware of the implications. This is the world's number 1 cricket site showing consistent bias. If we respect our players and love the sport, we should take a stand to clarify this. Any cricket fan tbh. That's why someone even like bhogle calls our seamers medium pacers at times.
  10. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Why is hasnain listed as RF but likes of bumrah, yadav, shami, saini are not? This bias always continues. I bet archer wood are RF. Only one indian is ever RF that's aaron according to cricinfo. Can we do a petition or raise this matter? I've written in before and received no reply as expected.
  11. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    Massive respect to Unadkat, absolutely **** and cannon fodder but even has a test cap, earnt good money in IPL. He's laughing at us! He's a bowling machine for the opposition on replay. Embarrassing being a fellow kathiyawadi :(
  12. Why are you talking about t20? Not a world cup even if they renamed it and different format. Jaddu played well in UK in CT2013. Horses for courses. Playing chahal makes tail ultra long and he's a mental midget, crap fielder.
  13. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Backdoor pant entry

    You didn't understand my message. I said if dhoni is injured, we could easily push everyone up one position and pant could come at 7. Kartik is simply a journeyman. I hope Rahul gets number 4 position in world cup. He's capable of much bigger scores than shankar and this is important for no.4. Ideally I'd love dhoni here but it won't happen. Big top 4: rohit dhawan kohli dhoni. Then some hitting from jadhav, Rahul, pandya would be great. Jaddu/bk/shankar even at 8.
  14. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Backdoor pant entry

    We saw what he did in test matches with the bat in this very country, UK. He hasn't had enough odis and i hope he doesn't go the sehwag route, sometimes very aggressive players shoot themselves in limited overs cricket. Viru was better in tests than odi for this reason. Anyway pant needs time to sort himself out. Your opinion about 20 runs being useless is true but you forget he has utility. What if dhoni is injured and we need a power hitter and keeper ? What if shankar fails at 4 and we need to push everyone up one spot ? Would you rather kartik at 7 or pant in that situation? Also a lefty. Kartik is a boring stone age back up with limited gears. We need some versatility and brilliance, the squad is already very robotic and predictable. After world cup I think m pandey/iyer will get a run at 4. If shankar seals this spot id be very surprised.

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