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  1. ohooooo jaddu, entertainer with the run out
  2. For first Aus Shaw, Gabbar, Kohli, Pujara, Rohit, Nair, Pant, Jadeja, Shami, Ishant, Bumrah Keep Agarwal, Rahul, BK in squad.
  3. Rahane needs to be dropped from all formats, it's over for him. Rahul should be taken to Australia but as a reserve opener since he has a problem with lbw/bowled. I'd take Gabbar to partner Shaw. Gabbar can handle bounce and pace, will slash away merrily. His only weakness is swing but in Australia it tends to be flat or a bouncy pitch. Also having two rookie openers is risky so that's where Gabbar's experience comes into play in all formats. Must play 6 batsman too. Perhaps consider Rohit at 6, experience and talent in all formats.
  4. Shami showing he is going Australia and rightly so. An attack of BK/Ishant (pitch dependent) Bumrah and Shami would be terrific
  5. Brainless from Umesh. Jadeja deserves a ton at famous Rajkot home ground.
  6. He showed he is here to stay and rightly so.
  7. That was the key and best part. Can't believe that shot by Jaddu, it's like he tried to chip it and didn't know about the field.
  8. ViruDilSeKhelo

    List the diamonds re-cut by MS Dhoni !!!

    Only laloo I abused as he went through all my posts and disliked them, this is called mod behaviour? He was also abusive to me first. Also I know he removed my Dhoni thread with a link from cricinfo about his achievements, which was placed before this thread - it wasn't even merged, not that it should have been. If the Admin digs this up, it will be him, he hates Dhoni that much, pretty sad person to cry about this and remove the thread! @Trichromatic I don't think this is the way to treat a new user but I suppose this is how your forum is run with bias. It's okay since I am only passing now and then on here so the mod obsession (laloo) with me is not a problem or the dislikes. But it's telling that such an individual who seems unstable and biased is Mod. Happy the BCCI rewarded Dhoni with the captaincy today in his 200th ODI, fate. Mahi you bloody legend!
  9. ViruDilSeKhelo

    List the diamonds re-cut by MS Dhoni !!!

    Harami mods removed my thread on the same topic even though it was there before this topic, no explanation given on why our love for dhoni thread was removed. Must be ladu/lalu
  10. He would have scored more than Rahane at 4 in tests these days
  11. Chokoooo, I put the TV just to see Rayudu
  12. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    Rahul should play instead of this SOB Kartik.

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