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  1. ViruDilSeKhelo

    List the diamonds re-cut by MS Dhoni !!!

    Harami mods removed my thread on the same topic even though it was there before this topic, no explanation given on why our love for dhoni thread was removed. Must be ladu/lalu
  2. He would have scored more than Rahane at 4 in tests these days
  3. Chokoooo, I put the TV just to see Rayudu
  4. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    Rahul should play instead of this SOB Kartik.
  5. He performed today like in his sole test in England, brilliant! Lalu mod knows best always, forum cheerleader, some people watch cricket decades and understand little!
  6. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Please respect our team!!!

    Well, the selectors have chosen rayudu because he IS a serious candidate for the wc and a rival to rahul. The selectors imo are viewing this series to rest players, try wc fringe players (rahul, rayudu) and also some young like khaleel. They are attempting to do a bit of everything. I think jhadav is a certainty for this world cup and they are giving him games. I'm hoping rayudu has sealed his spot, we will need him at 4. Pant should have played instead of kartik just as a batsman, big miss.
  7. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Please respect our team!!!

    I'm confident they will score big when needed in this cup. We are not sl or pak even though u behave like that. It's a strong team.
  8. ViruDilSeKhelo

    What is Jadeja doing in this Indian team!!

    I do support csk but not sure about the relevance. Definitely rayudu was one of the stars in 2018 season and deservedly in our national team on local and international form.
  9. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Please respect our team!!!

    I'll pray you're free from pain bhai. Raja Ram Chandra ki Jai!
  10. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Please respect our team!!!

    You need to get a life pal, I find it funny, I'm not angry like you, did you enjoy marking all my posts as troll haha. I think you get butt hurt if someone loves Dhoni it's obvious, may be you would react less over rape atrocities even if they affected someone in your family! His value will be known when he stops playing for India, he gave all for us - he was a star keeper, bat and skipper with all that pressure. Even if his form went down after this is normal. As for Rayudu, please I understand ODI very very well. I have been watching since 1996 and have seen the game evolve. I know how we need to score quickly these days but there is also room for someone to accumulate and play big when needed. I do believe Rayudu can do it and he has shown glimpses of this. We don't have a better number 4 so I know you're dreaming of someone like UV but we don't have a player like that at the moment and ready for the WC. So a sensible person would build a team around what we have. There are already big hitters in Rohit, Gabbar up the order, Jadhav and Pandya lower down and may be Jaddu. Rayudu and Dhoni can be the middle order accumulators at SR of 80 and build up - they can also still hit out once settled, not like they are Pujara. This is better than the number 4 being a walking wicket - Rahane/Rahul/Kartik - these guys are specialists for 20 odd and gifting their wicket. I see no reason how this approach can't take us to good scores in key matches. You work with what you have and adapt - luckily you're not a selector so can only spam on this forum.
  11. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Please respect our team!!!

    I have lots of normal Indian friends who are into cricket but they are not like some of the losers on here, even a mod on here is wrist slitter lol! They respect our team and their achievements, also recognise when change is needed player/coach wise. All our boys go out and give their best and here you see all kinds of bs conspiracies about players being lazy, CSK connection, dhawan's wife knowing Kohli's missus e.t.c. When you see our players train these days, they are putting their all into it.
  12. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Please respect our team!!!

    I don't know why but I have a feeling both are better than your face.
  13. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Please respect our team!!!

    We do need to rotate better over the year so the bench strength can be tested and also players remain injury free. Pujara doesn't play all formats and neither does Rahane. Pandya has played a lot and he should have been managed better. Right now, our only aim should be the WC as far as ODI is concerned and also the Australia series. With the WC in mind, the Asia cup should be used to for that purpose, so I don't agree about trying unknown players right now.

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