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  1. ViruDilSeKhelo

    ICC ODI ranking

    I can't even bear to watch a meaningless battle versus WI unless the blood in new players, otherwise seeing a brown wash is boring and with no vision. From now on I will watch India in tests (as i always do) but also t20 with the world trophy coming. ODI is over for me.
  2. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Importance of all rounders

    I've always liked your posts and agreed with your thinking process no matter what happened in the end. My fears were confirmed in the SL game when Agarwal or Pant were not given a chance to open and Rahul scored in the opening role...I knew that meant that Pant was no 4 versus NZ and mentally weak Rahul would open. I had wrote he is suited to no.4. I had wanted Pant to open until Agarwal was drafted in. Then I thought this guy is the won who attacked Australia on debut with courage, lets give a chance. Pant was still a good pick to open but this India under Kohli/Shastri is too predictable and must be dismantled. Shastri later said we needed an extra game to try Agarwal, excuses, he could have played versus Sri Lanka. I also hoped from the team for the NZ game we would still allow Jadhav and Dhoni the nurdlers to be at 4 or 5 to allow hitting from Pant and Pandya later on. This is the same Shastri who said we didn't need a number 4, flexibility is fine, now he is eating his words...we need a coach who is honest in his assessment and tries to correct problems. Shastri just has a big ego and over confidence, brainless guy. Likes of Ganguly, Laxman and Gambhir said you CANNOT go to a world cup without a proper technique guy at number 4. Our other bad luck was our spinners chahal and kuldeep had been taking a bucket of wickets before and we had to play them together. This was a curse because we would have otherwise selected spinning ARs which would have allowed our batting to flow much better and all our seamers could have been first choice strike bowlers. The cloud cover and swing also had us in trouble. The process is wrong which is the problem, we need to be mentally tough and more attacking/free in our game. NZ had likes of Nichols, Latham, Santner and CDG and almost won the cup. Honestly, even my English friends told me, India let themselves down big time considering our talent. We miss likes of GG, Sehwag, SRT, Raina, old Dhoni, Yuvi who knew how to absorb pressure and take charge later. This world cup loss will haunt me much more than 2015.
  3. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Importance of all rounders

    Over analysis. We lost because we had a bad 45 minutes and were 20-3 (mental midgets) in key game. Woakes and Rashid had little to do with the bat anyway and Stokes bowling rarely needed his 10 overs. The importance of AR was raised before the world cup - I wanted a pair of spinning ARs like Jadeja and another so all our batsmen can be more aggressive - but having 4 class bowlers who take wickets is also equally good enough even if they can't bat. This was correctly mentioned on ICF. We lost the cup due to following factors mainly: 1- mental midgetness in key matches 2- no solid number 4 3 - selection of Shankar and Kartick took up space which we could have given to players with pedigree for runs. 4 - Kuldeep faded away and BK preference over Shami
  4. Rohit/Chepu split is the logical choice but part of me wants Jadeja for all formats...I'm aware he is not an automatic selection though in tests abroad. Lets pray that Rahane doesn't become captain for all formats...somehow it could happen. Opener T20 to see off new ball, stability at 4 position in ODI, test no.5..plus Kohli will eat him for nashto
  5. ViruDilSeKhelo


    Anyone have recent photos of Mahi bhai topless? (no homo). Because before he had a maast body but I feel like now he's a little fat, I noticed this when he was charging down to the spinners and patting it back. He would never neglect fitness so I don't understand, maybe a loose fitting t shirt so looks fat.
  6. ViruDilSeKhelo

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    You know when I was writing that team I had the same feeling when I wrote the names of the top 4, reminded me of the WC failed campaign. It's about a change in mindset you'rd right rather than focusing too much on doing basics and being defensive. Rohit as skipper can achieve this and in T20 it's even more important not to be defensive. Rana looks a good pick, I need to check him out. Batting to 8 is a MUST as allows us to attack from the beginning. None of this lets score 6-7 per over till 15th over approach.
  7. ViruDilSeKhelo


    So Beetle allows our all time national hero Mahi bhai to be humiliated time and time again yet me making a thread telling Sri Lankan fans to remain realistic about winning the world cup is offensive. Talk about favouritism! What favours are you receiving Velu?
  8. ViruDilSeKhelo

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    He fed off chahal mainly. Only against Pakistan did he do something worthy and leadership like. Easy to play off the back foot, too slow in the air. Having him in a t20 team when he can't field or bat either, he has no value. If we start including such players and mental midgets, we won't win again. Axar can bat and field and with the ball he is economical and fearless like Jaddu. Something about growing up around lions in gir.
  9. ViruDilSeKhelo

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    I want a trophy, tests are best though and being no1
  10. ViruDilSeKhelo

    goodbye guys

    You bowled me a good delivery there or I think a poor one...but all I can do is gently pat it back to you and hope the commentators say "he's eyeing a 6 and keeping strike."
  11. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Different fans, personal experience, UK, world cup 2019

    I thought he may retire after the world cup.
  12. ViruDilSeKhelo

    goodbye guys

    Galti ho gayi maap karo. Even if I am a gully poster I am enjoying the process on here, yahi important hai enjoy karna, humare hero bhi aise positive soche, process kabhi na bhulo, man liya mein gully poster hu
  13. ViruDilSeKhelo

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    Krunal I used to like but he bowls too many freebies. Bhuvi will be hammered despite his slower ball obsession. Kuldeep too, guy had a poor IPL and world cup, must not be selected, can't field or bat either. I'd love to see Pant open and it's possible since Dhawan isn't really a gun T20 player...
  14. ViruDilSeKhelo

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    Honestly, I have a feeling he will be there. He was never too good at T20 but had a good IPL last year. Even if he is there as long as we build around him and Kohli isn't skipper, we can win it. Mods please merge all T20 trophy threads together.
  15. ViruDilSeKhelo

    Different fans, personal experience, UK, world cup 2019

    Thanks brother. And I would like to apologise to you about our previous encounter regarding America/Pakistan, heat of the moment thing. T20 will be tough for India, though I see Pakistan are ranked top I think.

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