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  1. Yes, particularly when you get this kind of active players currently:
  2. BAN and AFG have no love lost for PAK and beating them at CWC will be a tournament highlight for them. Jazba & Junoon from both sides and they are not easy games for PAK. NZ and SA pose serious challenges with their bowling. But if they make it to the Semis, I would bet them to win it all as confidence and belief are half of it.
  3. Sports isn't science and neither is it art. More of a craft with innate talent, training, mastery, temperament and fortune contributing to outcomes. I LOVE how Team India has progressed over the decades (I began watching cricket from 1983 and have vivid memories from B&H World Championships). We have a great talent pool, ODI squad selections are very fair (test playing XI is another matter), this CWC Playing XI selections have been consistent and in line with the conditions (weather and pitch) and the opponent. Game Plan is tried and tested and adaptive. Dhawan is the enforcer and Rohit is the anchor. Now Rohit is the enforcer and KL is the anchor. Kohli bats through in the middle at 70-90 SR initially and then ramps it to 140-160 SR in the last 10 overs. Pandya has a license to hit and Dhoni's role is stem a collapse, accelerate in the death, and/or to finish the game. Shankar's role is to play a proper number 4(see Dhoni) in and Jadav's role is to play to the situation. Losing Bhuvi yesterday was a big blow but it helped that it was against Pakistan who would have collapsed even if Dhoni, Rohit or Kohli had to bowl. No panic and no drama. Very professional outfit. I think Kohli's fits of friendliness with PAK players has to do with (a) his being mindful of our legends' cordial relationship with PAK players (Sunny, Vishy, Kapil, Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, Saurav etc all had excellent relationships with PAK players of their eras), and of course (b) personal branding and market considerations. As for some of the resident experts here, there are different playing philosophies and strategies in Cricket just like in any other team sport and you can't expect India to imitate England's philosophy and strategy. Pitches are already getting a bit a turn and come July, it wouldn't be strange to see England go down chasing on a pitch with a bit of turn.
  4. Here's a link for images from traffic cameras. The live webcam for Old Trafford is no longer operational. https://tfgm.com/roads/live-traffic-cameras Please post links for live webcams in this thread. There is too much uncertainty about the weather between the divergent forecasters and ICF and PP posters.
  5. What a bakwaas statement but he might have meant they bat proper :-)
  6. That is the real reason Ravi S is hired for ;-)
  7. Weather is looking fine. Win toss, bat first, and choke the Proteas. Lose Toss, Bowl First, Choke the SAffers. Build pressure and wait for them to choke. This is a virtual knockout match for SA.
  8. profster

    Go Team India!

    IPL is done. General Elections are done. Now all the attention on the World Cup 2019. Go Team India, Go! We play to our strengths , get into the Semis and let our knock-out nous win us the World Cup. If Bumrah and Pandya play above their personal bests, top 3 batsmen at their average, middle order saves the day a couple of times, we have all the team to win it all. No crazy selections into the playing XI and no panic please. Remember tournaments are won on bowling. We got this one lads. All the best!
  9. profster

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    So, what about *all* previous instances of Buttler at the non-stricker's end in the match (and if you want to extend the matter then in his career)? After all, he could be a *repeat offender* in terms of the rule and Ashwin is the Brown Knight restoring Justice to the cricketing world :-)
  10. profster

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    To be clear, I support what Ashwin did and believe that this will spice up LOI Cricket if ICC allows the law to stand in its current form. To me it is similar to the history and rules about "stolen base" in Baseball: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stolen_base All I am making is the "Karma Argument": If Buttler left his crease before the delivery in most/least of his stays at the non-strickers end then that would be a persuasive argument for those making the "subjective" interpretation of the rule. For me, the Umpires made the ruling on an appeal from Ashwin and other KXIP players (I could see at least one making an unequivocal and strong appeal) and that is all there to it.
  11. profster

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Been busy lurking :-) but had to say one thing too lazy to do it myself: Forget the holy "spirit of cricket" however sacred or profane it actually might be (I will betray my prejudices and say that it only seems to apply when non-Goras are the perpetrators and Goras are affected). If you want to argue your case for or against Ashwin, why not compile *all* screenshots of Buttler at the non-stricker's end *at the point of delivery* in the match and then argue your case? Fair and simple for somebody that can replay the stream with decent digital skills and wants to argue good faith. After all, if Buttler always/never (most likely in the majority of cases his behavior is a certain way) left his crease before the ball had been bowled by the bowler, we have no rationale for Ashwin doing what he did or Buttler being aggrieved and the others commenting on the spirits and rules and precedents of the game and such.
  12. All analogies eventually breakdown :-) FIFA WC is a different beast than first division football or even the continental tournaments like Champions League (only format where you need to win 4 knockout games in a short period of time). Olympics Gold has age and professional player restrictions, so not exactly the same.
  13. Agreed. But then my argument is really for players that might be "exceptions to the rule" (the sports prodigies like Messi, Tendulkar etc.). Why can't we give them a run to see if we can have them in the squad if not the playing XI. Our own captain and coach have nothing but high praise for them. Right now, we have a catch-22: we don't play them because we don't think they are ready yet and they are not ready yet because we don't play them (even in low-stakes bilaterals in the buildup to the World Cup). It is like refusing to play Messi or Ronaldo even in international friendlies or inconsequential WC Qualifiers (as they were called before the current regime of Nations League).
  14. profster

    What should be the XI for the 4th and 5th ODI

    Dhoni also has to make commercial calculations and not just cricketing ones (TV Screen Time == Playing Time). Brand Dhoni vs. Player Dhoni is a tension now that he is no longer the player he once was. Except for his wicket keeping skill in stumpings to spinners, what facet of his game is still truly world-class? Keeping to pacers? Guiding spinners? Setting fields? Setting a target in the final overs? Chasing a target? Can he sustain the recent form into IPL and post-IPL into the World Cup? The cynical answer for our predicament might be that many of the current Indian players' brand futures might be tied up with Dhoni's. That is not necessarily bad if they can deliver the World Cup and cash it in afterwards. Only a problem, if they are rent-seeking rather than seeking returns from investing their genuine talents for Team India ;-)

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