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  1. At least Pakistan would make it somewhat interesting. Need to see more competitive cricket and not back to back series against SL anymore.
  2. Cricket Tonight Podcast

    Hi all, We are putting together a podcast series called 'Cricket Tonight' discussing the T20 World Cup and India's progress throughout the tournament. In our latest episode we discussed the India Vs. Bangladesh game, previewed the India Vs. Australia game and discussed a number of other topics including the ICC, Associate nations, MS Dhoni and more. We would love to get some feedback and some views from fellow Indian cricket fans from around the world. Please check out our podcast and follow us for the latest updates and conversation about cricket. http://crickettonight.podomatic.com/entry/2016-03-26T11_27_52-07_00 Would love to have a conversation started here regarding what we have expressed on the podcast. Thanks as always, Cricket Tonight

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