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  1. Cricket Tonight Podcast

    Hi all, We are putting together a podcast series called 'Cricket Tonight' discussing the T20 World Cup and India's progress throughout the tournament. In our latest episode we discussed the India Vs. Bangladesh game, previewed the India Vs. Australia game and discussed a number of other topics including the ICC, Associate nations, MS Dhoni and more. We would love to get some feedback and some views from fellow Indian cricket fans from around the world. Please check out our podcast and follow us for the latest updates and conversation about cricket. http://crickettonight.podomatic.com/entry/2016-03-26T11_27_52-07_00 Would love to have a conversation started here regarding what we have expressed on the podcast. Thanks as always, Cricket Tonight
  2. Why in the world is Yuvi not bowling??

    If Yuvraj is not being used as a bowler bring in either another bowler (like Negi) or bring in another specialist batsmen (like Rahnae). I dont understand why Yuvraj has bowled like 2 overs over the last 2 tournaments.
  3. Doesn't matter what the track is. Dhoni will not want to mess with the team lineup during any point of the WC except maybe in the case of an injury.
  4. Well played B'desh and impressed with progress shown

    No I disagree here, they have already shown great progress since the last WC. Beating India yesterday would have shown further progress and another great achievement. Instead they lost the game in most unbelievable fashion. This team lost a great opportunity to have shown growth yesterday, their fans must be devastated.
  5. Time ticking for Hardik Pandya

    Completely agree with this. Thats why its so hard to assess domestic 'allrounders'
  6. Pakistan inning against NZ

    They need better more consistent batsmen in their team. Veteran players like Umar Akmal seem to only have one good game in 4-5 games. Bowling is good but NZ and Guptill especially was to good on that day.
  7. Introduction Thread for New members

    Hi Everyone, Found this forum wanting a new place to meet passionate cricket fan like myself. I am from Melbourne Australia but am staying in Mysore/Bangalore these days. I also run a cricket podcast with two other friends of mine where we discuss the T20 World Cup and India's progress throughout the tournament. The podcast is called Cricket Tonight: http://crickettonight.podomatic.com/. You can also download and listen through any podcast player App. Hoping to make a contribution here through discussion and whatever other way possible :)

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