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  1. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Why heartbroken? are you from Delhi?
  2. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Gujarat crushed Delhi, It's a good thing that you didn't bet your life on Delhi
  3. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Jasprit Bumrah broke the middle-stump of Unmukt Chand in two pieces. He is beating the batsmen with his pace and combined with good accuracy and some seam movement, it is nearly impossible to hit him for runs, most of his balls are at 140k despite bowling a long spell.
  4. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    RP Singh wrecked havoc today, seamed around with excellent control and good line and length. He was slow at start then settled into 130k-135k range.
  5. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Pathiv Patel completes his 50, he is a solid batsman now, weathered the Ishant storm earlier or else they would have lost few more wickets by now.
  6. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    According to cricinfo, that was a straight delivery, do these Crapinfo guys even watch the match? The ball clearly swung in the air and maybe even some seam after pitching, it was the movement which fooled the batsman.
  7. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Ishant bowled 140k bouncer and then sledged Parthiv who was at non-strikers end
  8. India squad for Australia ODIs/T20s RELEASED

    Irfan Pathan is famous from last 3 years for getting fit for only IPL, this is the only season he got some first class games under his belt and you are quoting an article which is praising him after just 2 games, he was crap in his later games. Let him play 1-2 Full seasons and good form, anyway he is just a 125K trundler and a mediocre batsmen now, nothing like his debut . This is his last 4 FC games stat: Bat & BowlTeamOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard2/8Barodav TripuraDelhi17 Dec 2015LA1/49Barodav MaharashtraDelhi15 Dec 2015LA1, 0/8Barodav AndhraDelhi11 Dec 2015LA1/52, 0Barodav DelhiDelhi10 Dec 2015LA
  9. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Ishant swinging/seaming at 135+ and bowling at 1.4 RPO whereas Saini is getting smashed at 9 RPO.
  10. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Curator has shaved some of the grass, so the pitch has consistent pace and bounce today at Chinnaswamy, Trundlers will be smashed today.
  11. Extinction of Leg spinners

    Mishra would provided variety to the attack, after the Yasir Shah ban Mishra is the best leg spinner in the world. Ashwin and Mishra were the only two required spinners, rest are selectors and Dhoni's picking, Indian Squad selections are always a compromise between Captain and Selectors and that is why you see the weird case of both Jadeja and Axar in the same squad.
  12. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    The Finals starts at 2.30 PM tomorrow not 9 AM as its a day-night match and thus many of us can watch it on TV, hopefully some effort is done by curator to improve that Chinnaswamy pitch for finals.
  13. Yasir Shah suspended for doping

    Yup, it is a good thing the Indian tour didn't happen otherwise they would have blamed India for drugging him.
  14. Extinction of Leg spinners

    Sad to see Mishra getting dropped but then this is Limited overs cricket and Dhoni hates Mishra, he will be back in the next Test match squad.
  15. It was Yousuf's fault here, he started it by saying Rameez was a nothing cricketer and he has no right on commenting on things like cricket and Amir issue. Obviously after that Rameez lost his cool and attacked the fake Mullah and his beard. Yousuf is a super-frustrated soul as he never seen the stardom that other players like Afridi, Inzimam or Akhtar enjoyed in Pakistan which leads to frustration and anger, moreover whatever he may preach via religion, most people still consider him just a convert instead of pure and "PAK", this also grinds him at the back of his mind Anyway the video was Hilarious and describes the Paki cricket at its best.
  16. India squad for Australia ODIs/T20s RELEASED

    Irfan Pathan was famous till last year for feigning injury all year long and getting fit as soon as IPL arrived, this was quoted by both Cricinfo (directly) and Dhoni (indirectly) in an article. He will have to prove himself by at-least playing 1-2 Full seasons along with good form.
  17. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Axar is answering his critics with his performance, may even play ahead of Jadeja based on current form as only one of these two can be played in Australia. Cricinfo article on Axar: "Axar revels in cocktail of flight and turn" "With his 19 wickets at an average of 13, Axar is now the joint-highest wicket-taker in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Having carried his team through to the final, Axar has a chance to go past Punjab's Siddarth Kaul. He has also contributed a not-small matter of 214 runs to Gujarat's cause, at an average of 43. Only two of his team-mates have scored more runs." http://www.espncricinfo.com/vijay-hazare-trophy-2015-16/content/story/955353.htm
  18. India squad for Australia ODIs/T20s RELEASED

    I think Axar Patel has justified his selection with his domestic performance, He has carried his team to the finals in Vijay Hazare trophy, we may think that he is not good enough for Australia but ultimately domestic performance too are a big consideration while selecting the squad. Article for People who are not following Vijay Hazare: "Axar revels in cocktail of flight and turn" "With his 19 wickets at an average of 13, Axar is now the joint-highest wicket-taker in the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Having carried his team through to the final, Axar has a chance to go past Punjab's Siddarth Kaul. He has also contributed a not-small matter of 214 runs to Gujarat's cause, at an average of 43. Only two of his team-mates have scored more runs." http://www.espncricinfo.com/vijay-hazare-trophy-2015-16/content/story/955353.html
  19. Please don't start targeting other posters with comments like "are you a junior selector?" comments like these can be thrown from both the sides and also no need to bring names like ABD. He was just raising his concern as Challenger trophy was organised for these selections and he is justified in raising those concerns keeping the fact in mind that Arman does have the influence working for him like Mumbai Lobby and the Jaffers. If Arman Jaffer turns out to be a great batsmen, its all good for the Indian U19 team and later Mumbai Ranji and India seniors. So, everyone wishes well for him now that he is selected. The only thing i don't get is why such emotional response to a perfectly justified query/concern raised by RKT unless this is personal relationship like Friends or Family.
  20. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Rishi Dhawan has slowed down by 10kph to 115-120K whereas Binny has increased his speeds to 125-135K. It is just that everyone is fed up of binny, so Rishi will get a chance. Actually, the only true pace all rounder in India is Hardik Pandya, he should have been selected for both ODI and T20. Anyway 22 is very good age to make even T20 debut, hope he does well.
  21. World T20 tickets

    Don't know, hope some information comes out soon. Let's use this thread for any and all information on World T20 tickets.
  22. 2 amazing articles from the past! Must read

    Thanks for posting these, Good to see that even in those times there were few pace bowling enthusiasts in India otherwise the majority coaching and other establishments are filled with anti-fast bowler mentality.
  23. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Semi-Finals tomorrow, Delhi vs Himachal at Chinnaswamy. Sat Dec 26 (50 ovs)09:00 local (03:30 GMT)1st Semi-final - Delhi v Himachal PradeshM Chinnaswamy Stadium, BangaloreLIVE18 - 30° CSat Dec 26 (50 ovs)09:00 local (03:30 GMT)2nd Semi-final - Gujarat v Tamil NaduKSCA Cricket Ground, Alur18 - 30° C
  24. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2015

    Yeah, Even Bumrah is coming up nicely but we can only carry so many bowlers to Australia, even Varun Aaron is not going to Australia. It is good to see that we are slowly but surely building up a reserve of fast and medium fast bowlers. Earlier we just had one or two options but now we have 6-7 guys competing for the Indian team spot. Now, coming back to Vijay Hazare trophy, the pitch at Chinnaswamy has been a disgrace till now, the pace and bounce both are inconsistent. The Alur pitch sounds much better but sadly no cameras there.
  25. (Biased) ICC issues "official warning" to Nagpur

    Guys, just ignore the Paki troll. By now, everyone knows who he is and what are his intentions, just ignore his posts and don't feed the troll.

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