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  1. Anurag Kashyap in a Hardcore Lefty, there is no chance of him going against his masters on the 10 Janpath.
  2. This is brilliant!!!

    He said "most of them were getting high in Sheesha Lounge", which is true as many people have seen Pakistani players getting high in Lounges this week.
  3. Changes before the Final

    Have to get Umesh or Shami (Depending on fitness) instead of Ashwin but i doubt that the team management will make any changes, they will say winning formula/winning team etc and go with the same XI
  4. Guha resigns from COA

    Guha the idiotic snake has also attacked Rahul Dravid for coaching Indian Under 19 and India A team but only coaching for ten months. He does not want Dravid coaching the IPL and hates IPL to the core.
  5. KKR v ArCeBe | Kolkata,8 PM IST

    Pujara would have helped here by stabilising the game, 50 lakhs is peanuts, should have bought him.
  6. Pujara super stroke: Gratis academy for Gen Next

    Awesome stuff from Pujara, Sad to read that last paragraph, The central contracts should be matched to the ECB and CA levels, 6-10 crore should be the range.
  7. Match Thread : #19 SRH v KXIP | 17th Apr

    Inswinging ball at 142k's is difficult for anyone to hit. Bhuvi is in beast mode and hope his form continues in Champions Trophy.
  8. Match Thread : #19 SRH v KXIP | 17th Apr

    Bhuvi beat him by pace 141k yorker
  9. So, Again the great Supreme Court has come back between the wishes of BCCI state units to have Srinivasan fight for BCCI's rights at the next ICC meeting, lets see who attends the meeting and what happens to India's share of money (currently at 20% eventhough the contribution is more than 70%). " A shock return for N Srinivasan to the boardrooms of the ICC has been ruled out by India's Supreme Court. In a ruling delivered on Monday in Delhi by a three-judge bench, the court ruled that Srinivasan, a former BCCI president and ICC chairman, cannot attend crucial ICC meetings next week as the Indian board's representative. Instead, the court directed the BCCI's acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary and CEO Rahul Johri to attend the ICC's second round of quarterly meetings in Dubai between April 23-27. The ruling should temporarily end a recent push by BCCI officials to bring Srinivasan back into the fold for the ICC meetings. It is an important week for world cricket as members are expected to move closer not only to deciding how to govern the game, but, significantly, how to divide its financial pie. The BCCI left the last board meeting in February unhappy with the new financial model that was presented, in which its share of ICC revenues was considerably reduced from the previous model created by the Big Three. " http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/story/1092913.html
  10. The State units just want to be sure that the person going to the ICC meeting will protect their interests and who better than Srinivasan for the job as he knows the last financial agreement inside out as he was the one who fought for it and drafted it. The ICC chaired by our own traitor is hell bent on reducing the India's share to just 10% along with reducing the total pot itself by ICC banking many millions too which then they can use as they wish. ICC new agreements also has the clause for India losing points for refusing to play Pakistan in the rankings, there are many such things which compromise Indian crickets' position which need to defended and the meeting is in ten days time, there is nobody better than Srinivasan for this job. Also, what more conflict does Srini have? His son in law did betting and the team was suspended for two years for that , punishment is already given. I am no Srini fan and i think he should retire after tearing up this new ICC agreement but we have to look out for the best person to protect Indian cricket's interest which will affect the next decade if a strong counter-politics, counter-pushing is not done at the next ICC meeting in ten days time.
  11. Match Thread : #19 SRH v KXIP | 17th Apr

    That ball swung miles at 141 KPH !!
  12. Can't wait for June 4th !!

    Just because cricketers don't say things in media doesn't mean that they play Pakistan as any other team, just check out the Yuvraj interview with Preity Zinta to get a glimpse of what they actually think, even then he told to change the topic saying everyone knows the history of our countries and what feeling we get but i cant say that on TV etc..
  13. Can't wait for June 4th !!

    And i repeat India vs Pakistan can never be just a game of bat and ball at the end of the day, and it is the same for both Fans as well as Cricketers.
  14. Can't wait for June 4th !!

    India vs Pakistan is much more than sport, it is the same even for the players eventhough they try to play it indifferent in press conference. Yuvraj once said the same thing in his interview with Preity Zinta on her talk show, he said something like the India vs Pakistan match is special and heated for the reasons we all know and i can't tell that on TV. When your countrymen are getting killed because of the idiotic and stone age mentality of your enemy country, it is no longer "Political dick measuring" as you call it but it is actually Real and hits home quite close for most of the Indians.
  15. In a telephonic chat with Reuters, Umesh said that although the core of the attack is ready, it still needs a helping hand in the form of a specialist bowling coach, ahead of the upcoming overseas tours. "I think we now have the pace attack to win Test series in these countries," Yadav said. "A fast bowling coach will definitely help bowlers like Ishant, Shami, Bhuvi and myself to improve. In some matches I bowl badly and don't realise what went wrong and how to correct. A fast bowling coach can help us correct our mistakes and improve as bowler," he added. Umesh enjoyed a breakthrough series against Australia, finishing with 17 wickets from four Tests, at an impressive average of 23.41 and recollected the handy advice given to him by batting coach, Sanjay Bangar, a former pace bowling all-rounder himself. "I had been bowling short for some time and then Bangar asked me to bowl a much fuller length," he said. "He suggested that if I bowl a fuller length it would give the ball enough time to swing in air. Bangar told me not to either rush through my bowling strides or run too slow. He encouraged me to find my ideal rhythm and that is what I focus on while bowling. For me as a bowler, rhythm is very important. I don't even look at the pitch before a test match. I just try to get into a nice rhythm as early as possible and rest just happens," the Vidarbha pacer added. While Umesh reckons that he's coming of age, he's also conscious of the fact that he has just one five-wicket haul from 31 Tests, a record that he is keen on improving. "I think about it and feel I should have got more five-fors in the 31 tests I've played so far," he said. "I want to change that and I'm working hard. The Australia series has given me a lot of confidence. I want to be more aggressive in my bowling. I'm going to bowl more bouncers and yorkers now," Umesh concluded. http://www.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/93971/a-fast-bowling-coach-can-help-us-correct-our-mistakes-umesh-yadav
  16. 4 crores is not a big issue, 100 days max is. Team India needs a Full Time coach not a part-timer.
  17. Zaheer said he can't give more than 100 days which was a laughable demand and rightfully rejected by the BCCI.

    Aaron is bowling within himself as he has no security/backing, No Indian central contract this year and his last IPL side RCB also released him. If he messes things up now, it may lead to bowling 140-150k for few lakhs in domestic cricket in the physical prime of his career.
  19. Nehra swinging the ball at 141 KPH
  20. Kohli was happy for Yuvi, said it is good for Indian cricket and Yuvi will be good for Champions Trophy. So, Yuvi has sealed his Champions Trophy slot.
  21. Ishant Sharma roped in by Kings XI Punjab

    I say Good on Viru picking Ishant, two crores are peanuts for Burman and Wadia. Ishant can be a decent back up in case of injuries and it is always good to have International class bowler to bowl in nets for the squad batsmen. Also, It is much better than one of your International bowler sitting at home for two months and sulking over missing the IPL.
  22. Srini to come back as India's representative at ICC?

    The idiots in COA are trying to block Srini from attending the meeting while all state units feel only Srini can fight for India's rights, these COA idiots are hell bent on stabbing Indian cricket in the back. Hopefully, some loophole is utilsed and Srini somehow attends this meeting, it will be like Don Corleone himself attending the meeting, all other boards will **** themselves after seeing him.
  23. While there have been a lot of Retards/Journalists/Sanjay manjrekar who are calling for Bhuvneshwar Kumar to reduce his speed to 125-130k instead of his present speeds of 135-142k to gain swing, the Indian bowling coach has supported Bhuvi and said you need not reduce bowling speed for swing. "B Arun, India's bowling coach, is not worried about Bhuvneshwar's seemingly stalled progress. In the first place, he does not think Bhuvneshwar would necessarily have to sacrifice swing to bowl quicker. "Pertaining to Bhuvneshwar, there are people who bowl 140+ [kmph] and still swing the ball," Arun said, after rain washed out the second day's play. "Bhuvi's USP was swing. He has now definitely put more yards in his pace. But it's only matter of time [before he returns]. It's not like he's not swinging the ball. He needs to be consistent. With work, he will definitely come back." http://www.espncricinfo.com/india-v-south-africa-2015-16/content/story/941205.html
  24. The Goose is cooked guys, Manohar ran away when he felt he was losing but according to latest news Nine out of ten cricket boards have requested him to stay back and push through new ICC constitution. The Supreme Court and the COA have backstabbed Indian cricket in the name of virtue signalling and cleaning the game. Here are some latest excerpts : " Manohar is back, ultimately persuaded by a vast majority of the ICC Board directors to return. The push to bring him back began immediately after the announcement of his resignation on the morning of March 15, as a host of ICC directors along with ICC management - led by CEO Dave Richardson - got into a huddle. The majority quickly agreed that they could not let Manohar go. As one of the main architects of the incoming and fresh ICC constitution, it was thought vital for him to see the process through. Such was the support behind him, the ICC board resolution circulated this week requesting him to remain in post was passed with overwhelming support: nine of the ten Full Members backed it. Only Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) opposed. "He is the architect of the proposed constitutional changes. He is the man who has led that and therefore is the man who needs to finish it. We needed him to conclude the task." Other than Richardson, Giles Clarke (ECB president, and a member of the team that has drafted the new constitution), Chris Nenzani (Cricket South Africa president) and Dave Cameron (WICB president) also called on Manohar to try and change his mind. "It is very obvious to us all - ICC directors - that we have got an enormously complex situation in India with the COA seeking guidance from the court on all sorts of matters, and so does the court, which is trying to understand the whole thing. Now you have got a man who understands the Indian court system - he is the ICC chairman. You don't want to lose that. He is valuable." http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci-icc/content/story/1088331.html

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