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  1. Shashank Manohar Resigns As ICC Chairman

    This is trademark Shashank Manohar move, whenever the going gets tough, He quits, always the first one to jump like the rats in a sinking ship. Manohar did the same when BCCI was getting under turmoil and now that his proposals are facing difficulties he is running away. Anyhoo, Glad to see the back of this Gaddar, Manohar was trying to permanently damage Indian cricket and its Financial model. Right from percentage of ICC income, Pooled TV rights, to no home season for India, to punishing India for not playing Pakistan etc etc..
  2. A good fast bowler needs a good captain and India speedster Umesh Yadav is thankful to Virat Kohli for letting him be his own man while devising strategy to get batsmen out. "Virat is a bowler's captain. He is someone who would throw the ball at you and tell you to set your own field. He asks me what my plan is or whether I need a particular fielder at a position. He backs your instinct and plans. Only if the plan doesn't work, he would come up and tell that let's try this. For him the bowler gets to execute Plan A and if it doesn't click, then Plan B," Umesh said. He always had a fantastic outswinger in his repertoire but Umesh is now confident that his incoming deliveries are as lethal and which will certainly test Australia in the upcoming series "My stock delivery has always been the conventional out-swingers at 140 kmp plus speed. But as I have been working hard to develop the in-swinger all these years, it's now finally coming off well," Umesh said. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/virat-kohli-captain-umesh-yadav-india/1/885196.html
  3. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    TV actress ( plays choti Bahu) Rubina Dilaik:
  4. But that is the point of these Professional corporate leagues. Generally in the corporate world there is no democracy, they quickly fire the non-performing employees. Why should IPL be any different, it is a highly paid job, either perform or perish.
  5. While we all are dreaming about BCCI resisting the new ICC rules and changes and hoping for some action from the BCCI side, the truth is that the Battle is already lost. The BCCI chairman Vinod Rai also favours the new ICC revenue split along with other rule changes. Just look at this recent interview: The Week: Barely four days into the job and the COA had to deal with the revenue sharing model at the ICC meeting. The numbers that it throws up is a touchy topic in India? Vinod Rai: It is not a question of numbers. The revised revenue model was discussed and approved in the Special General Body Meeting of the BCCI. All state bodies accepted it. There are 10 full members of the ICC. India cannot take a stand and get overruled nine-to-one. We were very clear that no extreme position will be maintained in the ICC. Any revenue model proposed by the ICC and approved by the BCCI will be in the long-term sustainable interests of the game and Indian cricket. http://www.theweek.in/theweek/sports/interview-vinod-rai-bcci.html
  6. Goenka statements make it clear that Dhoni was sacked as a captain, Dhoni said he wanted to captain the IPL side just a few days back, this means the management were planning to sack him since last year but did not inform him till now.
  7. Why isolating the BCCI is bad politics

    Old Feb3 article. Meeting described in this article was done and dusted and no threats were issues by the lameduck caretaker BCCI official.
  8. An Indian point of view on recent ICC changes, have to post this after the retarded Cricinfo report which was posted by a very happy and jubilant Pakistani. "Make no mistake, loot was what it was, this ICC Dubai meeting where member nations voted at hyper-drive speed to deprive BCCI of 34 percent – according to one calculation – of its share. A conservative estimate reveals that this loss would amount to each and every state association in India being deprived of at least Rs 100 crore. The big joke is the ICC stating that the basis for the new financial model was developed based on "equity, good conscience, common sense and simplicity" among others. They probably forgot to add that Indians were idiotic and incapable of learning from history. Just as they had once lost an entire nation and its wealth to stealth and through Mir Jaffars, this time also the ICC could ensure the Indian board’s treasures were carved up and BCCI was brought to heel. Lest anybody has any romantic idea of how the ICC functions, it would be prudent to point out that when India had a 100 percent chance of bagging the hosting rights for the 1996 World Cup, erstwhile ICC Chairman Colin Cowdrey of England refused to put to vote the issue of hosting of the 1996 World Cup until the hosting of the 1999 edition was handed over to England! So much for "equity, good conscience, common sense and simplicity". Now, with the turmoil within BCCI having weakened the Indian board’s decision-taking ability, the ICC moved in for the kill and presented it with a fait accompli. Additionally, it structured the revamp in such a manner that India would be boxed into a corner even if it attempts to ply away other nations by dangling prospects of bi-lateral series. Here, mention must be made that India, along with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the southern hemisphere nations of Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Zimbabwe, have a domestic cricket season stretching from the month of October to March. Thus, these are the most sought after months for international cricket. England’s season on the other hand runs from mid-April to early September while the West Indies have a split season in the first half of the year. India realised that it could make big money with a regular home series during the October to March months and therefore scheduled Tests, ODIs and T20 series for the 2016-17 season. Promptly various series were scheduled against New Zealand, England, Bangladesh and Australia. These are huge money spinners and the Board is apparently keen on ensuring that its future annual home season is packed with plenty of such matches. However, ICC’s Test championship and its proposed format will play havoc with these plans. Of course India can host a few bilateral series; but just not as many as it would like. Crucially, teams would be docked points if they failed to play each other. This clause could be used to minimise BCCI’s space to host bilateral series, for the points could be crucial for contesting Test Championship finals as well as entry to World Cup events, which are financially very lucrative to smaller countries. But the most contentious of all is the ICC refusing to defer the vote for change to April. A postponement would have allowed India’s COA to settle down, get a grasp of the issue and plan strategies. Instead the ICC pushed through with the vote despite BCCI COA Vikram Limaye’s plea. This betrayed their nervousness at having to later confront an enlightened, empowered, and networked Board and the apprehension of what it could do to protect its interests. Post the vote, which went 7-2 in favour of slicing away a large chunk of India’s share and distributing it among themselves, the ICC says the deed is done and dusted. Any nation was welcome to suggest tweaking of the decisions prior to the April meeting before the June-end meeting effectively ratified it. Limaye, who now has firsthand knowledge of the desperate hurry with which the ICC wants to ram changes down an embattled BCCI’s throat, must goad the COA to do all it can to ring fence BCCI’s interests from modern-day Cassims – even if that calls for a boycott of this year’s Champions Trophy. Will the COA bite the bullet in the eternal interests of Indian cricket? Wait and watch. http://www.firstpost.com/sports/how-the-icc-rushed-to-plunder-bccis-treasures-much-like-the-tale-of-ali-baba-and-cassim-3268260.html
  9. Yup, I was thinking about this. Will be a wonderful step, 70-80% of ICC revenue can be wiped off with a single order on the companies operating in India.
  10. Until the Govt. gets involved, then every last penny going to ICC can be controlled. @Malcolm Merlyn What do you say on this.
  11. Australia is losing nothing, England is losing a small amount and India is losing hundreds of Millions. There was some cricinfo artcile about India's share going down from 550 Million USD to 290 Milion USD.
  12. Yup, there is always has been and there will always will be a Ghar Ka Bhedi in India. Through out the thousands of years in Indian history we can find such Anti-Nationals in India who have had catastrophic impact on India. Shashank Manohar is one of such people and fulfilling his duty of backstabbing his own country.
  13. Good news everyone, Shahsank Manohar has made sure that Indian cricket is undermined at every level under this new structure, losing 1000s of crores and no longer having the chance of boycotting India-Pakistan series without losing points. Important Quote: The duration of the series will be up to the members - even a one-off Test can be considered a series. The system of how points will be awarded, given that each series will not be of the same length, is yet to be worked out. The home and away stipulation is such that, if, for example, New Zealand tours Sri Lanka in the first two-year league cycle, then in the following one Sri Lanka will tour New Zealand. If one team refuses to play another - as has been the case with India playing Pakistan - they will forfeit points. http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci-icc/content/story/1080769.html
  14. This Shashank Manohar is the biggest curse on Indian cricket, i have run out of abuses for this man and his betrayal to his country. Only if Dalmiya was still alive, he would have been the ICC president.
  15. Mishra Ji is the one of the best in the world

    Yup, Mishra should be the first choice spinner for LOIs but the truth is he will again be kicked out of team as soon as Ashwin and Jadeja come back.
  16. 18 years Total (Domestic+National) is a decent amount of time, good ruling/clarification from Supreme Court. Anurag Thakur can now make a comeback at the National level as he completed only 2-3 years at National level. People just love to bag on Srini and Anurag but the fact is that both these guys love cricket and are patriotic Indians who won't let India be pushed around and marginalised unlike the Great snake Shahsank Manohar.
  17. Yuvraj in to ease pressure on Dhoni - Kohli

    Well, Virat got this one right. Yuvi did ease pressure on Dhoni by maintaining good strike rate after the initial fall of wickets.
  18. Azharuddin not allowed to stand for HCA elections Former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin has been disqualified from contesting for the post of HCA president after his nomination papers were rejected by returning officer K Rajiv Reddy on Saturday. Uncertainty over whether Azharuddin's life ban imposed by the BCCI had been lifted, and whether he was classified as an HCA voter, resulted in his disqualification. "(He had not given) a satisfactory explanation whether the BCCI ban on him in the wake of the match-fixing scandal was not lifted and that he failed to provide adequate proof that he was enrolled as a voter," Reddy told the Hindu. http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/story/1077536.html
  19. This match-fixing parasite does not have any shame. It took the Fab-4/5 so many years to restore the credibility of the Indian cricket team after Azharuddin, the match-fixing kingpin and his partners like Ajay jadeja made a mockery of the Indian cricket.
  20. Vintage yuvi

    Yuvi and Dhoni both looked much closer to their vintage style of play today. The upcoming series will be exciting to see their progress.
  21. Pinkvilla is as good as coming from Saif himself, everybody knows pinkvilla is PR news network of Bollywood actors, actresses, directors and producers, they don't post any news without consulting the PR team of actors. This is Saif's ways of poking the eyes of people and enjoying it: "Today, we got our hands on Saif Ali Khan's WhatsApp display picture and it's too cute for words. He dedicated the picture to his little munchkin as the picture shows a baby boy riding a rocking horse with a crown on his cute head and a sword in his hand." http://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/photos/369595/cute-little-nawab-saif-ali-khans-whatsapp-display-picture-dedicated-his
  22. Today, we got our hands on Saif Ali Khan's WhatsApp display picture and it's too cute for words. He dedicated the picture to his little munchkin as the picture shows a baby boy riding a rocking horse with a crown on his cute head and a sword in his hand. http://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/photos/369595/cute-little-nawab-saif-ali-khans-whatsapp-display-picture-dedicated-his
  23. Is Mamta Banerjee's West Bengal becoming a mini Pakistan?

    Keep electing the secular, Sharia-Bolsheviks and you will keep getting the same results in all the parts of India.
  24. Source is Kareena interview with Neha Dhupia on the chat show "NO filter Neha". Officialy Available on the saavn app.
  25. Saif or in fact nobody from Pataudi clan is just a 12th pass. In fact, it's quite the opposite, Kareena's latest interview gives the ""historical name for the baby"" part away:

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