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  1. Oh my, how low have the kapoor family gone, From Prithvi Raj to Taimur. From an Indian great to Indian invader, Hindu massacrer, Delhi skull tower maker. All this loss of identity for what? having a net worth of 2-3 thousand crores instead of settling for 3-4 hundred crores. All this talk of feminism and women empowerment from Bollywood actresses goes out of the window as soon marrying someone from Islamic family comes into the picture, then they quitely convert their religion, lose their identity, become Khans, their children become khans. At least keep some semblance of your identity alive by keeping one half of the name from your side.
  2. “The organisers had advised players to not invite female guests to their rooms,” a source told Press Trust of India. “In the case of this Pakistani player, he was advised in particular about a foreign national girl who was on the watch list of the anti-corruption investigators in the BPL.” http://tribune.com.pk/story/1260152/pakistani-player-invited-female-guest-hotel-room-honey-trap-plot-bpl/ http://www.newindianexpress.com/sport/cricket/2016/dec/11/pakistan-player-takes-female-guest-to-room-let-off-with-warning-1547955.html
  3. I was shocked to see Umesh Yadav saying " Sanjay Bhai and Anil Bhai are helping me with my bowling" today in the after match interview. The Zaheer Khan talks broke down 3 days back as Zaheer was not ready to give more than 100 days and even for that short time, he was asking 4 crores. Zaheer would have been the best option but now BCCI should look at other good options and select a decent fast bowling coach as soon as possible. Link to the Zaheer story: http://www.india.com/sports/bcci-rejects-zaheer-khans-expensive-demand-for-bowling-coach-of-indian-team-1660682/
  4. BCCI is ready to pay in the range of 4-6 crores for a good bowling coach but they are looking for a full time bowling coach for the Indian cricket team, not a part-time 100 day ( 4 crores) coaching stint which Zaheer demanded and was rightfully refused. Zaheer has his own commentary and Business commitments which means he can't take a full time coaching role, Indian bowlers who need part-time advise can anyway contact him during the tour as he is available as commentator just like Wasim and Shoaib used to help Indian bowlers.
  5. Shane Bond wanted to spend more time with his family and that was his reason for quitting from NZ coach position, he is now happy with a 6 week only IPL job.
  6. Zaheer Khan has made it clear that he does not have time, he was willing to offer 100 days max. The Indian team need a full time coach. Zaheer Khan has commentary and other Business commitments, so BCCI has to look at other options.
  7. ICC mulls penalty for pullout from bilateral series

    Shashank Manohar is a poisonous snake who is going to keep biting the Indian cricket for his full term of two years, so we have to tolerate another 1 year and 6 months of this two faced snake biting Indian cricket.
  8. ICC proposals to reduce number of Tests

    Sadly Shashank Manohar can't be removed now, Anurag Thakur tried but it is not possible till his term completes which will take another 1.5 years. Just have to tolerate Shashank's traitorship till that time.
  9. This snake Shashank Manohar is creating all sorts of trouble against India, when does his toxic tenure end?
  10. Pandya: “Honestly, I was not looking to bowl 140s, but was looking to pitch in the right areas. It is pretty good that I am bowling quick. I am now getting used to bowling in the 140s.”Dhoni too added that it was the addition in pace that made the team management open the bowling with him. “Our thinking was to use him as one of the three seamers. He is quite deceptive. He can bowl quick and he has got movement. He can swing even on wickets where other bowlers don't get that kind of swing.”He may still look lean, but by his own admission, he has got stronger than before, which has helped him bowl fast. “As a fast bowler, as an all-rounder, you got to be very fit. I definitely wanted to get stronger and I felt the only aspect that would help my bowling was my fitness. I worked hard for two months (after IPL).” http://www.bcci.tv/news/2016/features-and-interviews/14527/getting-used-to-bowl-at-140-kph-hardik-pandya
  11. Getting used to bowl at 140 kph: Hardik Pandya

    Panther bhaijaan, The same thinking led to your East Pakistan becoming Bangladesh.
  12. Small video on the history of the beautiful HPCA stadium in Dharamsala, Must say Anurag Thakur did well for the city and the state. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/2888/profile-of-the-beautiful-hpca-stadium-in-dharamsala https://streamable.com/93pa
  13. Highlights are available as usual on hotstar.com
  14. Interview text in English: Javed Miandad: "Shahid Afridi has been trying to contact me for days asking me not to be too harsh on him" "I want Shahid Afridi to swear on his daughters (lives) that it is not true that he sold Pakistan matches; I am witness to the fact and I caught him selling Pakistan out" "No one is listening to Afridi about the farewell match so he has started this business" "I have never had any need or like for money as my final reckoning is with the Almighty" Context/Background: This feud started because Shahid Afridi wanted a farewell match and he was lobbying hard for it via media. Javed Miandad rebuked him saying it does not make sense and Afridi wants the farewell match to make money. This led to Afridi's outburst against Miandad in this interview where Afridi said: Afridi: "Javed Miandad has always been interested in money and this is still the case even now" "A cricketer of his stature should not say such things, this is the difference between Imran Khan and Javed Miandad"
  15. Srinivasan emerges favourite for ICC role

    All these communists or socialists want India to get 4% just like everyone. Srinivasan took it up to 22% under Big-3 takeover and now Manohar has already either taken it down or wants it to be at 16%. All this Extreme Hoopla while India contributes around 75% and we are asking for just 22%.
  16. Srinivasan emerges favourite for ICC role

    Nice to see Srini mama back, the sad demise of Dalmiya created an opportunity for snakes like Manohar who first left India high and dry in this moment of instability and then is attacking from outside, BCCI needs a strong person who can bitchslap him to reality.
  17. ICC trying to cut the hand that is feeding them: BCCI

    Apparently there were some amendments to ICC Chairman position which were cleverly made by Manohar when he was BCCI president which makes it impossible to replace or impeach him. This snake has planned it too well and will hurt India in the long term. Should just extend IPL to 3-4 months and see the ICC and other countries reaction to it.
  18. ICC trying to cut the hand that is feeding them: BCCI

    Any way to recall or impeach Manohar as ICC president? He was an Indian nominee, must be some provision to replace him. Manohar has always been a brown-nosing, glory hunting snake and he is taking it to another level by aligning with the England and Australian cricket boards when Indian board is weak domestically.
  19. Sony buys Ten Sports for Rs.2000crs

    can charge whatever they want for their channels, that day is not far away when we stop getting sports channels in total bundle and have to pay separate heavily priced sports pack like other countries.
  20. Sony buys Ten Sports for Rs.2000crs

    Duopoly is never a good news.
  21. As long as Kuldeep stays at UP under piyush Chawla, he will not get many chances.
  22. Good to see Supreme court allowing ads between the overs, this was the only dangerous suggestion and rightfully rejected by the court. Rest all do not matter much to normal public, the votes were bought earlier and will be bought in future too, so nothing changes on that front. No ministers and 70 yr plus rule is also a big positive.
  23. Should have just selected Tom Moody and be done with it. All this conflict of interest issues would have not arisen, this Laxman selling his shares in Tenvic looks like a weak excuse, as if the association goes away within a day of selling the shares. No fast bowling coach too as Kumble wants to coach bowlers himself, this is idiocacy at its best.
  24. Good decision, 2 weeks format will be short and sweet. The overseas Indian population will also get to attend matches and BCCI will be able to offset the draconian and foolish Lodha Ad ruling.
  25. Some foreign coach should have been selected to stop this idiotic regionalism and Player academies like Tenvic coming into discussion. With Ganguly, Sachin, VVS in the committee it was a given that Kumble will get selected. Heck, they asked for his name eventhough Kumble was not in the shortlist of 21 names due to criteria reasons.

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